Water Ninjas Legend Atticus946 Retires

COLD FRONT, Water Ninjas Empire – Someone who can only be described as a legend, Atticus946 has now announced his retirement from the Water Ninjas after a very successful run for them in the last few weeks.

On April 2nd, Atticus took to the Water Ninjas’ site to post his official retirement from the army. The post has already reached the top of the “Most Viewed Posts” section of the blog. The full post can be seen here:

These posts are always the hardest to write…

The title is not mistaken. Yes I am officially retiring from the Water Ninjas of Club Penguin. Despite my pride and love for this army, it has come time for me to step down from the leadership position. With stress and school piling over, I do not see myself fit leading this army in the future. However this does not mean you will not see me anymore. I will be on chat every week and I will be taking the advisor spot in the army. As I am not the guy to drag on posts for a long time, I will conclude this with some people I am thankful to meet in WN.


Jai- You were the one who recruited me into this army. You’re a great person and a great leader who I wish the best of luck in the future.

Angel- You have always been that quiet character, however I always knew you were doing some thing to help the army. Rather it’s helping a troop or recruiting, you have always had the time to help someone else.

Orange- I’ve never gotten to know you very well, but you have always been kind to me or anyone you meet. You are an exceptional leader who has the talent to do great things.

Bluex- After completely failing in generation 5, I have figured that you probably don’t like me much, however it always meant a lot to me when we could share a joke and a laugh. Best of luck, Blue!

Gator- I also don’t know you very well, but with my time in wn, I learned you were a great leader and a fun person. Hopefully, I can learn more about you in the future.


Leo- You only joined WN more than a week ago, however you have ranked up and been a tremendous troop for this army. You are recruiting constantly, and which I hope brings you a long way in this community.

Poke- Poke even though you can be weird at times, your still a pretty cool guy and I hope you do well in the future.

Savage- Savage, I can not count many times when you were not at a wn event. Despite your low rank in the beginning, you stay with wn. When I had time, I always loved talking with you.

Ninja- Ninja you have always been amazing while you were in wn. You are one of the best recruiters in the army, and you are on every day. Above all that, you were a fun person to be around.

If I left your name out, just pc me and I will add you.

I have had a great time in WN. I was surrounded by amazing troops and exceptional leaders. As they say, All good things must end.

Until next time Water Ninjas,

Atticus946, Former leader


As you can see from the above, Atticus has given a really popular reason for retirement. It’s something that dooms this community and is slowly killing it – the harsh reality of school. With Atticus not having enough time to lead, he has been forced to step down in a very sad way.

Atticus is currently the SM Army Press Executive Producer, a very time-consuming job. It’s unknown as of this writing whether he will be continuing with his role as Executive Producer or not, he doesn’t seem to be fully leaving the community as he is taking an advisor role in the army.

The Water Ninjas legend also gave several leaders and troops an honourable mention thanking them for things such as being loyal and just being there in general.


Recent Water Ninjas Event

For any army, losing a leader is hard and for most armies, it often gets followed by a downhill spiral for that army. Whether or not this will be different for the Water Ninjas is hard to tell. We will certainly see how the retirement of Atticus changes the landscape in the coming weeks.

An active count with 12 comments has currently been posted on the Water Ninjas site which will hopefully go some way as to showing the army what they are working with now that Atticus has taken leave.


I managed to get an interview with Atticus in which I spoke to him about a number of topics including the direction he believes the Water Ninjas will now take as well as his career and the direction it will take.

Interview with Atticus946 (Former Leader of Water Ninjas)

What are your plans now that you’ve retired from Water Ninjas?

Well, since becoming leader of WN, I have been piled with a lot of stress. I’m considering joining a bigger army where I can be a troop, not a leader.

How do you think you leaving will affect the Water Ninjas?

Well, the Water Ninjas have a stable leadership and great owners. My leaving may cause a slight decline, but they will rise up.

You’ve taken on an advisor role in the army, why is this?

As WN is my home army, I could not leave for good.

Any final comments?


As you can see from that revealing interview, Atticus doesn’t believe at all that his leaving will cause any significant problems for the Water Ninjas and believes that even if we see them decline, they will just continue to rise up. Atticus also praised the leadership believing it to be stable and confirmed his role as advisor.

What do YOU think? Will Atticus946 retiring make much of a difference to the Water Ninjas? Will any more leaders follow in his path?

Zing King To

CP Army Central Editor In Chief and SM Army Press Chief Executive Officer


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  1. Who?

    • Don’t act like you don’t know.

  2. I already know there’s gonna be more who comments here than on my retirement post. Even if half of them were Bad.

    Or no one will read it. That works too.

    • Where’s your retirement post?

  3. Atticus has joined the Great Doritos Army Of Club Penguin!

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    • Yes cause we need to hold a fcking parade

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