The Top Ten Armies Of February 2015

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Headquarters – A new feature that CP Army Central has is a Top Ten Armies of the Month. In the monthly Top Ten, we can observe which armies dominated over the whole month and gauge the consistency and size of armies on a larger scale than weekly top tens.

1. Water Vikings [74] [18.50]

2. Army of Club Penguin [71] [17.75]

3. Light Troops [67] [16.75]

4. Dark Warriors [61] [15.25]

5. Ice Warriors [58] [14.50]

6. Golds Army [56] [14.00]

7. Rebel Penguin Federation [52] [13.00]

8. Doritos of CP [48] [12.00]

9. Dark Bandits [37] [9.25]

10. Redemption Force [34] [8.50]

For those close to the Top Ten, check out our partner, SM Army Press.


The first number, next to the armies name — [74] for the Water Vikings, [58] for the Ice Warriors, etcetera — is simple addition. For every first place ranking through the month, an army received twenty points. For every second place ranking, an army received nineteen points. For every third place ranking, eighteen points, and so on, until eleven points for every tenth place ranking.

So the numbers you see like 40, 33, 22 is simple addition of the army’s Top Ten places – collected by Zing King To. Also, if an army was on the SMAP Top Ten, additional points are attributed to the army’s score — for example, if an army is placed at 1st on SMAP for a week, then the army gets 10 points for that week, similarly, if another army is at 10th on SMAP it gets 1 point for that week, and so on.

The second number — [15.25] for the Dark Warriors, [18.50] for the Water Vikings, etc. — is an average of the month’s score, which is also surprisingly simple. The total for the Water Vikings — the number 74 — was divided by the number of weeks; four (8th, 15th,  22nd, 1st).

*Ice Warriors were banned from CPAWM Top Ten tournaments on 22nd February 2015

What do YOU think? Will the Water Vikings manage to get 1st at the end of March? What army will increase in the ranks next month? 

Zing King To

CPAC Associate Producer, SMAP Executive Producer and Social Media Manager


11 Responses

  1. Makes sense.

    • Somewhat

      • Once again why the dislikes? when all I did was agree with him

  2. Good job WV!

  3. Great job Water Vikings!

  4. smap did it better

  5. didnt they get first once with like 60 points

  6. Good job Ice Warriors

  7. How was this even determined and by what standards?

    • We add Top Ten ranks together and do some other complex shit

  8. Well done WV

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