Undercover Troop: Multilog For Moderator?

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Headquarters – Over the last few weeks, Garrett and I have been going to several chats of Top Ten armies to see if they would allow a troop to multilog for them in order to get moderator rank on their chat.

Garrett and I went to a total of ten armies and posed as a regular troop in main chat, however, tried to achieve a moderator rank by doing things such as multilogging for the army. The purpose of this post is not to be biased, but just to spark some debate and find out what armies would do in this specific situation.

You will be able to vote in the form of a poll on what army did the best. Each army has also received a grade. A* being perfect and F Being the lowest. All armies will be rated with a mortal compass meaning that saying “Yes” to multilogging will score an F.

Army of Club Penguin (GRADE A) — Garrett


Garrett asks Mere, the highest rank on ACP chat whether he is allowed to multilog for a higher rank, Mere is strict and firm in his response stating exactly what his answer is as well as educating the troop in why he shouldn’t do it.

The ACP received a Grade A for this. Not only did Mere reject the offer of multilogging, Mere also educated the troop in a respectful and helpful way. The troop wasn’t insulted for his lack of understanding of the rules – rather educated by Mere.

Dark Warriors (GRADE D) — Garrett


Upon Garrett asking about the possibility for a higher rank through the medium of multilogging, he was banned forever on the Dark Warriors chat.

Although multilogging is wrong and by banning the troop, the Dark Warriors clearly highlighted their rejection to multilogging. However, lets assume this is a real troop. A real troop, just wanting to improve his army rank – banned without an explanation.

Due to the Dark Warriors making no effort to explain the wrong doings to the troop, the army received a D in the gradings. If that was a real troop, they would be lost as to what they did that rendered them in the ban pool.

Doritos of CP (GRADE A*) — Zing King To 

Musta 1

After impersonating a sad Dorito troop who gets ignored and willing to multilog for a higher respected rank, Musta informs the troop that Multilogging isn’t allowed politely before assuring the troop that he’ll get moderator eventually.

Musta 2

Mustapha10 then informs the troop of the event happening tomorrow and tells the troop he will get a double promotion if he attends with just one account.

Not only did the Doritos of CP reject the troops offer to Multilog for a higher rank, but Mustapha actually offered an alternative for the troop in order to get a higher rank informing him of tomorrows battle. Mustapha treated the troop with respect and was very kind to him throughout the whole battle therefore DCP get an A*.

Golds Army (GRADE C) — Zing King To


Seeing as Phoenix had seen me on DCP Chat before hand, I kept up with the DCP Troop attitude and Phoenix immediately tried to recruit me into the army.


I made clear of my intentions of becoming a moderator through the means of multilogging and at first, Phoenix wasn’t rejecting.


He then flipped out at the troop telling the troop to “GTFO” believing it to be a member of CPAWM (which it totally isn’t). I decided to continue the conversation confused.


Phoenix then announced how CPAC Staff are banned from being in the Golds Army – although I doubt that came out exactly how it was supposed to. Phoenix then told me that I cant get a high rank from multilogging.


Phoenix then appeared to be interested in my proposal to mutlilog enquiring about my two accounts…


…but Phoenix had other ideas for my spare account educating me on autotyping. I asked for moderator once more, but Phoenix never responded.

The Golds did well in rejecting the troops offer to multlilog for a moderator rank however made the mistake of being rude to a troop telling him to get the fu*k out just because they believed him to work in the media. If that was a real troop, the troop would have been left feeling sad and offended therefore they only just got a C.

Ice Warriors (GRADE E) — Zing King To


I started off making my intentions clear once more to Final Chaser in which he responds by laughing at the troop.


Very paranoid, he immediately assumes that I’m a Dorito. Instead of doing the smart thing and giving the Doritos nothing to go on by denouncing multilogging, he ignores the fact I’ve just asked to multilog and continues to try to figure out my identity.


Obviously, this poor troop had no idea who Musty was as he thought Andrew was the leader!


I continued to try to get moderator with Final completely ignoring my application to join and instead focusing on being paranoid about who I was.


Final then resorted to fat jokes in order to attempt to troll the troop who he thought was in DCP.


My null was then banned. Not for wanting to multilog… but for being in DCP.

Ice Warriors were by far the most paranoid army Garrett and I visited. They also didn’t seem to care about the fact that there was a troop trying to join their army. Instead of trying to gain a new recruit, they used the opportunity to hate on other armies. Due to this, the Ice Warriors failed with a E.

Light Troops (Grade D) — Garrett


Garrett asks whether he can join the army and use two accounts in order to increase his rank, and Roberto insults him.


troop is then banned forever.

If SnoogleFoof was a real, actual troop, he would be left feeling offended and sad being banned for a reason that wasn’t even given. Roberto did do good in not allowing multilogging in the army – but the way he went about it, to some is wrong.

Nacho Army (Grade A*) — Zing King To

Von 1

Von is very direct about how the Nacho Army doesn’t multilog and that he wants the troop to “just use one account”.

Von 2

The troop then announces he is going to leave his former army and asks for moderator in which he is once again rejected.

Von 3

Vonchiefer then says something that isn’t said enough in this community. Vonchiefer talks about how you need to earn your rank giving the troop ideas on how to do it.

Von 4

Vonchiefer then confused me for a moment as he said it doesn’t need to be just one computer, but I believe he is talking about the fact that I can use all the computers I want, just 1 account.

Much like for DCP, Vonchiefer was respectful and polite to the troop not insulting him at any time. Not only did Vonchiefer tell him not to multilog, but he also told the troop the ways in which he can achieve moderator by earning it. This got an A* for the Nachos.

Redemption Force (Grade B+) — Zing King To


Taking the form of someone I used to know, RadioActivitii – I asked whether I could join the Redemption Force, at first Father B appeared to sound like a bot, but then he rejected the offer to multilog.


I then claimed that I didn’t know what multilogging was. Father B then explained it to me so that there isn’t any confusion.


Since Father B had been on Nachos chat and saw me on there, I pretended I had come from Nachos. Father B then informed me that I’d be fired if I multilog.


Father B then informed me about the time while I argued with him about what Multilogging is.


In typical troll fashion, I then pretended not to understand the concept of a World Clock.

The Redemption Force refused to allow the troop to multilog and even threatened to fire the troop. The responses from Father B however did come across as quite intimidating to a newer troop but – they were clear on not allowing multilogging in the Force.

Water Ninjas (Grade B+) — Garrett


Garrett made an attempt to join the Water Ninjas for a high rank exclaiming to be really good at multilogging. Atticus however told the troop that Water Ninjas doesn’t multilogged and offered the troop a place with a nice smiley.

Water Ninjas rejected Garrett’s offer to multilog for them in a polite and respectful way. They also told the troop that he was allowed to join however didn’t tell the troop how to get moderator in the army or even a link in which he can join.

Water Vikings (Grade A+) — Zing King To


I expressed my interests in joining the army, much to the delight of a cheery and happy Buddy.


Buddy then told me that they don’t multilog in which I enquired what multilogging is. He told me.


I then spammed some smiles in order to look like a noob. Buddy told me that multilogging is cheating and therefore I could get in trouble.


Buddy then told me how to achieve moderator after about 10 minutes of being AFK.

Buddy addressed the troop in a respectful manner and educated the troop on what multilogging was. Buddy then told the troop how to become a moderator by attending events.

What do YOU think? Is Paranoia and being rude to troops ruining this community? What would you have said to the troop wanting to multilog? Comment.

Zing King To

CPAC Editor in Chief and SMAP Executive Producer


SM Army Press CEO


36 Responses

  1. LOOOL

  2. Reblogged this on Club Penguin Army Comedy Central.

  3. This post is pointless. You uncovered nothing in reality… There have been way too many of these tests and I hope no leader is stupid enough to actually promise promotions to their random recruits for multilogging. That doesn’t mean some of these owners and leaders don’t do it themselves, however, they just know that it is either a CPAC spy or an enemy looking for evidence to use against them.

    Not trying to discredit the work you seem to have put into the post, but there was no way you could achieve the desired product.

    • Uncovered nothing? I disagree. We uncovered that this community is full of people who jump the gun.

      Final Chaser, Roberto and Phoenix all jumped the gun. Instead of just taking into account that this could be a troop who simply wants to join and be a good rank – they choose to insult him with no proof of who he actually is.

      If anything, we uncovered that one of the reasons we might be falling as a community is because of the way we treat our new troops when they come into the armies.

      • They didn’t jump the gun, they were just smart enough to know that it wasn’t a real recruit.

        • Smart enough? I doubt that. Even if they have suspicions, they couldn’t at any 1 time be sure.

          • It was simply too obvious to trick any decent minded leader. As the cliche runs, “Better to be safe than sorry.”

  4. priceless lmao

    • IFKR

  5. As Burr stated, you didn’t fool anyone.

    When you started to PC final he instantly told me about it and asked if he could mess around with the “DCP troop” which in this case i said yes because i thought it was hilarious at the time.

    I made sure it wasn’t a real troop as he stated he was. By checking the ranks and join apps before i gave the “ok”.

    If you wanted to be more convincing you shouldn’t have immediately asked them if you could multi-log for mod.

    • Just goes to show what a pathetic army IW is.

  6. Pointless post. And Gar is just mad that he was fired from IW.

    • LOL REKT!

      • Mach I need to have a word with you when you get on its not anything sweet either friend

    • Let’s face it Icey, the only reason you’ve got a problem with it is because you performed the worse. I’ve told you before – Drew Crew are cancer.

      Cut the cancer, Icey.

      • drew crew ? cancer? LOL… they are consistently getting IW to first..

  7. Why would you ask a dead army if you could multilog at an event? (DW). You realize that DW isn’t even an army anymore, right..?

    • I personally find it degrading that you would try to ask for moderator in an army that isn’t even alive.

    • Garrett handled Dark Warriors.

    • I’ll point it out.
      The post said the past FEW weeks, DW has been dead for like what, 2 weeks (not sure). They could’ve been doing this since 4 weeks ago and did it when dw was alive.

  8. To be honest, I think the people who banned the troop straight away for even offering to multilog should receive an A*. Trust me.

    • Yeah, but if this was a new troop, that troop would have no idea of why they were banned. If they had explained the reason, then that’s different.

  9. No doubt the Doritos, being the best, receive an A*

    And no doubt the IW, being cancerous shits, receive an E.

    • CPAC do it so often no one really cares. If they found proof of troops being offered ranks if they multilog then the post would have value. Why wouldn’t you ban someone trying to catch you out?

  10. I think a lot of people realized this. I followed up on the conversation asking if it was cpac, and it was.

  11. I usually like these types of posts ( undercover troop undercover parent mercenary) , but this one was pointless.

  12. Yeah I guess. Maybe one day. 😉

  13. The important thing out of all of this is the fact that not ONE army accepted the new recruits offer to multilog. Even though some did it more harshly than others, I think we can all pat ourselves on the back for that.

  14. Would be nice if you didn’t give armies you were in a good grading, as if you’re trying to kiss their asses to rejoin. Love how Gar gives IW an E, still pissed about being fired?

    • gar and zing aren’t in any armies tho.

  15. they did that already lmao

  16. WN got a B+, xD

  17. WV GREATEST NATION *mrgreen*

  18. Ice Warriors and Light Troops should be getting most votes because they actually banned the guy

    • And the Dark Warriors too

  19. I see Zings point Lol BAN ALL MULTILOGGERS

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