Dark Warriors Promote Ghost To Leader

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Capital – Following the Retirement of Drake from Dark Warriors, the Army have been waiting for their new leader to be announced and the Dark Warriors Leadership stated that they would like to give the army ‘a terrific present’ – by naming Ghost as the new Dark Warriors Leader. What does this mean for the Dark Warriors?

After an eventful day involving the current leadership in the Dark Warriors, Ghost has been promoted to lead the Dark Warriors after Drake resigned from his position due to some problems in life, leaving his status in the army as adviser. Following the departure of Drake, DW is now being led by Ghost, Xxtoysoldier, Spi101 and Pufpuf103.


DW most recent event.

Although Drake has retired, but Dark Warriors Goal is clear and was made well-known by this post on Dark Warriors site:

The Dark Warriors continue to win more and more, and the Light Troops still are not attending the war battles. The Light Troops fear us, and seem to have given up. Burn the Light all Dark Warriors, we won the Light Troops capital, Ice Box, and White Out. The Light Troops are slowly dying as they lose more and more servers.

On another note, Drake, Dark Warriors Leader, has retired due to personal reasons. We will salute him for his time in the Dark Warriors and for what he has done to keep this army the best. We must go on without him, and I am confident we have the ability to.

Burn the Light.

Ghost has previously led Pirates Army, where he took them to as highest 5th in the our very own top 10, as well as Doritos, which only went as high as 4th.

ek iw 5


Interview with XxToysoldier, DW Leader

Jazzer1 : Why was Ghost hired as Leader?

Xxtoysoldier : Our administration feels as if Ghost is ready to be promoted to leader Drake left us due to personal issues irl, causing an impact on his daily regiment

Jazzer1 : Do you think Ghost can take DW to a better size?

Xxtoysoldier : Of course, as long as he’s motivated them we’ll be having more penguins to help during events. As leader, his job is to recruit as much as possible – so anybody could help us do that.

Jazzer1 : Can we expect to see any changes regarding the LT war?

Xxtoysoldier : We don’t have any plans to do that as of now.

Jazzer1 : What are your targets for Dark Warriors as we head into summers?

 Xxtoysoldier : We haven’t discussed that yet.

Jazzer1 : Thanks for your time and Good Luck.

Xxtoysoldier : No problem and Thanks.


What do YOU think? Will the promotion of Ghost be for the better ? Will DW fall due to the retirement of Drake ? Yes, we honestly want YOUR opinion!


CPAC Pressmen


37 Responses

  1. … Will this work?

  2. I miss the Ghost who knew Spi is a dick

    • its 2 late

      • its ok temp ;(

    • ^

  3. xD

  4. You make so many typos when you copy my interview down, can you be more careful next time? Also, stop adding lines I didn’t say, I never said “No problem and Thanks.” lol….
    Other than that, good post.

    • umm its a CPAC interview. what did you expect?

  5. I’m seeing a lot of spelling errors in this post fix it.

    • then i’m sure you don’t know how to spell

      • actually hes right

      • Umm read your interview first you clown, check your errors.

  6. Bye Drake 😥

  7. lets goo

  8. Good job!

  9. When one fag goes, another one emerges. What happened to the Ghost from CPPA that was mad chill.

    • Haters gonna hate …..

      • No one be hatin

        • (D)

    • Ghost was always chill.
      The “Ghost from CPPA” is now in the Dark Warriors, and he will make the Dark Warriors grow.
      Don’t be jealous because he’s DW leader and you aren’t.

      • I am not jealous. The DW I loved is gone, even with Drake retired. Ghost still prolly is chill, but blind and brainwashed by DW fags like Toy.

        • I’m not “blind and brainwashed”, I just did what I wanted to.

          • I don’t know how you put up with Drake, Toy, and Spi’s shit but god bless. You did what I couldn’t.

        • you’re one to talk about “brainwashed” considering that as soon as you joined LT you became obsessed with being a “vigilante” and spewing hate comments about CPAC

          • Everything we say about CPAC is true. You’re just mad because you’re being exposed for the bullshit you pull every week.

            • >mad
              you’re spewing bullshit that has nothing to back it up
              what have you “exposed” that has any actual evidence towards it

              • Lol. Check LT site. You accept DW’s exaggeration bullshit and give them points toward it on top ten. But if LT does it, we do not receive points. Dont play dumb Zak, you know very well why LT is fed up with CPAC.

                • >accept
                  are you kidding me
                  i count every army’s pictures every week
                  i caught DW exaggerating by like 12+ last week
                  if you think that we let DW slide and penalize LT, you’re just caught up in trying to play the victim my friend. DW is evaluated the same exact way that others are evaluated as.

                  • Lol sure. Whatever Zak. We all know who is favored, and we all know who is penalized every week, so that is a matter that has already been discussed.

                    • “lol sure whatever zak”
                      i think you just hate that I completely flushed one of your “arguments” down the toilet
                      stop trying to play the victim bad it’s getting you nowhere

                    • You didn’t flush down an argument. Like I said, it doesn’t need to be discussed because we all know who gets favored and who gets the shit.

  10. Btw Ghost, congratz on DW leader!!!! ily

  11. Jazzer, aren’t you in the Dark Warriors? You aren’t supposed to post about your own army.

    • i covered this before getting fired from ACP, then i joined DW……….

  12. DW seems to keep losing leaders.

  13. Got me like

  14. thank god drake left but guys please unban me I was unfairly banned and couldn’t report it.

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