Mustapha10 Returns to the Light Troops

ICE BOX, Light Troops’ Empire – On February 1st, the whole foundation of the Light Troops empire was shaken by four of it’s leaders quitting the army after a disagreement with Waterkid. Now less than a week later, Mustapha10 has announced his return to armies and to the Light Troops army.

Mustapha is one of the most known figures in Club Penguin Warfare today. He is widely known for his work in the Doritos of Club Penguin as a long time leader. Mustapha10 has now rejoined Club Penguin Warfare after a “long awaited arrival”.

News of this return broke on the Light Troops’ website at the hands of leader, Roberto. Here is an extract of the post made by Roberto addressing the arrival of the new Light Troops leader – Mustapha10.

Hello everyone, I’d like to introduce you all to your new leader; Mustapha!

Mustapha has been away for quite some time now, but after a long awaited arrival he is finally here and ready to serve the Light Troops to the best of his abilities. We will be having a return event to honor our new commander’s term of leadership.

As you can see from the above, Roberto is certainly happy to welcome Mustapha into the armies leadership throwing the arms of friendship and approval open. Roberto believes that Mustapha will serve the army only with the best of his abilities and that must be a reason why he was chosen to be leader.

Picture from the most resent Light Troops event in which they claimed a max of 25+

Picture from the most resent Light Troops event in which they claimed a max of 25+

Mustapha10 will most likely be able to make a difference in the Light Troops as they recover from losing four of their leaders, something that’s clearly hurt the army seeing as they’ve had one of the worst events size wise in quite a while as pictured above.

In order to best see how the Light Troops are doing, I’ve decided to make a graph highlighting the last five maxes from their last five posted events on their website. For the purpose of the graph, I’ve left out any AUSIA events due to the army just building it up now.


As you can see from the above graph, on January 28th, the Light Troops only managed to max 30 people in their event, since that event, the Light Troops have improved on their sizes maxing 35 at both the January 30th and January 31st events. The Light Troops continued to improve their sizes by then maxing 45 on February 1st.

It now seems that with the ownership changes that have been made in the army, the army has certainly fell reaching the lowest max it’s had all week with 25. Now certainly does seem like a good time for Mustapha10 to make his presence felt in the Light Troops.


Unfortunately, the leaders of Light Troops were hard at work recruiting and therefore couldn’t have an interview with me. I did manage however to speak to a couple of troops from the army.

Zing King To: How do you feel about Mustapha being added to the Light Troops?

Soni32: I really feel fine. He has been a help in Light Troops. He moderates chat sometimes, he takes things very seriously, He is also really kind. He is a great addition to LT.

Zing King To: Are you happy that Mustapha is in the Light Troops now?

Pinkyjones57: i dont know him or her

Zing King To: What are your predictions for the Light Troops with the addition of Mustapha10 to the leadership?

Something nice. Something great.

As you can see from the reactions of the troops, they seemingly are happy that Mustapha10 has taken the reigns in the Light Troops as a leader believing him to be very kind. It will definitely be interesting to see whether or not Mustapha10 can do big things for the army.

What do YOU think? Will Mustapha10 be a huge benefit for the Light Troops? Or will the army still fall with him incharge?

>>>> Zing King To <<<<

CPAC Reporter & SMAP Executive Producer


31 Responses

  1. lol

  2. What can he do that other leaders can’t?

    • ur mom

      • Rekt

      • anything else bruh

        • Yo’ bitch.

      • DAAAAANG

      • LMFAO

  3. Remember when Mustapha and Mkll used to lead doritos?

    Heres whats happened since!
    Doritos die
    Mustapha leaves and go to the LIGHT TROOPS
    Mkll becomes the biggest army hopper in existence.

    • I lead with Mustapha and Mkll during that time. Doritos didn’t die until Mustapha10, Mkll, and I were long gone.

      • good times

        btw CPAC our adspace redirects to the wrong website

        • Except mkll is barely even involved with armies anymore.

          • True

  4. macwool that never happend what the hell r u on bcuz im on weed

  5. Dorito dust

    • snorting season is over

      • What?

  6. I don’t lead LT

    • What do you mean Roberto?

  7. Im on acid

  8. I will miss the Doritos more than any other army

  9. inb4 he bails on LT like he did DCP.

  10. I’m currently not in the game anymore. But I gotta say that joining LT is a real bad move. Water is very unstable, he will ban you when he’s done using you.

    • ^ What he said.

    • he is worse then the slut who uses boys to get popular 😀 Fucking 12 year olds

      • LMFAO

    • I would listen to Elm hes been in LT (as you all know :p)

  11. Hah I am lying down sick in bed while this bs happens

  12. Shine with musty, fail with water ^

    • Damn shots fired

  13. Waterkid is a little trollop honestly. Mustapha is a fucking tard.

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