CPAC March Madness III: Battle for Third Place

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Headquarters – Not everyone can be a winner, as Nachos and Water Vikings found out. CP Army Central however allowed Nachos and Water Vikings to battle it out for the consolation prize as many have called it – of third place.


Nacho Army vs. Water Vikings

Judges: Albaro, Zing King To, Garrett101, Lord West and Fluffyboy3


The Nachos and Water Vikings both lost their respective semi-final battles which caused this battle to be made. A battle that would decide who gets Third Place in the March Madness as well as Fourth Place. Going into this battle, it was very exciting.

The first room was originally scheduled to be in the Stadium however, Nacho leader Green Dai commanded the Nacho Troops to enter the Stadium before Albaro had given the official order. Due to this, the Nachos forced the judges to make the ruling that the Stadium would not be counted and as a result another start room was decided.

Judges moved to the Ice Berg. At the :05 mark, the armies flooded in with the Water Vikings first in with 4 hitting a J Bomb but the Nachos, along with the rest of the Water Vikings soon followed in with an E9 Bomb. Garrett counted the sizes of the armies at 20 for the Nachos and 19 for the Water Vikings.

The Town was the last room for the battle in which the armies flooded in at the :15 mark. Nachos entered with an EH while the Water Vikings appeared to just enter quietly, there is some speculation that what they had typed in to enter was a no-show. The armies appeared to favour the X formation as the Nachos were fast with tactics such as Doom x9 and a J Bomb – while the Water Vikings said “VOTE FOR US”.


What do YOU think? Do you think Nachos deserved Third Place? Who will win Ice Warriors vs. Doritos of CP? Comment!

Zing King To

CP Army Central Editor in Chief and SM Army Press Executive Producer


5 Responses

  1. IW will body the DCP

    • Yeah, IW will bodycheck the DCP. They ain’t bad though.

  2. bang bang doritos gang
    dcp for 1st

    3rd <33


  3. thats a terrible pic

    • I agree, lol.

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