Gtudsd Temporarily Retires From Ice Warriors

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Nation – After a spell of inactivity in the Ice Warriors, leader Gtudsd has decided to step down from the army temporarily for a week.

On February 1st, Gtudsd took to the Ice Warriors blog in order to announce the fact that he would be temporarily retiring from the army for a week. Here is the full post as seen on Ice Warriors blog:

I am Temp retiring for a week because I am too busy to lead at the moment. I am really busy which is why I haven’t been active as much as I should be. See you soon, Ice Warriors!

****************** ICE WARRIORS FOREVER! ******************

Gtudsd – Ice Warriors Leader

This is a decision that most likely didn’t come as a shock to many as several troops have been seen over the last week or so voicing their displeasure about Gtudsd’s level of activity within the army.

As you can see from the post above, Gtudsd states that he is really busy and is infact too busy to lead. The busy schedule of Gtu has led to him making the respectful move to step down for a week allowing the other leaders and owners to pick up the ball so to speak and run with it.

Recent IW event.

Recent IW event.

Last week saw the Ice Warriors take a huge fall down to the SM Army Press Top Ten after months of being in Club Penguin Army Central. Many blamed the Ice Warriors leaders for this and Gtu’s spell of inactivity certainly didn’t go well in his favour.

With the Ice Warriors now back in CPAC, it seems that things are only going to go up for the Ice Warriors but the question now is, can the Ice Warriors cope without the influence of Gtu?


I managed to interview Iceyfeet, Ice Warriors leader and creator and I asked him about the state of Ice Warriors and the leadership of Gtu. This is what he said:

Are you happy with Gtu’s decision to “temp retire”?

No, although it is only for one week so I don’t think it will be that bad.

Will there be a temporary leader?

We’re still detirmining that, but as of now Albert and I are still in Ice Warriors, so I think we should be fine?

Are you happy with the direction Gtu is taking Ice Warriors?

Yes. Him and Albc are doing an excellent job.

How do you think Gtu’s return in 1 week will affect the army?

I think we might hit a bump this week, but it shouldn’t affect us too much. Hopefully, when he returns, we can work on aiming for 1st in the Top Ten and staying there.

As you can see from the above interview, Iceyfeet doesn’t appear to be too worried about the temporary retirement of Gtu and believes that the Ice Warriors will continue growing. The Ice Warriors have their sights set on the Number one position and now have a goal to work for.

What do YOU think? Will Ice Warriors suffer a fall this week? Or will they be able to maintain or even better their usual standards?

Zing King To

CPAC Reporter & SMAP Executive Producer


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  2. Good post but Gtusdt or whatever his name is, he is a dick.

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