Light Troops Assist Doritos In War Against Water Vikings

ICE BOX, Light Troops Capital – After faking its own death, the Light Troops have once again jumped into the headlines of Club Penguin Warfare Media announcing it’s declaration of war on the Water Vikings in order to assist the Doritos of CP.

On February 17th, Waterkid posted on the Light Troops blog a Declaration of War on the Water Vikings. Here is an extract from the post written by the Light Troops leader.

The Water Vikings have made a grave mistake on picking on our allies the Doritos. The Water Vikings was founded by Zakster, the corrupt Jewish CEO of CPAC. We will demolish the Water Vikings alongside the Doritos. We have been getting 30+ in all our events this week, it’s time for a challenge.

As you can see, the main reason for the declaration appears to be the ongoing current war between Doritos and Water Vikings; the same Doritos that are allies with Light Troops. The Light Troops talked about how they will be assisting alongside the Doritos. This will be a two on one war, or at least it will be for the time being.

Waterkid made several comments about the CP Army Central CEO as well as the creator of the Water Vikings, Zakster. Waterkid referred to him as “corrupt” despite not actually providing any logical reasoning behind these claims.

Recent Light Troops event in which they claimed a max of 30.

Recent Light Troops event in which they claimed a max of 30.

The Water Vikings have yet to post a response to the Light Troops. They have however called for a “Major Alliance Meeting” in which Dark Warriors, Golds, Ice Warriors, Rebel Penguin Federation and the Army of Club Penguin have all be called into attendance for.

The Doritos Army also haven’t posted a response to their allies Light Troops coming into the War in their aid although they are claiming that they are “undefeated” in the war. Contrasting, the Water Vikings are claiming the war to be 7-1 to them in their favour.

Water Vikings most recent event in their AUSIA division claiming a No-Show from DCP.

With the combined efforts of the Doritos and Light Troops, one has to wonder what the Water Vikings plan to do about it and more importantly, who the Water Vikings will try to recruit to their side. I managed to speak to Buddy, Water Vikings leader in order to see what his thoughts are on Light Troops involvement.

Interview with Buddy (Water Vikings Leader)

Why do you think Light Troops decided to enter the war on the Doritos of CP’s behalf?

I have a strong feeling it is because of how weak DCP’s AUSIA and UK division is. Not to mention, their US division is a complete fluke as well. DCP probably begged LT to help them in the war.

With Light Troops and Doritos recently claiming sizes of 30-40 this week, are you scared of their involvement? That’s a possible 60-70 troops.

Not really. If they team up together to take us down, who says we wont team together with another army to take them down? It’s always a possibility.

An alliance meeting has been called; Can you tell me anything about what the meeting hopes to accomplish?

It hopes to maybe find the army that will take part in this demolishing of DCP and Light Troops.

What do you predict is going to happen next in the war?

We will completely dominate. We’re too strong for them!

As you can see, confidence is certainly not lacking in the Water Viking leader. The reasoning for the Alliance Meeting that has been called was also displayed as it is to find an army willing to team up with the Water Vikings in an effort to take on the Doritos and Light Troops. It will be interesting to see what army decides to enter the war next.

What do YOU think? Who will step up on the side of the Water Vikings? Will the Doritos and Light Troops be too strong for the Water Vikings? Comment!

Zing King To

CPAC Associate Producer & SMAP Executive Producer


82 Responses

  1. RIP – 2 Decent Armies…… And LT .3.

  2. DCP made a post a few days ago titled ‘Man up, WV’ yet they feel the need to bring allies into a war. If the Doritos really are as big and powerful as their foolish leaders say they are then they would not need another army to take on WV. Funny because the only way DCP can win a battle is by sneakily changing the times of it 24 hours before without informing WV or bringing in allies to stop them from being destroyed.

    • So you’re against bringing allies into this war? So is Buddy wrong when he informed me WV are looking for allies?

      • Well now that DCP have brought in LT we are obviously going to be bringing an ally into the war, don’t be stupid.
        However if LT would keep their noses out of this war we would happily fight DCP 1 v 1.

        • No need to call me stupid. It’s just, if you say you are against it – then stay against it. Cause now it looks like you are only against allies until it suits you.

          • No, there was a need to call you stupid. As I already explained, we were against it originally however if DCP use allies then we will bring in some too, like any other army would do and has done in the past.
            Do you expect us to just sit there and not do anything?

            • If you are preaching not using allies, then stay true to that. Don’t use allies. Recruit more in.

        • Yeah sure. Again, we didn’t ask for LT’s help, nor do we need it, we crush you either way, and you probably would’ve brought an ally in sooner or later because people are beginning to understand who’s really winning, and who’s really the pussy here. AUSIA wont win you this war Bep, so you should stop relying on it.

    • We all know DCP changes times and whatnot to forcefully and illegally turn things their way when it comes to battle rules. When Verum, Badboy, and all them get the fuck out of armies is when rules can be followed and armies will be fun once more.

      • LMFAO

      • You serious kid? DCP didn’t change times once, you’re just delusional like the next WV faggot that walks into the community. Ya, when Badboy and Verum leave, good luck with that pal. I should go all Elmikey now just so you have to see me more often :O

    • Ok who the fuck said we asked for LT to join? Again, you’re an idiot. LT felt the need to also put you in place like everyone else because umm lets see NO ONE LIKES WV!!!! :O We crushed you in the two battles we attended and the others we didn’t come because they were invalid. YOU’RE the one talking about changing time? Don’t get me started Bep. You barely can get over 25 like in the first battle, and in the second you had about 15, yet you sit here and say we act big and powerfully, which we are, but you aren’t proving us wrong, are you?
      And its funny because the only way WV can win a battle, better yet a War, is using their 7+ AUSIA because that’s the only possible advantage you’d have against anyone. And last time I checked you’re the one calling a meeting with FIVE ARMIES. Meanwhile we have ONE army on are side, WHO WE DIDNT EVEN ASK FOR HELP. LOOL!!!!!!!! This is too funny. Please Bep, stop embarrassing yourself, its literally every two minutes with you. XD

  3. Leave it to idiot armies like LT and DCP to fuck with armies that are trying to do what’s right. You guys bitch about CPAC and other armies gang up on you but do you guys ever consider that maybe calling people “niggers” and “jews” and “faggots” is wrong as is your botting, illegal use of allies, multilogging, and DDoSing that you are all known for. When LT and DCP falls is when armies can be fun again and not full of butthurt pussies.

    • Don’t insult the actual army, insult certain people who you don’t like in the army

    • Come off anon faggot.

    • Look at this “Anon” butthurt water viking queer shit. You have no proof that either one of those armies has DDoSed, and nobody’s butthurt except for you. You’re to pussy to VIRTUALLY show your fucking name, how pathetic can you get? You fucking shit for brains, moaning out of your anal cavity

    • hi simi

    • WV is far from innocent. Look on their site and you’ll find that they too have fallen into the pit of spitting hate and making this a war of propaganda.

  4. If DCP claim they can max 40troops or more why would they need LT lol

    • This. Badboy says they’re superior to everyone, so why not prove it in a 1v1?

      • Can’t DCP? prove it in a 1v1? they say they can max over 40??

    • Because they were on the brink of losing.

      • Lol ok

      • Yea, and you’re on the brink of drowning in the water. Cant wait to see that.

  5. Don’t you mean our sizes?

  6. “Doubling our sizes” Mustapha, you ignorant bitch, you keep dreaming

    • Lol Tax shut up you armyhopping fag. You’ve done absolutely nothing in your career but attempt to try and have a successful AUSIA division in over like 100 armies. Sit down please.

      • and what have you done exactly?

        • Maybe go check my archives at SWAT or DW pal.

          • All you are is a homophobic ranting idiot who should just shut his mouth cause no one cares what he has to say, sit down kid.

            • All you are is some fuck nigga who cant post for shit lol. If you’re going to release a post make sure its accurate. I’ll shut my mouth once you know how to gather information correctly. Im just trying to help you so don’t get all defensive. And if more people cared for what I said maybe this community wouldn’t have as much problems. “kid” You’re probably like 12 take a hike lmfao

          • The thing that you call your ‘success’ in DW and SWAT was you hiding behind others work and you know it.

            • Lolk. Funny because you act like you know shit when you know nothing. Go ahead ask DW. Freezie and I shared the load. Puf is the one who did shit. Your success, actually I cant even say that because you really haven’t had any, you’re leading, is so terrible that you have to hire over 10 owners to help back you up. That of course along with you stealing credit for the leaders who are actually doing shit.

              • “Go ahead ask DW.” Okay, I guess I’ll answer just to clear up any confusion. I can assure you that everyone in DW agrees that you did absolutely nothing to contribute to DW’s success. So, there’s your answer. Have a great day.

                • Funny because if I’m not mistaken Puf, no offense to you or what you’ve done in the past, you didn’t do a very good job helping me and Freezie. I’ll just say it nicely. I did a lot to contribute to DW’s success in my time there, and all my troops + Freezie and Toy know it, so that’s good enough for me. You have a great day too. 🙂

                  • I don’t know whether or not you’re bipolar or you just didn’t expect me to respond to you talking trash about me for the hundredth time (even though what you claim has literally no merit), because frankly your previous comments towards me completely contradict your statement just now about how you weren’t trying to offend me. Also, please refrain from using Toy and Freezie to try and make your point seem more credible because no offence, what they say to your face and what they say about you behind your back are two completely different things, but that’s a whole other story. I won’t even get started on what all the other legends think about you, even though you’re so quick to try and use them as your defence. Anyways, have a great day once again. 🙂

                    • I’m not bipolar and I have nothing against you Puf. I’ve always liked you, you’re a nice guy but I’m just being honest when I say you didn’t help very much lol. It only makes it worse and makes me look like a pussy if I give you credit when you didn’t do much to help. I don’t talk shit about you, because if I did I wouldn’t be afraid to tell you I was lol. And they don’t say anything to “my face” because were on computers dumb ass. Freezie doesn’t like any of you lmfao, he probably dislikes you guys more than me or anyone. Im good with Toy now, he apologized and everything and if he or any of you want to keep talking shit I don’t really care cus im not associated with DW anymore and I love my fans <3. "All the other legends" don't know me very well, and based on what the advisors probably feed to them they still probably couldn't say anything unless they were there at the time I was leading so stop feeding me bullshit puf. I don't need anyone to defend me except myself and that's evident because I deal with faggots all day without anyone else having to back me up on here and irl so stop acting like you know me cus you really know nothing about me. Have a good night 😀

                    • Ironically, that whole paragraph was pretty bipolar. You start off acting like we’re friends then proceed to get all defensive and pull the “lol u dnt know me!!” card because I tell the truth when I say that everyone agrees you were one of the worst leaders DW has ever had, even the people that led with you.

                      The difference is like I mentioned before, I can actually support that whereas your claim has no credibility. You spew crap by saying I didn’t do anything just so you can take the credit, something you ironically accuse me of even though I literally never talk about it meanwhile in every argument you bring up “your success” in DW.

                      Basically, if you told the truth and admitted it was Freezie and I who held DW together then you would have literally nothing to fall back on when trying to argue with people over how “superior” you are to them. Take away DW and you’re pretty much the epitome of your average army hopper.

                      Oh, and I’m pretty sure you’re the dumbass for taking something literally when it was so blatantly obvious that it wasn’t supposed to be taken literally.

                      I’m under the impression that I’d make more progress arguing with your autistic brother than you, so I think this is the end of our little chat unless you can put him on.

                      Have a great night boss.

                    • No, I’m not bipolar. I want to assure you first that I have nothing against you, but now since you’re so quick to jump down my throat and start raging like a little bitch, now I have a reason to be against you.

                      Tbh with you idgaf what anyone says. Most of the advisors and leaders I had were fake. Fake personalities, and major bullshit artists who just liked to use people to do their dirty work, when they sat around and did nothing. Who’s “everyone” LOL. To be quite honest with you, most of the people who credited me for my work were outside of DW, so really couldn’t care less what you, or Drake, or Spi, or anyone else in DW has to say. I know I contributed to DW’s success in my time there, and that’s good enough for me. I’m one of the worst leaders DW has ever had, lolk. Says the one who has Spi leading basically on his own, and DW cant even get over 10 in their UK division. K! Again, idc what you or even Freezie have to say, I know I did well there and that’s all I need.

                      Puf, don’t get all defensive now lmao. To be quite honest with you, when I led with you and Freezie, you didn’t do much. You posted event results and that was it. Whenever I asked you to go autotype with me, you sat on chat trolling people. So don’t sit there thinking you’re all that, when really you did nothing. I don’t want to steal credit. Tbh with you I give Freezie 75% of the credit and myself 24%. You, 1%. And the advisors, 0% because all they did was hate on me and Freezie and snap at us any chance they got. I have nothing to fall back on? First off, I don’t need to fall back on anything, because I have a million armies that would kill to have me lead them. But you, all you have to fall back on is your advisors who cause nothing but chaos and turmoil within the army. If I told you the truth Puf, it was me and freezie who did everything while you would just beg to post event results, and then after you stretched posting it into one hour you would sit and fool around on chat for an hour and a half then leave, when both me and Freezie were autotyping and taking care of other matters. So don’t act like you were so much more better than me, when really the owners were putting in more work than you.

                      Oh, and I’m pretty sure you’re an idiot for thinking you could convince people that you did more than me when we led together in DW. You’re just another clown seeking credit for work you didn’t do.

                      And bringing my brother who has autism into this proves how much of an asshole you are, and I’m now under the impression that you should go kill yourself or go get hit by a car. 🙂 So I guess this is the end of our chat, until you can learn how to lead an army efficiently or on your own without stealing credit, let alone have an argument without bringing someone’s family into it, which is very pathetic on your part.

                      Go fuck yourself dickshit :d

                    • Shit posted the comment twice only moderate one of them

              • Today’s entertainment, Badboy’s ADHD rages.

                • Today’s entertainment, Bepboy’s autistic breakdown.

      • omg lol

      • lmfao, I like how you are calling me a army hopper,

        • Love how you guys call me an armyhopper when I stayed in DW for 5 months, and the longest you’ve ever stayed in an army was about 2 weeks so stfu please

          • Love how many comments on my post I’m getting.

            • Yeah, its pretty Impressive don’t you think?

              • 70+ Keep it up!

          • 2 weeks, you’ve got to be kidding me. I’ve been in RPF for 3 years plus 2 years from other dates. WV is the smallest amount time I’ve spent in an army and I’m changing that. It’s only been a month but I’ll make it longer. WV is my family, and you can’t break that bond apart

            • On and off with other armies and RPF for 3 years straight doesn’t count, but I’m glad you think it does. I wouldn’t worry so much about changing that, but more about changing your leading skills cus man they really blow. “WV IS MY FAMILY” GOD KILL ME NOW XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD Ok. Let me explain something to you. Maybe you didn’t know, but a family isn’t a bunch of armyhoppers and bandwagoners all gathered up on the same chat. And you being there makes it even worse, because you’re the biggest armyhopper and bandwagoner of all!!! :O

  7. We didn’t call in LT this is just bullshit WV spits to make their troops think they’re winning. Water Vikings say we have a weak AUSIA when any army could max 5.

    • Then fucking do it

      • We are maxing 40 and killing you your invalid invasions mean nothing.

        • Dude doritos should fight back man. WV is wrecking you, you should use ausia

          • ”wrecking” when DCP makes an AUSIA it maxes 30 and is led by Rishron.

      • Again, you’re not relevant, but its ok to think you are. If you didn’t have your 7+ AUSIA, you wouldn’t have any advantage, so be thankful for that and keep your stupidity to yourself. Thanks.

        • More relevant than Tax, and who asked you lol

          • I’m relevant, Tax isn’t. Simple as that. And I can prove that he isn’t because all he does is hop from army to army claiming to be some great AUSIA leader but when the time comes for him to actually do something they max like 5 lol.
            And you’re right, you don’t need to ask. Just no on cares what you have to say lmfao.

            • You must be obsessed with me Daniel because every time I check my feed there’s a comment from you there. And for me, that’s not 1/8 of bulk. I could do a lot more if I wanted just ask Drake. I can start a sentence however I want, you’re not my English teacher. I can keep myself in an army for a long time, opposed to Tax who once he fails with AUSIA, gains the littlest of self confidence and tries to go lead in another army, but fails again, so he hops again. That’s not me.

              • I feel sorry for whoever your English is too because someone doesn’t understand sarcasm.

              • go check the description now fuckboy

                • No thanks

                  • lol

  8. did dcp ever ask lt to join the war


  9. Well then…as a Jew, I am offended by the pos greatly. .____.

    • Aren’t LT and Nachos like allies

  10. All idiots out there, especially you Zing “LT Assists DCP”. Stop lol. We didn’t ask for LT’s help nor do we need it. LT and WV have a separate conflict and the only reason its connected is because again WV doesn’t know how to keep their big mouths shut and they think they’re the shit when all they have is their 8+ AUSIA. If WV want to get crushed by two armies, be my guest. They have no one else to blame but themselves. They’ve gotten so scared that they have to call on the “grand alliance” which isn’t so grand anymore and never really was, but its pretty hilarious to see them running for allies not even a week into the war.

    • Well if 2 armies are facing 1 army, that is assistance you dimwit so LT are assisting DCP (ono)

      • No its not assistance, because we didn’t not ask for it. They have separate conflicts, it’s two different wars.

  11. Lol Buddy, nice bullshit interview. Those comments are faker than your personality. How weak our UK is. LOL. Funny because we smacked the shit out of you with 30-40 TWICE when you barely got over 25 the first time and then like 12 the second time lol. If we really needed LT’s help, we would’ve asked a long time ago. But the fact that you think we have anything to do with LT’s decisions makes you even more of an idiot than you already are.

  12. First of all,LT chose to attack WV and i’m leading LT so yes that statement is true. Second of all it’s funny because WV are the biggest pussy’s out there. They act so tough just because they get 1st but when they get declared war on,they decide to hold a huge meeting that’s probably them asking for help from armies like IW.Such cowards.

  13. Welcome to the Flame War. How illogical are ya?

    • ^^^tru af

  14. LT declared war because were gonna force rose to be my wife. THESE ARE FACTS.

    • lool

  15. Bepboy is an inactive wank who can’t even lead SMAC nvm WV properly.

    If it hadn’t been for King Jay, Rose , Teigan and Buddy, mark my words, WV would be dead.

    Luis is a little noob who can’t even lead an Ausia division for shit and the proof is above.

    As for DCP, they hire pathetic little dipshits like Verum who IP logs.

    I HAVE SPOKEN!!!1!!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!

  16. lol LT such liars always chatting terribly about DCP on their chat and then they help ? such idiots and fakers

    • Bobby, you 8 years old keep that in mind.

  17. LOL LT r such liars they spend their time chatting terribly about DCP and then they help? they say they’re the best army? when they’re only a bunch of liars

  18. Lol I never thought there would be a racist CP Army. Disgusting. LT should be ignored by the community.

    • Oh shut the fuck up Elm,Your just butthurt that your ass got overthrown. Stop judging LT by one or two people fucking moron.

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