Golds Army Sign Treaty, Ending War With Ice Warriors

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Capital – The week-long conflict between the rising Golds Army and the Ice Warriors has ended with a treaty, as both armies attempt to be the model of the change they wish to see in the community.

The Ice Warriors declared war on the Golds Army like one week ago, with both armies stating they wanted simply to have their best size and morale high. Leading up to the war, Golds had been on a strong rise, and IW had suffered from some internal conflicts. Now, both armies have ended the war, with non of the army winning.

On February 2nd, Albc posted a screenshot on the Ice Warriors blog of him in a conversation. the war between the Ice Warriors and Golds Army now appears to be over.

Screenshot at Feb 02 19-02-53

The leaders of both armies seemed pleased with their performances, and expressed positive sentiments for both sides in their announcements.

Today I announce that the war with the Golds has finally come to an end after a bit over a week of intense back to back combat. We came to an agreement that this war should not continue because we feel that we should go back to what we do on a regular basis. We just want to get the Golds to understand that they should not mess with the Ice Warriors and they agreed to stop anything related to troop stealing. All servers were returned to the opposing army. Great job Ice Warriors.

The Golds Army leaders also expressed positive sentiments.

This is the end of the IW war. All servers have been returned. I am also officially back from vacation.

I managed to get an interview with Harsh and I asked a number of questions about why the treaty was made as well as the state of the armies in the following Ice Warriors and Golds war.

❗ Interview with Garrett [Ice Warriors 2ic] ❗

 CPAC: Why was the decision to sign a treaty one that was made?

Garrett: We decided to sign a treaty with Golds Army because they surrendered the war and agreed to stop stealing troops from us.

CPAC: What are your feelings on the state of both armies following the war?

Garrett: As everyone knows, the only thing I hate in this community is that no army forfeits a war anymore as they both just declare themselves victorious. I feel the golds did a good thing and surrendered and had the self-esteem to forfeit.

CPAC: How long is this treaty active for?

Garrett: Well, there was no immediate end for this specific treaty, but i assume it will end in couple of months.

CPAC: Do you believe it will be broken?

Garrett: I believe that both the Ice Warriors and the Golds Army have a reputation of never breaking a treaty until it officaly reiires, so no.

CPAC: Any last comment?

Garrett: No.

CPAC: Thanks for your time and good luck.

Garrett: No problem.

Garrett, Ice Warriors 2ic thinks that the treaty will end in couple of months and that golds did a good thing and surrendered and had the self-esteem to forfeit. So, What do you think about this?


This war ended in a professional, sportsmanlike, and calm manner, and should truly serve as a model to other armies for the type of warfare we so need to see in this community.

What do YOU think? Should the Golds and Ice Warriors war be a model war for the community? Will the treaty break? Why do you think Ice Warriors and gold ended the war? Comment YOUR opinion!


CPAC Pressmen


6 Responses

  1. Golds didn’t surrender gar, go back to acp

    • Yeah

  2. LOL

    • But the good thing is both armies will go back into there old style

  3. This post was probably the least looked at out of ALL of last weeks posts

  4. Shitty post. I see no mention of golds surrendering though so Gar is probably being an asshole lmfao.

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