CPAC March Madness III: Semi-Finals Recap

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Headquarters – This weekend sees an end to an ever-so exciting Semi Final of the coveted March Madness tournament. The Nacho Army attempted to retain their March Madness winning streak for a third year, while the Ice Warriors battled to prove that they deserve the Number 1 rank achieved in recent top tens.


Doritos Army vs. Nacho Army

Judges: Zakster, Zing King To, Albaro, Jack Frenzy and Tax

The first battle of the semi-final saw the Doritos Army face the Nacho Army. Recently, the two armies had collided in a war that was won by the Doritos giving them a lot of momentum going into this event. The Nachos however, an army that several predicted to fall at the first hurdle has proven to be a force in the tournament, but could the Doritos stop them?

The battle first took place in the Ice Berg which saw the Nachos and Doritos both explode into the battle room, the Nachos took to bombs to accomplish their goals, while the DCP started with formations. The Nachos explored many formations such as a “H” while DCP opted to remain in a circle for a large period of time while in the room. A notable tactic took place when the DCP very smartly blocked out Nachos “Winning” tactic with a series of J Bombs.

The next room was the Snow Forts and once again the Nachos were first inside with an EM tactic while the DCP followed in closely behind with an ET. The Nachos made a circle but in a sort of defensive way, the Doritos once again sat on top of the Nachos also in a circle. The Nachos used many tactics such as “RISE” and “Nacho Army x4” while the Doritos used a “Doritos x3”.

The judges then went to vote however Tax was taking too long to vote and therefore lost his right to vote. Therefore in a 3-2 vote, the Doritos were declared the victors.

Ice Warriors vs. Water Vikings

Judges: Albaro, Zing King To, Jacknat, Ninjitsu and TanMan262

In the second and last tournament battle – the Ice Warriors battled the Water Vikings in a battle that was seemingly doomed from the start. Before the battle had even commenced, bots were online and raiding. Unsurprisingly, the Ice Warriors blamed the Water Vikings and the Water Vikings blamed the Ice Warriors. Gamesmaster Albaro’s internet then went down and therefore this battle was postponed.

The battle eventually took place in the Pool to start and once again, the bots got in and locked out many in the Plaza. Shortly after, the bots seemingly went offline except for a mere 5 allowing for 20+ to enter the room and start competing. The Ice Warriors seemed to benefit most from the start being able to form a nice formation while the Water Vikings struggled. Only five bots remained in the room.

The next room was the Stadium but the bots showed up. We managed to outsmart the bots however going to the Stadium just seconds before the official announcement of the room. Ice Warriors and Water Vikings alike flooded in making double circles and locking out the bots. The Water Vikings appeared to have lost size as they claimed a total of 18 lockouts. With lockouts, the Ice Warriors maxed 40+ while the Water Vikings were said to have maxed 36.

The judges decided it was time to vote after an extended time was allotted due to the false start with Albaro’s internet being off. The judges voted 5-0 in favour of the Ice Warriors. The Ice Warriors will now go on to face the Doritos in the finals.

What do YOU think? Who is the true “12 year old with a script” controlling the bots? Will the dominating Ice Warriors be able to defeat the family of the DCP? Comment!

Zing King To

CPAC Editor in Chief and SMAP Executive Producer


28 Responses

  1. First. Camelogical is ghey

  2. Proud to say that we were a part of the pre-battle bot raid. It is not a difficult task to run a simple Perl script and watch the army Xat chats to determine the rooms. Farewell until the finals..

    Expect us.


    • Rather ironic that you applied to work at this site yesterday, and today you comment taunting the armies you disturbed with nonsense raiding. Great way for an otherwise promising applicant to ruin their chances, if I do say.

      I hope being 13 is treating you well, dear.

      V, on March 14, 2015 at 11:11 PM said:

      I go by the ‘short and sweet’ moniker V. My Club Penguin username is Familia3, and I’ve been an avid player of CP since December of 2007. On xat chat, I’m known as MoopsieBunny.

      I have a monetized WordPress website affiliated with, my site makes over $1,000 a month from a cut of the sales. I’m a fan of gadgetry and am currently in a Computer Science class; we have just went over a unit on web design and I believe I can bring a wealth of upgrades and new features to the CPAC website; one of which is the better optimization of pictures on this blog. I noticed that you use Imageshack and as a result many pictures have gone missing.

      Past Experience-
      I am currently the chief editor of my school’s newspaper and yearbook teams. My parents have friends that write for large newspapers such as TIME News and the LA Times. I’ve personally been in the newsroom of the LA Times and have seen what goes on inside there, what makes a successful reporting team, and have even been invited to write part of an article. A bit about myself- I am 13 years old and just skipped two grades from 6th to 9th grade; I’m a high school freshman and am in my school’s honors English class. Grammar and spelling are very important to me. I’ve won over 15 awards for Spelling Bees at the state level and speech competitions at the regional level. I also do a bit of drawing and took a photography and video editing program next year, so I feel that I am prepared to give a visual aid in my posts as well as document whole wars/training sessions on video for the user’s convenience.
      Regarding my experience in Club Penguin’s armies, I have fought in World War IV with The Great Alliance; more of my older friends have been in the early snowball fights of 2005.
      Why You’d Be Active-
      After finishing Advanced level of piano I have a lot of time on my hands and it would be a good idea to invest my time getting more involved in the Club Penguin community, especially Armies. In addition, I get to practice my writing skills which would be a big help academically. Payment is always welcome but is not needed. I’d be willing to devote any free time I have, around 1-2 hours a day writing for CPAC and/or attending and documenting the battles that happen almost daily.
      Any Other Comments-
      I found interviewing and writing my example post to be very fun while at the same time improving my writing skills! Thank you for reading my application. I hope that I can be of service to Club Penguin Armies Central, and have a good day! ❤

      • I really don’t care at this point. I have nothing better to do than troll a childish game, so what? I see that you have labeled this as a point of no return. I don’t see the point of synchronized emojis on a game meant for 8 year olds.

        • I don’t see the point in attempting to judge this community when you’ve made yourself a part of it.

        • Soo your basically a pedophile sir Eponymous?

          • please go away

            • First no second I wasnt talking about you I have every right to speak my opinion of people in this community because ima 5 year vet with actual experience in armies for somebody who didnt achieve leader my friend

  3. GG to the IW. Just a correction, we maxed 34. We had 18 in the Forts (battle room) and 18 lockouts at cove 😦

  4. Whose crazy idea was it anyways to have Ice Warriors and Water Vikings (both armies in the top 5) fight at the pool? The pool is easily one of CP’s smallest rooms.

    • LAWL

  5. f

    • u

      • c

        • k

          • e

            • d

              • F-u-c-k-e-d


  7. ice warriors will win i could bet 100 xats and gain them hehe FEAR THE ICE

  8. Whatever CPAC, You are bias, even a judger admited Nachos had all three better than DCP, Tactics, formations and Size and we had 59 on size (50+9 lockouts, I was leading the Lockouts so I know :/ ) PLEASE IW FOR ME, KILL THE ILLUMINATI, THE DCP !!!!!!!!!!

    • Ironic and yet so idiotic at the same time

  9. Anyone could win this battle

  10. Is it a possibility that WV lost because I threatened 2 of the judges.

    • No. You were viewed by the judges as an immature nobody who’s doing his best to try to remain relevent – not a Water Viking.

      • That sounds personal to me Zing. It sounds like that you are that jealous of me that you are trying to insult me because of your raging hormones. Dear me little boy.

        • LOOOL

  11. Tax wouldve voted nachos, i call bullshit rematch should be played fuck this unfair shit saying fuckin doritos won when yall niggas are too blind to see the real winners double their fucking size

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