CPAC Special Report: The Dark Behind the Curtain

UPDATE: Disregard my previous edit. There’s reason to believe that the “joke” excuse was a cover-up, and that these events did, in fact, occur. We will keep you updated.

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters – On a day where an extreme amount of jokes have occurred that look like news, we’ve received a report out of the Dark Warriors that definitely qualifies as news. XiUnknown, former Dark Warriors leader and army legend, has called out XxToysoldier, former Dark Warriors leader, for committing a multitude of malicious attacks, and as such, has banished him from the Dark Warriors. In correlation, xiUnknown and Ambrosha have agreed that the Dark Warriors will be permanently laid to rest, cancelling their plans for a summer revival. In the past, there have indeed been reports of malicious activity by the Dark Warriors leadership, but these reports now have new evidence to support them.

WARNING: The pictures in this post contain profanity. If you are uncomfortable with profanity, avert your eyes.

The Dark Warriors, after, as it seemed, were moving towards consistency again, had been shut down by xiUnknown due to their legacy being tarnished by figures such as Ghost and Badboy00923. It was, however, confirmed that the Dark Warriors would indeed be making a return very soon with figures such as Drake and XxToysoldier leading. These plans were soon changed, and eventually, cancelled entirely.

Toy confesses to defacing SMAC under the pseudonym “SANiTy.”

Here, you can see the first instance in a long line of pictures that condemn Toysoldier on suspicions held by many people in the past. Toysoldier was accused of defacing Small Medium Army Central under a separate alias known as SANiTy. These suspicions were visited by the Light Troops in December of 2014, during the escalation of the DW/LT conflict. At the time, these allegations seemed inconclusive. Today, however, they are all but confirmed.

Above, you can see Toysoldier’s two steam accounts, both of which are connected to some type of SANiTy alias. This alias has been reported on before, as it was reported by CPA Central last year that “SANiTy” was engaging in DDoS attacks, and that Toy was indeed the culprit. In the picture before, Toy mentions his other alias, SANiTy, effectively closing the book on that mystery. However, the malicious acts he’s allegedly committed cease to end there.

Above is another picture from the post published by the Light Troops that accused Toy of DDoS attacks. While this could be taken out of context, given the recent confirmation by several pictures, it is highly unlikely that it was. It was reported that, after this picture was taken, Whats Up11 disappeared from chat for a decent amount of time in what seemed seldom a coincidence. The entire post, published by former Light Troops and current Doritos leader Jester, can be read here. While the accusations made towards Vo Yo do not have any sort of validity at this time, the accusations made towards Toy now have a lot going for them.

The above five pictures were all collected on the Dark Warriors chat very recently, giving the initial reports of Toy’s intents a good amount of reassurance. In the first two pictures, you can clearly see Toy saying that he is DDoSing xiUnknown. In the next picture, he outright asks Unk if he wants to be DDoS’d, followed by a threat towards him in the next picture, saying that “his account will be terminated.” The final picture is Toy threatening somebody, saying that if they break their silence about this occurrence, they will be “done,” which implies that he intends to continuously boot the person offline. These incriminating pictures dismantled Toy’s hopes at leading another generation of the Dark Warriors to glory, which is exactly what happened.


I hereby banish Xxtoysoldier from the Dark Warriors.

There are many reasons why I have done this. I simply don’t care about him anymore, so I’m only listing a few of them. Before I get to that, I’d like to explain a few things regarding what DW will actually start out as (due to Toy’s removal). Drake and Ambrosha will be the sole leader of the Dark Warriors. Ambrosha is only leading temporarily due to being busy in real life. Drake will be a permanent leader until he decides to depart. Now, onto Toy: 1. Xxtoysoldier is known as a DDoSer throughout the community: this is true. He always sent me KIK messages telling me how he booted off the entire LT/DCP leadership, even though he knew I was against that stuff. 2. It is no lie. Toy doxed numerous people during and after his leadership, most of which stalled suspicion due to the systematic (central) upload time. 3. Even to add on to the hacking scandals, he did in fact go under aliases and do things to people he shouldn’t have. (DDoSing, doxing, etc.) 4. Toy has begged for me to keep him apart of the leadership at least five times, he’s lucky I granted him temporary pity. Why now, you may be asking. After all of this time of knowing his dark side, why now? It’s simple. Toy was a great leader, but I honestly don’t think his malicious actions will benefit DW at ALL when we come back.  -xiunknown DW Godfather & Legend

Above, you can read the post made by xiUnknown which banishes Toy from the Dark Warriors. He outright exposes Toy for his DDoS attack, saying that he’s bragged about booting off the entire leadership of the Light Troops and the Doritos in the past. He also states that Toy has doxed “numerous people,” which is a topic that I covered at the very beginning of this year. These allegations have been piling up for some time now, and this seems to be the one that will break the boat.

After Unk initially published his post, he made an edit that, shockingly, signaled the apparent end of the Dark Warriors.

Also: DW is not returning at all. There is no use for a DW return, there is nothing we have to gain. We have everything to lose by letting people like Badboy and Ghost lead us.

While I admit Toy could have led us to great heights again, I would rather let DW rest than a scumbag (Toy) tarnish the legacy more than he already has with his antics.

He’s one of the main reasons why DW is dead in the first place

This is why I didn’t want to be involved first and foremost, I didn’t want to hurt your feelings. I know that DW would never last long without me being involved in someway. I will not stand back and watch it deteriorate once more, it is dead. Deal with it. Move on to another army.

Here, he sticks a large amount of blame for the end of the Dark Warriors on Toy, calling him a “scumbag” and saying that he has “tarnished the legacy” of the Dark Warriors. He then says how he knows that the Dark Warriors would be unable to sustain without him being involved in some capacity.

An edit was then added above Unk’s post in a threatening fashion.

Unk is a scrawny fag who preys on little children using KiK. Have fun getting your WP back, Unk. – Drake

Here, Drake, who Unknown pegged as the leader of the Dark Warriors revival, seems to imply that he’s taken Unk’s wordpress account from him, signaling a rebellion of sorts. What is to come out of this is currently a mystery.

Following his banishment from the Dark Warriors, Toysoldier rejoined the Doritos for leader, making a jab at Unk for his usurping.

After being unrightfully removed by DW Godfather, Dictator, Powerholder, Money collector, and holder of other aliases: Xiunknown, I have decided to continue my army career at my home: DCP. If you don’t know me, I lead DCP with Mustapha10 and others to sizes of around 55+. I joined DW and lead them to first and a little over 80+ on Club Penguin.
Nothing can stop us now.

After being seemingly exposed in the Dark Warriors, Toy has moved back to his original army, the Doritos. Whether his malicious tendencies will follow him there or not is anyone’s guess, but it’s certainly something to keep a watchful eye on in the very near future. For now, however, it seems that the Doritos may be getting a boost in performance, but a drop in trustworthiness. Whether we’ve seen the last of the Dark Warriors or not is yet to be seen, but it seems that although they remain dead, there’s plenty of drama to go around inside the army.

These kinds of activities have gone on in the community long enough, and as personally close I am with Toysoldier, actions of this kind are something I cannot bring myself close to condoning. Until you all can get that this is not the place for trying to scare people and that this is Club Penguin, a game initially designed for elementary school children, we wont be able to make any forward progress in making this an appealing place for younger children, or in a more costly scenario, the moderators. It’s time for us, as a community, to stop acting like keying in commands on a computer makes you hard. This is a game.

It’s time to treat it like one.


CPA Central CEO


61 Responses

  1. Dayum

  2. i cri everytime, but let’s not forget, one of cp armies most notorious hackers, SaW, is a CP Army Legend… so what does that mean for Toy here?

    • SaW wasn’t a hacker.. just because he had some online booters doesn’t mean he could hack.

    • Well SaW isn’t a hacker, but he was just a DDoSer, and also a dox to get people’s personal information back in Acid clan, and during 2011 and 2012.

    • *SaW should be revoked, why should someone be legend that threatened to DDoS people

      delete my other comment (wary)

    • Yeah, but SaW is cool, so we kinda just let it slide.



  5. As each day goes by, this community becomes less a conglomeration of veterans training troops with potential — it is devolving into career leaders and burnt out retirees fighting over the most stupid shit.


  6. Bullshit

  7. Its a troll

  8. Good post. Love this.

  9. plz no bully

  10. Wow, I’m shocked after reading this post. I use to trust toy like hell….. but now….. 😦 Message to Toy: Good job (Y) First you made my home army die then you threat people to DDoS. Unk is right Toy is the 1 Reason why DW is dead today. Also, thing for which andrew was accused by daniel are not true IT WASEN’T ANDREW. I knw this from 2013 when i came to DW toy Dox’ed Water, Vo Yo, Unkown, Ambrosha (under elm), Silverburg and Tompenguin. When Topm, elmikey and silver went to RPF back 2-3 months tthe whole leadership was doxed and the 1 who doxed is no one else but our MR.DW LEGEND, Toy. Good Job toy. If you feel even 1% shame go retire from this community and leave us alone. I no longer care for DW Unk killed DW with help of toy. Ambrosha dont care about DW, no legend do shit for dw. DW WILL REAMIN DEAD UNTIL SOME REAL LEGEND WILL BE BORN TO REOPEN IT. RIP DW. ICE WARRIORS FOREVER ❤

    • It is a fact that Andrew, SaW and Unk all launched DoS attacks in 2012 and doxed people. The account Andrew currently has is full of powers he DoSed for.

      • DREW NEVER DDOSED…. and if he did idc look at him today he changed a lot and thats y im loyal to him so much

        • I can tell you’re the type of troop who dick rides their leader

          • looool west idk the past of drew but he is a good person now!

        • Wasn’t there a post like two months ago ousting him as a DDoS’er?

        • He was in the ACID Clan so clearly he preformed DoS attacks.

        • cpworld2001 stfu yes he did Daniel from uma proved it

  11. Millwall firm have no problems with rentboys like this lad.

    • Palace, Palace, Palace!


          • Have fun in league one mate :^)


  12. OMG :/

  13. I don’t think I’m gonna be clicking on anything on dcp for a while.

  14. This is just… sad. Why DCP wants someone like him in their army is beyond me.

  15. This post makes me have mixed feelings about certain people now omg

    • Mindraped

  16. That moment when we find out this whole post is just a troll.

    • It is not a troll, cant you read how real it is? This post is not April Fools.

  17. Also, I’d like to add, why the fuck is Toy being so dramatic over ddosing someone, whenever he does it he acts like it’s a god damn soap opera with 100x the soap.

  18. claims to be 1337
    has xx in his name
    plays gmod

  19. is this an april fools?

    • No, Its April 2nd

    • No, I can confirm it is not.

  20. and everyone thought I was lying when I said Toy was Sanity and that he ddosed me.. smfh

  21. why all the sudden all my information from 2014 gets posted now, now that Toy joined dcp it gets posted in present day

    • because it finally has momentum
      not because he joined dcp i didnt even find out that he joined dcp until like 2/3 through the post

      • Yeah, just unfortunate timing i guess :/ i feel like this is going to become close to DW vs LT in the winter flame posts going back and forth about dosing lol

        • Trust Jester and i you did not.. slapped you should be.

          Costs us a tournament….

  22. I’m just going to say…Nachos don’t know how to DDoS, nor do we want to. Just want to inform you guys.

    • mhm

  23. is this an april fools

  24. Zak, why are you trusting Toy if Toy added himself to the DW site? Dont be a fool man. There wasn’t an April Fools joke if Unk posted it. Don’t you remember the part Unk edited Silver comment by saying that it wasn’t an April Fools joke? Zak, Toy has nothing to do with DW but Unk does. Toy just wanted to get credits for it, and he just wanted DW to make it real. Unk are doing it, not him.

  25. Toy posted all that stuff under my name, I wasn’t even aware of it until notifications started appearing in my email. Toy is a great friend, and even if the accusations he is plastered with were true, I wouldn’t banish him solely due to the fact that he is dedicated to the cause.

    He told me that he was framing himself as apart of an elaborate April Fools, so I decided to play it on. The only thing I had a part in was the red text, where I stated that DW would not return.

    If Toy actually committed these offences (which to be frank, he has been ridiculed about numerous of times) it would take him to be awfully ignorant to bring them back up, even if it was an April Fools post.

    Toy is an intelligent guy, alas I believe that he is using these accusations to forge a decent joke which to be honest pretty much caught the community off guard as highlighted by this post. Until there is absolutely concrete evidence, that is all they remain, accusations.

    I was not hit offline either, nor do I even have the required capacity of care to even begin to construct a banishment post. Maybe 2 or three years ago, but not now.

    This was all a joke which is now evidently being taken literally

    • Then how come your name is posted and all that? Why is it swearing and all that?

      • What? You’re not making sense. I don’t understand how Zakster doesn’t get that it was a joke for April Fool’s lol. I’ll post as much proof as you need.

        • I dont need to make sense, lm not that type of person who makes sense over the internet. Very funny.

  26. Dayum. I never knew. Smh

  27. I didn’t think that an April Fool’s joke would be the first thing to get me known as a fraudulent, corrupt, dishonest person. Look on the DW site, Zakster. Unk and I pretty much played all of this out, you’re over thinking the entire situation.

    • Over thinking? Good try.

      • Look on DW site lol, I made a post disproving this. Talk to Unk, Amb, Ghost, Silverburg, or Andrew. They were in on the joke.

        You’re wrong this time. Just believe me for once.

  28. oh boy, throwback to when 12 year old club penguin players thought using vbooter on other 12 year olds made them the most badass internet gangsters on the planet.

  29. […] CPAC Special Report: The Dark Behind the Curtain […]

  30. […] CPAC Special Report: The Dark Behind the Curtain […]

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