Ausia-Army: What Does It Mean?

KLONDIKE, CPAC Philosophy Desk – Although there are plenty of UK and US division-specialized armies in our community, there are quite a few others that have the AUSIA division as their most prominent  division. The term “AUSIA army” has been thrown around very often, but what is an AUSIA army? We are here in order to dissect the term and see what it actually means.

There are quite a few things that make an army known as an “AUSIA army,” being the fact that they have lots of AUSIA-divisioned events, schedule invasions during AUSIA times, and being an AUSIA army means that wars will be affected by time zones of each battle, take a look at armies such as ACP and the WV.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 12.35.12 PM

The AUSIA division is one of the most important divisions in an army, it’s important because it can make up most of an army. Where any army lacks in US and UK division, it makes up for it with a strong AUSIA division. To truly decipher it’s importance, let’s look at some pros and cons of this topic.


1. All troops participate in battle and events that are just not from the US/UK divisions

Although it’s uncommon, sometimes AUSIA events will happen when there’s an amalgam of troops online from other divisions, meaning that if the AUSIA division in the army is the most prominent division, the other troops will join in and bolster the sizes of the AUSIA division at an event.

2. There’s a major feeling of overall equality and awareness

Even though the AUSIA division has the same equality as other divisions, a lot of individuals view the aforementioned division as an extremely minor division of an army and some people even see the division as somewhat weak and small. AUSIA-divisioned armies prove this theory wrong, it just depends on demographics. A lot of people view the US division as a huge and powerful division, but some armies have a more powerful UK division and a weaker US division as an example. AUSIA armies actually give promotion to this division, encouraging others to use this.

Just because demographics have a certain amount of data doesn’t mean that division has an overall low weakness, you could have a US army, but that army could have a US division to have equal power of the UK division. It all depends on demographics.


1. Most times, the other troops from other divisions can’t attend AUSIA events

Whether they’re sleeping in the early morning/nighttime or attending school in the afternoon, a lot of troops from other divisions can’t attend AUSIA events because of the timing. It’s an uncommon thing for a bunch of other troops from the US/UK divisions to join in these events, but this only happens on Holidays and in the midst of summer, or if troops happen to be awake in the early morning/late night or not so busy during the afternoon.

A lot of times, the chances of getting a bunch of troops from other divisions is quite small, so being an AUSIA army with the AUSIA being the most prominent division means that you can’t expect others to make the events that are scheduled.

2. Confused battle schedules

There’s not a lot of AUSIA armies, which means there isn’t much for an AUSIA army to fight, for example:

Your army is AUSIA, and you’re going to face a US army in a practice battle. You schedule your events, but the US army may have school, or they maybe sleeping during your battle, resulting in a no-show. It’s much easier if the US schedules an event because the AUSIA division is one division that can come to battles at almost any timing. There will be some time confusion with practice battles in terms of AUS vs. US divisions, but if you can find a way to get around that, it won’t be a huge problem.

A graph to show which army uses AUSIA the most and the most effectively.

A graph to show which army uses AUSIA the most and the most effectively.

We have compiled this graph by looking at all AUSIA events held from Wednesday 11th right up until Wednesday 18th. For each specific type of event, a certain number of points were granted. In case of an Invasion or Defence, 5 points were given. A Practice Battle was worth 4 points, Recruiting was worth 3 and any other type of event was worth 1.

As you can see, it is clear that the Army of Club Penguin is currently the “AUSIA Army” in the community managing to get 15 points. Close behind, it was the Water Vikings with 11, the Golds with 9 and the Rebel Penguin Federation with 7.

What’s interesting to note is that AUSIA Events didn’t seem to have any effect on the Number 2 army in the community and had only minimal effect on the Number 1 army. The Ice Warriors, who found themselves first on our top ten only received a single point while the Dark Warriors, who found themselves 2nd – received none.

What do YOU think? Which army truly is the biggest ‘AUSIA Army’? What effect does AUSIA truly have in wars? Comment below and tell us.

Zing King To

CPAC Associate Producer & SMAP Executive Producer


CPAC & SMAP Philosopher


14 Responses

  1. I’ll make an answer specifically to the title. It means, GAY+I HAVE NO OTHER DIVISION TO USE IN WAR SO GUESS THATS MY ONLY OPTION!!!1111 And u forgot the s on Cons

    • My mistake, I thought I was going to only need one disadvantage, but I realized I had a 2nd one to work with and I guess I forgot to correct that error. Thanks for reminding me.

      • np chris

  2. Ausia divisions are underrated, Earthling and Co. Led Teutons and Omegas to 6th and 5th respectivly on CPAC Top Ten with basically only an Ausia. Imagine if they had an equal amount of US/UK Events. If armies such as DW and LT had strong Ausias then
    1. LT probably wouldn’t be falling.
    2. The scores would be a lot higher.
    I think Ausia Divisions could be equally as important as US/UK divisions if we let them.

    P.S. I am not bias as I am a US Troops

  3. AUSIA is a great help in case of wars. For some cases they can take missions while US/UK takes business right now. Example if US/UK is busy for some reasons AUSIA can schedule business. Some timezone to be considered when Aus/Asia Divisions use, IST, JST, etc. Cause a army without this division is nothing without this one. Example of a army which had AUSIA with 50+, 40+ before.

    • You would know that considering ACP uses their ausia division for everything and I mean EVERYTHING!!!!!

      • Because ACP relies on AUSIA for sometime

  4. I’ll tell you what an Ausia army means, its something Luis out of wv can’t lead for shit.

    Btw good post Christopher

    • …And Zing

  5. Nice post!

  6. Ausia army means ACP, Ausia’s of CP (wary)

  7. Pretty bad that you didn’t take examples like the Teutons, Smart Penguins, Greek Sheep, etc. who were of major standards in AUSIA category.


  9. sp would beat acp in ausia

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