Flamez64 Returns To Golds Army

FLIPPERS, Golds Army Nation – Flamez64 has recently returned to the Golds Army in an effort to pull them into the top-tier armies in Club Penguin Warfare and also to help out in the ongoing war with the Ice Warriors.

In the middle of all out war with the Ice Warriors, Golds Hall of Famer, Flamez64 has returned to the army for another reign as leader in the ever-improving Golds Army.

Lorenzo Bean, leader of Golds recently took to the official website of the Golds Army in order to challenge the United States Division leaders to step up their game.

With Tilgen and I on leave for a few days, the US division is going to be in complete shambles if the activity levels stay the way they are. I had to surrender tonight’s battle 10 minutes early because Johnny was the only owner online, and guess what? He was AFK. We can’t just let our UK carry us through this war. Our US owners need to step it up, rally the troops, and show up to these battles, or you WILL be demoted when Tilgen returns. We will obviously know if you guys don’t show up to a battle because there won’t be a results post. So please, communicate with each other and figure out how to make the rest of this week happen. Because if you don’t, for each battle that we don’t attend, all but a couple of the owners will be demoted by one spot. We aren’t “done” for the day after the UK battle. We can’t keep giving IW a reason to call this an easy win for them.

As you can see, Lorenzo demonstrated complete worry for their US Division believing it to end up in shambles upon the temporary leave of Tilgen and himself. Despite not being US, Flamez has recently rejoined and will most likely be trying to prove beneficial to the US and UK divisions of the army.

Recent event posted by Flame in which Ice Warriors lost their invasion of Tuxedo.

Recent event posted by Flame in which Ice Warriors lost their invasion of Tuxedo.

The war count thus far is very difficult to tell as both Ice Warriors and Golds have disputed it believing it to be in their favour. With this of cause, both armies drastically need to demonstrate a clear visual of which army is better. They need to start making the battles so one-sided that there is a clear winner.

With the Golds in the top ten and winning several battles in the war, there seems to be no better time for Flamez to possibly return. The Golds Army will most likely benefit from the returning leader although it’s yet to be seen how much they will benefit.


I managed to interview Chanhiesl, who currently serves as a Third In Command in the army. I asked him a number of things about the impacts Flamez’s return may cause on both the Golds army and the current war. I also asked him about the predictions for the future of the army.

Why did Flame choose now to return to the Golds leadership?

I’m honestly not sure. Maybe it’s because we are currently at war with Ice Warriors so he just couldn’t leave us hanging like that. I never really got around to asking him why he rejoined though.

What effect do you think Flame rejoining will have on the Golds Army?

I think it was a positive impact because we were lacking in an owner and mod positions so its good for us.

What effect do you think Flame rejoining will have on the Golds/IW War?

uhh hopefully a good one.

With Flamez back, what predictions do you make for the Golds Army?

that we will kick some Ice Warriors batty and I have a great feeling that we will win this war. He’ll put the whole team on his back if he has to.

As you can see from the interview above, Chanhiesl seems rather confident in Flamez’s ability to do the job and do the job well. He believes that only positive things can come from the return and is also confident about the war with the Ice Warriors.

What do YOU think? Was it wise for Flamez64 to make a return to the Golds Army? Who will win the Golds vs. Ice Warriors war? Comment.

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