Statement From The Social Media Managers

KLONDIKE, Social Media Hub, CPAC Headquarters – Here at CP Army Central, the one thing that we have always encouraged is reader interaction. What better way to create reader interaction then through the use of social media?

Kingfunks4 has hired Doctor Mine Turtle and Lord Jay to run the Youtube Channel for the CP Army Central. The idea behind this is that the duo will be able to record tournament battles as well as other battles that armies have. The following is a statement from Doctor Mine Turtle.

The CPAC Media staff has many things to offer for 2015, but I’ll name some of the best things we came up with.

We plan offering a variety of videos to help you learn about our community, be APART of our community, or just have a little laugh! Our videos will not be announced until approval, but we can assure you they are top-notch video ideas.

We have 4 lengths for videos. A one time video, a weekly series, a bi-weekly (every other week) and a monthly series. One time videos will be very straight to the point, not as interesting as series videos. Weekly series will be a short video type, because it isn’t THAT easy to put a 15 minute animation together, weekly.

Bi-weekly videos will be longer styled videos focusing on one topic, which can be entertainment, or information. These videos won’t be short, but they won’t be like an hour, maybe 8-15 minutes.
Monthly videos will be very long, and something everyone can participate in. They can be from 15 minutes to an hour! These will be special events for each month, so you better attend when you can!

But of course, we will be recording high quality tournament battles, and even army battles if requested! I can confirm we will do a livestream, but I can not confirm how often we do a livestream.

And of course, there will be many contests. I will say about one idea I’m excited for. It’s called a “weekly roundup” where our youtube managers find the funniest Club Penguin clips and combine them into one huge video for a bunch of fun! But we’ll have other contests too, but I don’t want to spoil anything, so stay tuned.

As you know, this program was meant for us to leap into the 21st century of media. I know that most of this community owns a youtube account, and will be able to subscribe. My highest hopes go to 1,000 subscribers by 2016, but we have a long way to go, so I’m hoping around maybe, 200-400 subscribers. Tell us in the comments how many subscribers you think we’ll earn!

CP Army Central is also drafting Tobercold in to Livestream battles for CPAC Tournaments. This will meant that you can watch other armies as they battle on. We are also hoping to make it so that the judges don’t log on, instead they watch the Live Stream. This will enable more troops to be able to get into the room.

Our Twitter account is also something that we intend to revolutionise. The following is a statement from Zing King To, the person behind the Twitter.

I will be the person making tweets from the Club Penguin Army Central twitter account. My tweets will be reminders for things like Top Tens and Tournaments, Tournament Results and more.

There will also be a range of contests held. The first contest will be held upon getting 250 followers so make sure you follow us and give us huge shoutouts! We also follow back all of our followers.

If you feel that you would like to take part in the social media movement for CPAC, contact either Zakster or Kingfunks on XAT and they will see about accepting you!

What do YOU think? Do you follow us on Twitter? Will you subscribe to our Youtube Channel? Comment below!

Zing King To

CPAC Associate Producer, SMAP Executive Producer and CPAC Social Media Manager

Doctor Mine Turtle

Social Media Manager


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  2. Bravo! Good post. Your speech made me cry. So happy 😢

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