Waterkid Fires Light Troops Leadership || Night Warriors Rebuilt

ICE BOX, Light Troops Nation – Several changes in the Light Troops leaders today have taken place as Waterkid has decided to fire four of the Light Troops owners. Involved in these firings include Final Chaser, Jester, Andrew and Spy. The four have now decide to rebuild the Night Warriors.

On February 1st, Waterkid decided to make the decision to fire four of the leaders in the Light Troops army during the middle of the war with the Redemption Force. These firings saw Final Chaser, Jester, Andrew and Spy all lose their positions in the Light Troops.

Unfortunately, no one has spoken out about the firings just yet so there hasn’t been an official statement written up by the Light Troops on why these very controversial decisions were made in regards to the leadership of the army.


The new Light Troops ownership.

The new Light Troops ownership.

Now without job in the Light Troops, all four men have decided to move on from the Light Troops and once again rebuild yet another generation of the Night Warriors which has a rich history.

Not responding to the Light Troops, Jester simply posted on the Night Warriors site a statement suggesting that the army is back and hiring leaders as seen below.

We are back!

We are looking for experienced owners to fill our ranks. Once we hire all that we need we will start the recruiting phase and start having events!

We will be up and running soon! if you want to join go to the join page!

The lack of mention in terms of the firings is very interesting to note as one would think that the four would want to speak out against the firings and Waterkid, but opted not to do so. With the Night Warriors back, a Night Warriors and Light Troops war may not be out of the question.


I managed to interview Roberto, a former leader in the Light Troops Army and now an advisor. I asked him about the firings of the four men, the future of Light Troops and also about the his personal opinions on firing the leaders.

Why was the decision to fire these four guys made?

I forgot.

Do you agree with the decision to fire them?

I don’t care too much.

How do you think the loss of the owners will hurt the Light Troops?

It’s not like this is something new to Light Troops. They should be fine as usual.

As you can see above, Roberto doesn’t seem to care about the leaders being fired as he doesn’t seem to think it will bear any effect on the Light Troops army it’s self. In terms of war, Roberto once again doesn’t seem to be too worried as he believes the army will be fine.

Zing King To

CPAC Reporter & SMAP Executive Producer 


34 Responses

  1. leave fucking legendary armies alone start new fucking armies stop fucking with their fucking legacy. fuck.

    • For a comment with so many fucks in one comment everything is 100% true LMFAO

  2. wtf LT is new DCP

    • lol

  3. Lol again?!?!?!

  4. inb4 LT drops in TT.

    oh wait they have bots and multilogging and ddosing… i forgot lol!

    • You must have dementia then if you forgot 🙂

  5. Nw isn’t being revived at this time noobs

  6. i got fired for no reason aswell waters a faggot, dont join LT

    • yeah we knew waterkid is an idiot , join the club pls

  7. please fucking stop hopping every couple months between fucking LT , NW and CPPA pls its fucking annoying

    • They didn’t hop. They were fired.

  8. Oh great!! Yeah! Another army that is mostly black! Dark Warriors, Dark Bandits, Shadow Troops, Night Warriors, Rebel Penguin Federation and the lot!

    Dear Armies,
    Come up with better names, god dammit. Warrior and Troop is so over used.

    • Love,

      • nacho warriors

      • LMFAO

  9. I know this is a bit off topic of the Darude – Shitstorm that is the comment section, but where you mention Final Chaser, put his full name, so the >newfags know who the hell you are talking about

  10. Lmao fucking predictable and naturally these shitbags go and take a humongous steaming pile of shit on the NW’s legacy. Leave NW and the other legendary armies to rest peacefully with its legacy.

  11. Waterkid probably will ddos them if they speak up or do something else.

    • ^

  12. zing and the never ending posts

  13. ”i forgot”

  14. Why is it always like the same 4 people remaking armies.

  15. LT is like a failing football club with all the leaders they have gone through over the past few months

  16. So the LT is like the Raiders ^

  17. that kid really does not know anything ^

  18. This is how your get your site defaced.

    • *you

  19. What is wrong with you Waterkid?

    • Everything.

      • Not everything just mentally lmfao

      • I agree

  20. “all four men” lolwut

  21. Reblogged this on Club Penguin Army Comedy Central and commented:
    I found this very hilarious

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