UMA vs. Ice Warriors: Battle of Mammoth

MAMMOTH, Battle Venue – The Underground Mafia Army shocked the entire community recently by announcing their return to community. They then challenged all armies to come to the popular server Mammoth and see who truly owns it, unfortunately – only two armies showed up.


On February 27th, the UMA logged on to Club Penguin for the first time in months in order to prove their dominance to the community and to contest the debated server of Mammoth and who the rightful winner should be. There was a lot of speculation whether this was a troll or not, but it now turns out – it was completely real.

The UMA started the battle with sizes with 11 troops online. The Ice Warriors in response had 20. Also in attendance saw 1 Nacho troop and also a member of the Golds Army. Both armies had rather disappointing formations in the town. The Ice Warriors however soon charged the Underground Mafias Army with a massive J Bomb before scattering around the town.


The UMA then continued on chanting “EVIL EVIL EVIL” with a “LOL LOL LOL” response from the Ice Warriors. As the UMA launched a J Bomb with sizes of 14, the Ice Warriors hit a “WAR FACES” tactic in scatter with sizes of 24.

The war then waged on at the Ice Berg in which the Ice Warriors exclaimed that “WE OWN YOU” to which they were greeted to an attack with snowballs from the UMA. The Ice Warriors, still with sizes of 24 then completed yet another J Bomb. The UMA and Ice Warriors alike then both flooded to the bottom of the berg. The armies then decided to separate once again. The Ice Warriors piled at the top of the Berg while UMA lined at the bottom.

2 3

Several word tactics were then exchanged between the two sides before deciding to move to the Dock. The end sizes at the Berg saw the UMA with sizes of 20 and Ice Warriors with 27. The UMA were the first army in the dock with sizes of 15. The UMA made a line across chanting “SMALL FRY”. The Ice Warriors also attempted to make a line across chanting “U CANT HIDE” which was met with the E+H from the UMA. The Ice Warriors quickly asked the UMA if “U MAD” but the UMA believed they had a “TACTICAL VICTORY”


Later on in the Docks, The UMA had 17 online while the Ice Warriors fell to 15, in order to look bigger – the Ice Warriors then did their sixth J Bomb. In yet another size change, the Ice Warriors went up to 17 while the UMA fell to 15.

It was then time for yet another room change and the UMA moved to the Plaza but they were quickly found by Andrew of the Ice Warriors. The UMA hit a third J Bomb in a line with sizes of 13. The Ice Warriors however did an E5 and “FIRE” tactics with sizes of 16. The armies didn’t want to stay in the Plaza for very long as they then decided to make the transition to the Boiler Room.

The Boiler Room made for an easy size count. At the start of the room, the UMA had 11 troops on while the Ice Warriors managed to gain more support with 20.


In an attempt at a “Tactical Retreet” from the UMA, the army decided to make the quick move to the Fire Dojo in which they formed a line across waiting for the Ice Warriors to find them. It didn’t take long for the Ice Warriors to find them. Upon the Ice Warriors entering, they stood on the UMA with ET with small sizes and many gaps in their formation.

Several more Ice Warriors then came into the room giving them a more moderate size. The UMA attempted to create a line down while the Ice Warriors looked to be trying to form a cross. The UMA then decided to pile on the steps while the Ice Warriors once again struggled to maintain their formation.

An idle Ice Warriors stood while the UMA devastated their plus formation with a “UMA VICTORY” bomb followed with an E9 in what was nothing short of an amazing return event.


I managed to get an interview with UMA Legend, Daniel who told me about the battle and his feelings about the army right now. I also asked the question on everyone’s mind – Is this just a one time thing?

Interview with Daniel (UMA Legend)

How does it feel now that UMA have returned and faced up against an easily Top Five Army?

I think UMA did great. Facing up to any army wasn’t a problem to begin with, we had inner-faith, Jesus guided us.

Is this the start of a brand new UMA, or is this a one time thing?

One time thing, The Jewish Gods wanted to melt IW.

Unfortunately, Daniel had to be relieved of the interview for personal reasons so Mach took over answering the next few questions.

Who do you think officially owns Mammoth as of right now?

As bias as this may seem, I legitimately feel, and in some sense know that UMA is the owner of Mammoth, and we intend on making that known.

What can we expect from the UMA in the future?

UMA may very well do big random events like this in future. We like to do things that we think everyone can find fun, and so that’s something we will definitely be doing again. Also , you might see us appearing for tournaments or wars.

As you can see, both Daniel and Mach were happy with today’s events which transpired. The UMA return has turned out to be a one time only thing. Some people will be happy about that, while others – not. The UMA feels they won the battle and are now the rightful owners of Mammoth.

What do YOU think? Who rightfully owns the server Mammoth? Do you want the UMA to return once more to the community?

Zing King To

CPAC Associate Producer, SMAP Executive Producer & Social Media Manager


23 Responses



    • Okay, that’s some good wordplay I guess.

  3. This battle was so tedious. We literally fought the UMA for over an hour. They just did not want to give up.

    • However, the length of this battle was nothing compared to how long we used to fight back in the early days of Club Penguin armies. We fought for 3+ hours. Now we fight for around 30 minutes.

      • i’d say more of a 45 minute battle with a little pre battle added on. But it wasn’t tedious.

        • gj evo, you comprehended the point in that battle style

  4. UMA flawless victory! Amazing

  5. Shit, I was going to go to that but they put HoC season 3 on Netflix.

    What year is it btw?

    • Beep boop. Welcome to 6969.

      • Yeah, our weekend plans are fine, but what year is it??

  6. An army which was dead for several months came back, came back with confidence and put up a spectacular fight against a top 3 army fought a true fight and earned Mammoth. As a UMA leader I know how much criticism and hatred UMA faced during its times when it was falling down on top tens, when there were tough times, I could see people only laughing at us.

    Today UMA has proven that no matter how hard you fall. You can get back up on your feet and prove your strength to your opponent. UMA melted ice today, I’m proud of UMA if this is the end of it then at least its a satisfying end to a wonderful journey and it shuts down all those haters.

    I hereby rename the server Mammoth to UMAmmoth :’)

  7. Where are all those legacy defenders now?

  8. No one is going to let a dead army tell them who owns mammoth

    • I keep approving this and I’m just losing it.

  9. 2 easy

  10. Agreed with skyfish. Don’t let dead armies decide who owns what server.

  11. I own mammoth, after trading $20 worth of spoons and forks to the native civilians. Sorry UMA

  12. Ice warriors own it because throughout the whole battle IW had greater sizes and i know cause i took pictures for IW. uma has made false claims and IW had more. I ASK EVERY ONE WHO HAD MORE IW OR UMA LOOK HERE HINT ICE WARRIORS

    • Also some LT were there

    • LMAO ppl only care about sizes. Fags. Tactics matter too

    • Note that these are the only 2 pictures the Ice Warriors had.

  13. Im sorry but we had better tactics to loud mouth and sry that andrews pics deleted when he reloaded page

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