CPAC March Madness III: Sweet Sixteen Recap

KLONDIKE, March Madness Venue  – The first round of the March Madness is over and sixteen armies have now been reduced to eight. During this round we saw eight armies shine in victory, while eight armies unfortunately were left disappointed.


Light Troops vs. Shadow Reacon

The first battle of the day sees the highest ranked army, Light Troops go head to head with the much smaller Shadow Reacon in what many predicted would be an easy Light Troops victory. The battle was judged by Kingfunks4, Zing King To, Albaro, Lord West and Garrett101, Antonio and Daniel.

In the opening minutes of the battle, Light Troops clearly showed that they would have the size advantage with 28 online although in the first ten minutes, it was clear the Light Troops were actually losing size as they went from 28 to 25. The Light Troops were quite slow with tactics but when they did tactics, they were very effective. At some moments of the battle, the Light Troops actually managed to cover up the Shadow Reacon with bombs such as the famed “J Bomb”

The Shadow Reacon, an army that in all fairness brushed under the carpet for this battle however actually did have moments in which they shined. For a start, the Shadow Reacon had much better tactics at the beginning off the battle however the size of the army was a concern as they only managed to receive a max of 12. The Shadow Reacon were rather consistent in both tactics and size however – something that had a great impression on the judges.

At the :18 mark of the first hour, Albaro asked the judges to PC him their vote and the voting began. The end result from judging saw a 5-2 victory go to Light Troops.

Dark Warriors vs. Nachos

The next battle saw the Nachos and Dark Warriors, two armies that have fallen in recent weeks engage in a battle. The Nacho Army has never lost at the March Madness tournament and certainly had no plans of losing tonight, but were they able to keep up the winning streak?

The Nachos made a swift entrance with a room exploding bomb followed by a + formation. Upon the first size count, the Nacho Army had 33 troops online. The Nachos then performed several other formations such as scatters and also anchors. As the battle went on for the Nachos, their size was slowly lost going down to 32, still with great tactics. Towards the end, the army managed to max 35 with lockouts.

The Dark Warriors made a slow entrance into the room being covered up by the Nachos. Upon the first count, the Dark Warriors only had 18 troops, although that slowly increased to 19 at the second size count. There were a few good tactics from the Dark Warriors and it was also apparent that an increase in size was visible throughout the battle achieving a max of 24 in the end.

Kingfunks then decided to open up the voting at :50. The judges voted at 5-2 once again in favour of the Nacho Army.

Doritos Army vs. Rebel Penguin Federation

RPF and Doritos took part in the third battle of the Sweet Sixteen. The Doritos have recently ended their war with the Water Vikings while the RPF have recently finished a war with the Rangers.

The RPF were the first army with people in the room and they maxed an impressive 14 in the first size count. The RPF soon rised in size but were slower than their opponents in tactics with a rather disorganised formation throughout majority of the battle – something that certainly didn’t fare well for them. The RPF however were the first army to bomb hitting the already piled DCP with a J Bomb towards the end. At the final size count, the RPF managed to increase their sizes with a max of 20!

The Doritos were in not long after the RPF with sizes of 17 upon the first size count, but just as is expected, the size of the Doritos actually saw an increase. The Doritos managed to create a semi-circle into the battle. Throughout the battle, the Doritos were just getting bigger and bigger doing many tactics such as a deafening ET tactic in a circle. At the final size count, the Doritos maxed 24 people.

The judges then went to the vote and it was decided that DCP would get the win with a 3-2 vote.

Fire Warriors vs. Army of Club Penguin

The last battle of Day One saw ACP take on the newly reformed Fire Warriors in the Fire Warrior’s first real test.

Upon the start of the battle, the Fire Warriors had 15 troops on. This soon grew to 18 however. The Fire Warriors were the first army to really get into a formation as the ACP relied on bombs. The army traded several tactics with ACP such as the “ET” and “EP” performed by both. unfortunately for the Fire Warriors – they lost size towards the end and started to see more gaps in their formations.

ACP had 17 troops online at the start although this grew to 22. ACP was quite slow at getting into their first formation due to an extended bomb upon entering but they finally managed to get into one in the nick of time before trading tactics with the Fire Warriors.

The vote decided that in a 3-2 outcome, the victory would go to the Army of Club Penguin.

Ice Warriors vs. Matricz of CP

The first battle of day two saw the Ice Warriors take on the Matricz of CP. This was a battle that was thrown into complete jeapody. Just minutes before the battle, CPAC heard that the Matricz actually merged. Due to this the Matricz had 5 minutes to log on or would be disqualified.

The Ice Warriors were naturally the first army into the Ice Berg with Garrett, Lord Jay, Tobercold, Zing King To and Lord West acting as judges. The Ice Warriors entered the room and soon formed a circle. The army managed to get 61 troops online, although some were locked out. This number was confirmed by three CPAC judges and pictures of the lockouts was provided.

It seemed apparent that the Matricz Army were not continuing on with the battle and therefore, the judging panel saw no need to continue the battle. As a result, the Ice Warriors received an automatic pass into the next round.

Golds vs. Silver Surfers

Golds vs. Silver Surfers was next. Two armies that had seen themselves victims of drastic falls down to the SM Army Press.

Golds were the first army into the room with sizes of 14 Golds. The Golds then formed an L in the Forest. The Golds, still in an L formation did an impressive “GOLD RUSH” tactic. The L soon turned into a sort of deformed square that was seemingly missing a side as they hit tactics like “E6” and a “silver for trying”

The Silver Surfers entered the room soon after with a lower size of 5 but were the first army to do a tactic performing the “E5” with a line down. Soon after doing tactics, the Silver Surfers opened fire with snowballs on the judges causing casualties to Garrett101 (32wade) who was rushed to hospital after 14 minutes. The Silver Surfers were the first army to bomb attacking the Golds with an EG bomb before forming a line across.

The event then ended with a 4-1 victory to the Golds.

Water Vikings vs. Dark Bandits

Once again, another battle was determined by the use of a forfeit as we were informed that the Dark Bandits would not be logging on to face the Water Vikings.

As a result, the Water Vikings logged on with 28 but had to put up zero offence and held a training event instead. The Water Vikings advanced.

Redemption Force vs. Chaos Army

The last battle of the Sweet Sixteen was Chaos taking on the Redemption Force. This battle had the ability to be very even as both armies have proven themselves to be able to get the upperhand at any given day, but who would have it today?

The Redemption Force was the first army to enter the room with an okay max of 8 at the first size count. The army quickly formed into a line and starting doing rapid fire tactics. Throughout the battle, the army made many references towards the Water Vikings army. The Redemption Force also informed CPAC Judges that the Chaos Army was using allies. Kingfunks decided this was true and took away points from Chaos.

The Chaos of Club Penguin had a very slow entrance coming into the Boiler Room after being told by Zing King To to enter. Due to this, the Chaos had to go on the defensive upon entering the room. Upon entering, the Chaos Army found themselves to be bigger than the Redemption Force at a size of 12, which was heavily discussed on the CPA Central chat due to the accusation that Chaos had broken the No Allies Rule. The Chaos formed a line across as well and started to do tactics such as “EP” and “EF”

At the end of the battle, there was a direct tie, which meant the judges had to go to the CPA Central ownerpool on the chat. In the chat, we discussed the battle as well as the accusations from the armies about the involvement of the Water Vikings on the side of Chaos. Gamesmaster, Kingfunks decided that Chaos would be punished for breaking the allies rule, but even with this – the Chaos won with 2-1.

What do YOU think? Can the Nachos continue their March Madness winning streak? Will ACP continue to prove they are making a comeback? Can the Ice Warriors get the highest max again next week? Will the Chaos show the Water Vikings that they are more than just underdogs? 

Zing King To

CPAC Associate Producer, SMAP Executive Producer and CPAWM Social Media Manager


17 Responses


  2. Nachos>

  3. You never actually confirmed the winner in the Light Troops vs. Shadow Recon battle analysis.

    • obv huge Shadow Reacon win

  4. -here come the “BIAS!!1!!1!!1!!!” Comments-

  5. Yes. Bepboy and Adden and me from WV was asked to help Chaos, Owl is my friend and this is an important battle for her so I logged on

    • Lol nobody likes you. Go play with traffic.

      • Brigade, your an army hopper and thats your fav hobby so stfu.

        • Then heavy parrs

          • Brigade. Do me a favour, quick RF -friends army- and join ACP for leader (Eek)

    • “was asked” – so you admit Chaos asked Water Vikings to help them.

      • Yes

  6. This whole thing was biased as hell. The Chaos battle was biased the most! Chaos cheated with the WV army. And the person who judged was a former WV leader. Seems pretty shady, and if they cheated they should be disqualified, not just have points taken off. Leave it to CPAC to be biased towards a tournament that was supposed to be fair.

  7. Chaos used allies- but still only got 12. If RF used allies we’d have 20+

    • Really?

    • You tried pcing me to help RF win against chaos rofl… you pc me everytime to join RF and I never will.

      • ‘Rofl’

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