Rockyiceman1 Returns To Armies || New SWAT AUSIA Leader

MAMMOTH, SWAT Nation – After months of being retired, SWAT has managed to acquire newly returned Rockyiceman1 as their AUSIA Leader in an effort to make sure that SWAT is the strongest army with the strongest AUSIA division.

On February 1st, Rockyiceman1 made his first post on the Special Weapons and Tactics blog in which he talked about his return to armies and his new role that he will be playing in SWAT. Here is the full post:

Hello SWAT, 

I’m Rockyiceman1, your new AUSIA leader. I’ve just returned to armies after a couple months of being retired. I joined Club Penguin Armies in 2013 I’m known for my time in UMA. I’ve also led IW and RF’s AUSIA division. I made my own army, SBA, and helped them to reach CPAC. I’ve known Brigade, Jayden and Earthing for a long time and I look forward to working with them and the rest of the SWAT ownership.

I’ll give my best to make sure that we will be the strongest army with the strongest AUSIA division. I’ll devote my loyalty and dedication fully to SWAT, and with great effort and team work, we will become the number one army.

Hell Will Be Unleashed.

– Rockyiceman1, SWAT AUSIA Commander

As you can see, Rockyiceman1 seems very confident in his ability to lead SWAT’s AUSIA division to not only a high standard but also make them the strongest army with the strongest AUSIA Leader. Clearly by making him the leader of the division, SWAT also feels confident in Rocky’s ability’s.

Rockyiceman1 made it clear too that he will be devoting his full attention and loyalty to SWAT upon his return. Rocky has already made a career of being loyal to armies including the Underground Mafia Army in which he is most known for as he led them for a very long while.

A picture from the most recent SWAT event.

A picture from the most recent SWAT event.

I managed to get an interview with Subster, SWAT leader in which I asked her several things about the new AUSIA Leader such as whose decision it was to give him the position and SWAT’s future with its AUSIA Division.

Interview with Subster (SWAT Leader)

Why was the decision to make Rockyiceman1 the new AUSIA leader made?

At first we didn’t have an AUSIA leader, but with Omegas merging, we needed one and we decided Rocky was best for it.

Who’s decision was it to make Rocky the new AUSIA leader?

I don’t really know, but my guess would be Dwain, he’s been hiring a few new leaders lately.

What are your thoughts on Rockyiceman1 as an AUSIA Leader?

I think he’s doing well as leader, and I know our AUSIA will be strong with him leading.

What predictions can you make for the AUSIA Division of SWAT?

Our AUSIA Division will be strong, and I have a feeling we’ll do good with AUSIA events.

As you can see from the interview above, Subster seems really happy with the direction SWAT is taking its AUSIA division and makes no complaints. It also appears that Dwain might be the mastermind behind the hiring of Rockyiceman1 although Subster didn’t seem to sure.

What do YOU think? Will Rockyiceman1 be able to build up a strong AUSIA Division for SWAT? How will Rockyiceman1’s return to armies change the landscape?

Zing King To

CPAC Reporter & SMAP Executive Producer


14 Responses

  1. .. lol

  2. does anyone care

    honestly is there any point to this post

    • It’s Zing’s attempt to #BreakTheInternet, or simply just to be promoted to AP.

      • Promotion.

    • SWAT seem to care.

      • No they don’t.

    • News readers seem to care, haters seem to hate.

      • haven’t seen anyone actually care

        • Why do I see you care so much to come here again and again to reply…?

          • why must you use comebacks that everyone uses?

            i happen to read cpac’s latest news and this stumbled upon my inbox. maybe that’s why?

  3. (wary)

  4. These images condone my actions very well. 🙂

    • Joining UMA’s bitter enemy is something no UMA troops or legends approve of. It’s your career, but SWAT sucks.

  5. Good luck Rocky.

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