[Event In Review] Invasion of Jack Frost w/ Nacho Raid

JACK FROST, Event Venue – An event was recently arranged between the Light Troops/Doritos taking on the Ice Warriors and ACP. As the four armies logged on, the Nacho Army also decided to make their presence felt logging on also to raid.

On March 25th, the Light Troops and DCP logged onto the server Jack Frost in a fighting effort against the Ice Warriors and the Army of Club Penguin. This actual event was ACP invading the server of Jack Frost in the ongoing war between ACP and Light Troops.

As CPAC has already highlighted, Waterkid decided once again he would invade Breeze, something done more often than a routine such as brushing ones teeth seemingly sparking a war between the two. The Doritos, after losing the March Madness, hoped to get back on track posting a poll on whether they should declare war.


ACP, Doritos and Light Troops stand in the Forts with several naked Nachos watching on as Ice Warriors begin to enter.

The battle at the Forts saw small sizes for all armies involved. The biggest army appeared to be the Army of CP from when I managed to get into the room, which wasn’t at the start of the battle. While ACP, IW, LT and DCP all performed some tactics, the Nachos decided to chant funny things as well as throw snowballs.

None of the armies appeared to be very active and overall it looked more like a fun conquest raid from all four armies as opposed to a fully fledged invasion of a server. The next room however, The Dock, was much difference as it saw much more fighting and actual tactics take place.


Upon entering the Dock, it was revealed that several members of the Air Force were helping the Army of Club Penguin. On ACP’s chat, the Air Force then revealed that they would be aiding the ACP if a World War breaks out.

Much like the Air Force, the Nacho Leader Edd voiced his dislike of the Doritos Army. While he didn’t directly say he would join the war, one can infer that Edd would lead the Nachos into battle on the side of ACP, IW and Air Force if that war eventually did break out.

I managed to get an interview with Trainee Nacho Leader, Fluffy. I asked Fluffy about the Nachos involvement in the battle as well as their intentions. Fluffy also gave his opinion on who won the ACP vs. Light Troops war battle.

Interview with Fluffy (Nacho Army 2ic)

Why did the Nacho Empire choose to raid the Invasion of Jack Frost?

We were naked and happy.

Is this raid an act of war against one of the four armies involved?

It isn’t an act of war, even though we were the biggest there. I mean like, look at us!

So you admit you were trying to get the armies to recognise you – perhaps as a warning?

No. We were streaking and having a good time as a good Nacho should.

Who would you say won the battle? ACP or Light Troops?

Well, if I had to chews, I would choose ACP becuz green. [SIC]

As you can see from that, the Nachos appear very secretive and careful about what they reveal. They did certainly hint at the fact that they wanted to make an impact by logging on. I asked Fluffy whether or not this served as a warning for an army involved – something that Fluffy declined. What happens now between the Nachos and other armies should be fun to see develop.

What do YOU think? Who was the winner of the Battle of Jack Frost? Will the Nachos and Air Force end up involved in the war? Comment!

Zing King To

CP Army Central Editor in Chief and SM Army Press CEO 


10 Responses

  1. ACP, Doritos and Light Troops stand in the Forts with several naked Nachos watching on as Ice Warriors begin to enter.

    Naked? um ok

    • as you can see, they are only wearing headgear and exposing their genitalia.

      • it must be small , I cant see it from the picture

        • :/

        • How dare you!

  2. there were a few nachos IW had more alone so biggest da crap

  3. The Doritos were the strongest and biggest army there, and completely destroyed the other armies.

    • What are you talking about

  4. LOL! At a raid of the ice warriors, which was a ??? Event for DCP, Mustapha said on chat: “Yes, we will be declaring war” and “we are going into war.”

  5. btw CPAC, don’t count the Nacho appearance as an event, I mean for top 10, it was just a battle-watch event

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