CPAC March Madness III: Elite Eight Recap

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central – Last week, the Club Penguin Army community saw 16 armies get narrowed down to just 8. This week, those 8 armies have competed once more in a bid to see who can get to the semi-finals. For four armies, a celebration is in order – but for another four, this remains a bad weekend.


Light Troops vs. Nacho Army

Judges: Albaro, Zing King To, Antonio96, Khimo and Ninjitsu

Opening up the March Madness tournament we see the Light Troops face off against the Nacho Army. The Light Troops defeated Shadow Reacon in order to advance to this round, while the Nacho Army managed to successfully defeat a kingpin army in the Dark Warriors to grab this spot. The Nacho Army go into this battle still undefeated in March Madness.

Unfortunately, the Light Troops decided not to even enter the battle room upon being told and therefore were given 5 minutes to enter the room. The Nacho Empire were in the room fast however hitting a huge J Bomb transitioning into a “Pots” Bomb. Upon the 5 minutes ending, the Nachos were informed that they were victorious in the battle in which they had 25 online.

Doritos of CP vs. Army of CP

Judges: Zakster, Zing King To, Ninjitsu, Antonio and Albaro.

The last battle of day three sees the Doritos of CP face off against the Army of CP. The Doritos of CP defeated the Rebel Penguin Federation in order to maintain a spot in the Elite Eight, while the Army of CP fought with the newly reopened Fire Warriors to take a spot in the Elite Eight. Both armies have never won the March Madness tournament – but could that change this year?

The Doritos and ACP found it hard to compete at first due to a “12 year old with a script” also known as an immature and unnecessary bot attack at the start. We moved rooms with hopes that the combined sizes of DCP and ACP would be enough to lock out the bots – but this wasn’t the case due to the surprisingly small sizes of both armies. Tactics were good from both as was formations although throughout the battle, it appeared that DCP had the edge.

It was decided that in a 4-1 victory, the Doritos of CP advanced over the Army of Club Penguin – as a result, the Doritos will advance to face the Nachos.

 Ice Warriors vs. Golds Army

Judges: Albaro, Zing King To, Garrett, Ninjitsu and Magic

Opening up the fourth day of the March Madness tournament we see the Ice Warriors face off against the underdogs, Golds. The Ice Warriors defeated the Matricz of CP in order to advance to this round, while the Golds managed to successfully defeat the Silver Surfers in order to take a spot.  The Ice Warriors head into the battle with the most momentum after getting an incredible max of 61 last week.

Much like yesterday, the “12 year old with a script” made an appearance with the bots and caused trouble but we soon managed to lock him out with a room change. The Ice Warriors controlled the size throughout the battle however their formations were judged badly such as circles with several big gaps. The Ice Warriors were bigger than the Golds. Golds had some okay tactics as well as some not so good ones such as “Gold Strike”

In the end, the judges decided to vote in favour of the Ice Warriors giving them the win at 3-2. As a result of this, the Ice Warriors will now face the winner of the Water Vikings/Chaos match next week in the semi finals.

Water Vikings vs. Chaos Army

Judges: Albaro, Zing King To, Garrett, Tilgenator3 and Ninjitsu

The last battle of the Elite Eight saw the kingpin Water Vikings take on the underdogs Chaos. The Water Vikings defeated the Dark Bandits to get to the Elite Eight while the Chaos had to go through the Redemption Force. The Water Vikings went into this battle predicted as the winners – but was it an accurate prediction?

This was the first battle that saw no problems involving no shows, bots or any other forms of foul-play of the Elite Eight. The Water Vikings were much bigger than the Chaos army doubling their sizes throughout the battle and had great tactics too. Chaos were a lot better than most judges expected them to be. contrasting, the Water Vikings weren’t as big as we anticipated.

The judges then voted and for the first time in this years March Madness, there was a 5-0 victory in favour of the Water Vikings who has a result will go on to face the Ice Warriors next week in the semi finals of March Madness III

What do YOU think? Will the Nachos be able to break up the family of the Doritos? Will the Ice Warriors be able to freeze the Water Vikings? Comment!

Zing King To

CPAC Associate Producer and SMAP Executive Producer


17 Responses


  2. Good Job Water Vikings! I hope that the next battle will be good! (I’m sure it will)


  4. Hell yeah, good tournament so far.

  5. Include Pictures next time.

  6. I love the 12 year with a script

    • Isn’t that you fag?

      • Must you use homophobic remarks?

        • Depends who I am talking to.

      • You’re a retard, if I was a a 1337 your entire computer would be fucked rn.

        • “a a” someone looks like they are stuttering. You are a wannabe 1337, not a 1337 dumb shit.

  7. Rooting for WV and Nachos! Good luck all 4 armies though

  8. Pictures would have been nice

  9. hey albaro i would like to volunteer judge during the semi finals

  10. Goodluck guys.

  11. Nachos better not win again

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