BadBoy00923 Rejoins SWAT Leadership

MAMMOTH, SWAT Capital – The SWAT Army have recently hired many experienced leaders including Brigade3 and Rockyiceman1. BadBoy00923, former SWAT Leader and Legend, has re-joined the SWAT Leadership after quitting the army for Light Troops Army.

❗ History Of Badboy00923 In SWAT Army ❗

Badboy first joined SWAT in 2012 for the rank of 5ic. Over time, Badboy learned how to be a responsible troop and a good recruiter. Badboy worked his way up to 2ic, and developed good leadership skills from Ganger. Bad was one of the biggest reasons why the December 2013 generation was able to be as successful as it was. Badboy has led SWAT four times, three of his terms being in 2014. The first two times he led, he was quickly fired and stayed distant from SWAT for a while. After being retired from CP armies for three months, Bad returned to the community and joined SWAT as leader in July 2014. He was well-known for beating the Water Vikings in a long two-week war. He also contributed to SWAT maxing sizes of 30+, Bad joined DW and stayed with them for five months. After he was removed from DW a number of times, he came back to SWAT and brought them into a alliance called The Resistance. SWAT entered WW7 and shortly after, Bad left again, and the army pulled out of the alliance.

❗ Badboy Rejoins SWAT Army Leadership ❗

On the 1st of February, BadBoy00923 Former SWAT Leader and Legend decided to rejoin SWAT Army after quitting the Army for Light Troops Army. The SWAT Army is currently ranked at 10th on the Top Ten. The army had a lot of changes in the last days; the return of BadBoy and the merge of Omegas Army.

On the 1st of Feb, BadBoy was welcomed in to the SWAT Army’s leadership which surprised many troops. Some weeks or months ago, Badboy decided  to quit SWAT Army for The Light Troops Army.

BadBoy still had a great past in the SWAT Army. According to their Legends page, he’s been in SWAT Army for more than a year.


BadBoy also wrote a post on SWAT Army site regarding his return to the army which can be seen below:

Hello guys.

A couple weeks ago, I made a huge mistake in leaving SWAT again. I did it once before, and surprisingly it worked out. But this time, it didn’t, and I kind of thought it wouldn’t. I had a bad feeling going into LT, and I should have stayed here, with my family. I love all of you, and I’m back for good this time, for one last ride. And this time WE WILL get it done.

Lock and load boys,


~Bad, SWAT Leader

 ❗ Interview With Base [SWAT 3ic] ❗

CPAC: Do you think Badboy will make an impact in the SWAT Army?

Base: Yes, I think Badboy will make a impact for SWAT.

CPAC: Where do you expect the SWAT Army to be in the following Top Tens after gaining many experienced owners?

Base: I think SWAT can atlest get 3rd place in Top 10.

CPAC: As you know, Badboy left the army in past for Light Troops. Do you think a rebellion or anything of that sort might be produced?

Base: Well, maybe.

CPAC: Any last comments?

Base: Nope.

CPAC: Thanks for your time?

Base: Your Welcome.

Base, SWAT Army 3ic, thinks that Badboy will help to grow the army even more and that they will definitely reach the 3rd spot on the top ten. He also says how Badboy coming back to SWAT can lead into a formation of Rebellion.


What do YOU think? Will Badboy make a huge impact on the SWAT Army? Will there be rebellions against Badboy? Where do you see SWAT Army in the next Top Tens? Comment what YOU think!


CPAC Pressmen


12 Responses

  1. First

    surprise surprise….

  2. Ganger and Taco also rejoined

  3. Did anyone else discredit everything this article had to say when it called Brigade experienced?

    • lol I just noticed

  4. inb4 SWAT dies in a month or two.

  5. did i call this or did i call this

  6. “Base: I think swat can atlest get 3rd place in the top 10”
    Wow who wrote that “atlest” if its base I would say swat hires noons
    But if its a typo its wierd.

    • ……………………………………………….

    • noobs*

  7. Bro, your vocabulary is scary af. Do you use spell check? Someone needs to revise this post lmao.

    • for once I agree with badboy

  8. Shitty post and good luck SWAT badboy.

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