Light Troops Invade Redemption Force’s Capital

THERMAL, Battle Venue – The Light Troops and Redemption Force continued their war today with a very key battle for a very key server. The capital of an army is the armies most important server and today, the Light Troops invaded the capital of the Redemption Force.

On February 1st, Light Troops logged their army in to Thermal in order to try to claim the capital of Redemption Force. The battle saw the Light Troops claim victory in the battle in a post written by Light Troops second in command, Tobercold.

Greetings Light Troops, 

Today we logged on to Thermal to invade it! Tactics and formations were fantastic. GLORY TO THE LIGHT!

MAX: 45

The Light Troops aren’t tip-toeing around the making of a decision. They are going all out in claiming victory over the Redemption Force’s capital, Thermal.

Tactics, Formations and Size are three factors that are usually judged in deciding a winner in a battle and the Light Troops are claiming they did all three of those factors better than their opponents, the Redemption Force throughout the battle.

The battle started in the Stadium.

The battle started in the Stadium.

As you can see from the picture above, the Light Troops formed an “X” formation chanting “WE OWN YOU” while the Redemption Force appeared to do a J Bomb followed by a “YEAH RIGHT” response clearly objecting to the claims that they are owned by the Light Troops.

In the post written by Tobercold, the Light Troops claimed to max 45+ during the battle with the Redemption Force. The Stadium wasn’t the only room that the armies went to as pictures of the two units fighting in the Ice Berg were also posted.

A picture of Light Troops and Redemption Force battling out in the Berg.

A picture of Light Troops and Redemption Force battling out in the Berg.

Unfortunately, the Redemption Force has yet to publish a post describing the results of the battle from their point of view. I did however manage to get an interview with the Redemption Force advisor, Tax who I asked about the loss of the capital and his opinion on the battle.

Interview with Tax (Redemption Force Advisor)

Who are you classing as the true winner of the Thermal battle?

I’d give the Light Troops this win, according to pictures.

Why did the Redemption Force not post the results of the Invasion of Thermal?

No clue.

Now that you’ve lost your capital, what is your next step?

To conquer and claim it back.

Do you have any messages for the Light Troops?

 fuck off i’m watching the Patriots fuck the Sea Cocks.

As you can see from the above, the Redemption Force are coming across with sportsmanship as they aren’t making excuses, but instead admitting defeat over their treasured capital. Tax did make it clear however that the Redemption Force is coming to gain the capital back and believes they will be able to successfully do it.

What do YOU think? Will the Redemption Force be able to regain their capital? Or will the Light Troops be able to retain their newly won server?

Zing King To

CPAC Reporter & SMAP Executive Producer


9 Responses

  1. lol they need to surrender already

  2. Lt is the type of army that would attak a SMAP/SMAC armey

    • …So are Dark Warriors. I remember when RPF fell to SMAP and then DW invaded Tuxedo.

      • The RPFare provoking :c

  3. Trur but the past is in the past and i forgot the reasons why but it had to do somthing with elm I dont know why LT is attaking this army

  4. Go RF for doing the right thing and admitting defeat. Everyone knows that they lost because it was an unfair fight in the first place. ADMITTING DEFEAT IS NOT COWADICE it is admirable.

  5. “fuck off i’m watching the Patriots fuck the Sea Cocks.”


  6. Light Troops are winning.

  7. ” fuck off i’m watching the Patriots fuck the Sea Cocks” hehehe lol that was awesome XD

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