Andrew, Spy, Jester and Final Chaser Join The Ice Warriors Leadership

UPDATE – Gtu, temporarily retired IW leader, has formed a rebellion with many current and formers owners and moderators involved. A full report will be issued soon.

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Capital – Following the Ice Warriors ending war with the Golds Army, Andrew, Spy, Jester and Final Chaser, former Light Troops Leaders joined the leadership of Ice Warriors Army. What does that mean? Will the Ice Warriors experience a huge rise?


 Andrew24 has formerly been in the Ice Warriors years ago achieving an owner role and Spyguy22 has also been in the Ice Warriors in 2009 and worked really hard. Final Chaser has also lead the Pirates and lead them to great sizes, while Jester is a former Doritos leader and is a DCP Legend. He also lead the Light Troops and is known as a good recruiter.

❗ Andrew, Spy, Jester and Final Chaser Join’s Ice Warriors Leadership ❗

Andrew, Spy, Jester and Final Chaser all 4 are  well known leader in the Club Penguin Army Community. Some of them Led Doritos and Night Warriors. The Ice Warriors have recently came back to the CPA Central Top Ten achieving the 3rd spot.

On 2nd of February 2015, The Ice Warriors welcomed there new leaders Andrew, Spy, Jester and Final Chaser. On there 1st event in the army they were able to max around 21+.

Screenshot at Feb 02 17-43-48

IW’s first event with there new leaders.

Albc, Ice Warriors Leader made a post on there site regarding the changes in army which can be seen below:

Greetings Ice Warriors,

The Ice Warriors of Club Penguin are welcoming 4 new leaders and a second in command! These new Ice Warriors Leaders are the following: Andrew24, Spyguy22, Final Chaser and Jester! Finally, our new second in command is: Hulk! Andrew24 has formerly been in the Ice Warriors years ago achieving an owner role AND “partly leader.” Spyguy22 has also been in the Ice Warriors in 2009 and worked really hard and is rejoining today along with the rest of the new members I’ve announced at the beginning of this post. Final Chaser has also lead the Pirates and lead them to great sizes. Jester is a former Doritos leader and is a DCP Legend. He also lead the Light Troops and is an amazing recruiter! Last but not least, Hulk! Hulk has led several armies and had success in each of them and will help the Ice Warriors to success. These new members of the army has worked extremely hard in other armies in the community for the past year or so and bringing those army to incredible heights. We believe that having Andrew24, Spyguy22, Final Chaser, Jester and Hulk will really help improve the army. We have been ranked as 3rd in the CPAC Top Ten several times in the past two months but not first in years and we plan to finally achieve 1st in the Top Ten.

The new appointment has been met with mixed receptions, with many troops outraged at the decision to externally appoint four new leaders who have had a mixed past with the army. Some have described this as ”not the IW way” – with the army appointing people straight to leader for the first time in their history. For an army that has only had seven leaders previous to these appointments, there was some controversy and I interviewed Iceyfeet to find out more on the situation.

❗ Interview With Iceyfeet [Ice Warriors Creator] ❗

CPAC: What do you think about Andrew and others as a leader? Do you think they can make Ice Warriors Rise?

Iceyfeet: Definitely, we were able to reorganize our recruiting force and we’ve already have an increase of join comments after 1 day.

CPAC: Do you think Hiring Andrew and other can lead in a formation of rebellion? As they were in Light Troops who were invading Ice Warriors and trying to Kill Ice Warriors.

Iceyfeet: Andrew told me time after that he loves IW, but, just dislikes a couple of owners that were dragging down the army. A very small rebellion started but, have ended negotiating with them.

CPAC: What are the future plans of Ice Warriors for summer?

Iceyfeet: To be the biggest army of course!!!

CPAC: Any last comment?

Iceyfeet: People need to stop worrying about Andrew and his friends doing something bad to IW. As long as i am here, nothing bad can happen 

CPAC: Thanks for your time and best of luck.

Iceyfeet: Ty and np!

Iceyfeet, Ice Warriors Creator, thinks that Andrew and others will help to grow the army even more and that they will definitely reach the 1st spot on the top ten. He also says how Andrew and others getting hired as leaders lead into a formation of rebellion which ended negotiating.


What do YOU think? Will the Ice Warriors Army assume the first place position on the Top Ten? Or they will fail? Comment with YOUR opinion!


CPAC Pressmen


19 Responses

  1. Seriously, did you write this on mobile?

  2. Didn’t they just revive NW or somethin

  3. *Andrew24

  4. Ur, u put Sun Zero.

  5. Stop criticizing the post people! It had good information so just shut up already.

  6. The rebellion hasn’t stop until IW is dead or removes the heretic leaders.

    • isn’t dead a little too far

      • no.

      • Ginger has just never been a successful leader before. He is trying to experience leading a war rn.

        • Aaaand what would make him a successful leader? More experience?

          • Actually leading an army would help.

  7. Wow


  9. Bad move tbh… These guys would only turn it good for weeks, then fall. They aren’t really that good at rising armies for long periods of times.

    • lol yea

  10. Let the chaos and corruption intensifyingly begin

  11. I wouldn’t trust them to give them leader on their first day in the army.

  12. This is a bad appointment, cancel the appointment (Wary)

  13. is it just me or does it look like a NOOB alert for the iw?

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