[PB in Review] Water Vikings vs. Army of Club Penguin

BREEZE, Battle Venue – On February 5th, the Water Vikings and ACP alike logged in their UK Divisions for a Practice Battle between the two Top Five Armies with Water Vikings being 4th place and the ACP being 5th.

On February 5th 2015, Water Vikings met up with Army Of CP in a friendly practice battle like any other practice battle. The Water Vikings were ranked 4th on our top ten on Sunday and the Army Of CP were ranked 5th on our Top Ten. While this would suggest the Water Vikings had an advantage, the armies were very close to each other in terms of ranks.

Two piles are formed between Water Vikings and ACP

Two piles are formed between Water Vikings and ACP

The battle was contested in the Ice Berg and the Stadium. The first room seen in pictures on both sites sees the battle begin in the Stadium in which both armies formed piles on the steps behind each individual goal. The armies then traded several other tactics including a “Clover Power” from ACP and “E+7” from Water Vikings.

Throughout majority of the time spent at the Ice Berg, the Water Vikings had formed a successful line across while the Army of Club Penguin formed a diagonal line but after both armies bombed these formations ceased to exist.

Picture of the formations used by both armies.

Picture of the formations used by both armies.

The armies then decided to move to the Ice Berg in which the Water Vikings once again outnumbered the ACP in terms of sizes. The armies traded such tactics as EQ with the Water Vikings making an “L” shape and the ACP made a backwards L. The armies also made several word tactics such as Water Vikings with the “Tear the Clover” and ACP answering back with an “ACP Forever”

In the end, it was decided that the Water Vikings would be declared the winners of the Practice Battle after the ACP admitted defeat in a show of great sportsmanship.

ACP admit defeat.

In an effort to best understand how the ACP and Water Vikings have been doing recently, I have made a graph that documents the armies recent ‘Top Ten Armies’ scores for 2015.

A graph to track the progress of the ACP and Water Viking's Top Ten Scores in CPAC 2015.

A graph to track the progress of the ACP and Water Viking’s Top Ten Scores in CPAC 2015.

As you can see, the Water Vikings scores (in blue) have all been higher than the Army of Club Penguins in 2015. Since the start of the year, the Water Vikings have yet to leave the Top Five position in which the ACP have already made their exit from twice.

What do YOU think? Should ACP be worried about their recent fall? How will the Water Vikings take advantage of their victory?

> Zing King To <

CPAC Reporter & SMAP Executive Producer


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    • Dont worry rob LT is too

      • Aw snap

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  4. Great post!

  5. my penis

    Going by increasing size

  6. zing is running out of things to write about *wary*

  7. Good battle.

  8. zing if you need more things come to dw chat I have something 4 u

  9. This post is really bad, I’m not going to be bias. I am going to be truthful.

    The sizes from WV and ACP are really, really bad. Half of ACP didn’t even do the tactics at one point, ignorant troops in my opinion.

    • …so the PB is bad, not the post.

      • Yeah, true.

        • Smgdh

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