Treaty Signed Between Omegas and ACP

KLONDIKE, The War Offices – As of January 29th, a treaty now exists between the 6th place, Omegas of Club Penguin and the 4th place, Army of Club Penguin units.

On January 29th, Brigade posted a screenshot on the Omegas blog of him in a private conversation using the client, XAT speaking to “fluffyboy3_on_brothers_tablet”. Assuming that Fluffyboy3 actually was the person operating the account, the war between the Omegas and ACP now appears to be over.

It’s interesting to note that the post on the Omegas blog was simply just a screenshot. There were no explanations of why a treaty was made or any other information for that matter. The only source of information was the lone shot of the screen it’s self.


Posted to the Omegas blog of the treaty.

As you can see from the above picture, as terms of this treaty, ACP keeps Breeze, Icebreaker and also all servers that the Omegas successfully invaded are also returned. In return for this, all servers that ACP successfully invaded from the Omegas have also been returned.

In more original terms of a treaty, Brigade3 made it a point to state that “all troop stealer are banned” [sic], which was one of the main reasons for the original war starting, the amount of troop stealers from both armies. In another related point, all uses of technology used to troop steal is also banned.

Though there isn’t a time frame in which the treaty will elapse, it does state a consequence for breaking the treaty. According to the treaty, agreed by both sides “any army that violates this treaty loses its ENTIRE nation to the army that didn’t break it.”

Not much fighting actually took place.

Not much fighting actually took place.

I managed to get an interview with Purpleslime and I asked a number of questions about why the treaty was made as well as the state of the armies in the following Omegas and Army of Club Penguin war.

Interview with Purpleslime4 (ACP Leader)

Why was the decision to sign a treaty one that was made?

Well many armies do treaties now and I don’t find it much of a big deal because the treaty states that they surrender. The treaty was pretty much like a post war agreement to keep things organised, clean and done with.

What are your feelings on the state of both armies following the war?

Well, I’m glad it’s over. I’m glad they know what will happen if they stole our troops and they shouldn’t mess with us. Also, I’m glad I wont have to see Brigade’s continued DDOS threats. ACP, like most armies right now, needs to get back into action and recruit as always

How long is this treaty active for?

It’s not mentioned in the treaty, but it could last for well, forever!

Do you believe it will be broken?

Certainly not, because we will lose all of our servers!

As you can see from the above interview, although the war is over, the dislike for each other is still there in full motion. Purpleslime has outright taken Brigade’s asking for a treaty as a total surrender of the war and therefore doesn’t seem to care about the treaty. Purple isn’t worried about the future of the ACP as a clear action plan has already been established.

What do YOU think? Will one of the armies end up breaking the treaty? Was there a rightful winner of the ACP/Omegas war? Comment!

Zing King To

CPAC Reporter & SMAP Vice President 


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  1. Acp lol

    • You know, you get the punnies R.I.P… Lmao hehehehe

      • What are you on about

  2. k

  3. omegas merged into SWAT tho

  4. Hmm, I like this treaty for some reason.

  5. Rofl couple of days later they merge in to swat still a treaty?? xD

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