ACP Ownership Sees The Retirement of Carson4

BREEZE, Army of Club Penguin Capital – Recently, a much respected and loved owner in the Army of Club Penguin, Carson4 has made the uneasy decision but to retire from the Army of Club Penguin as a result of numerous problems. On January 29th, Carson4 took to the Army of Club Penguin website in order to post his retirement from the army stating that it is something he really doesn’t want to do. Here is an extract of the post written by Carson4.

Hello ACP, today I will tell you something I really don’t want to, but I am retiring from Club Penguin armies so I can have time to focus more on school and some other personal things in my life that I don’t really want to talk about.

From that single paragraph, the grieving Army of Club Penguin troops learned a lot about Carson’s reasons for retirement. Firstly, like many others he fell to the busy schedule involved with school as he wanted to “focus more on school”. It’s also evident that Carson has been suffering with some personal problems as of late relating to his real life away from armies. Carson respectfully stated that he doesn’t want to talk about the issues, despite mentioning them as a key aspect of his retirement.

A recent ACP event.

A recent ACP event.

With the ACP now seeing themself struggling to get into the Top Three in some weeks, many are claiming that the Army of Club Penguin is on a steep downfall and the loss of an owner can’t be a sign of things getting better, only worse. One has to wonder who, if anyone will step up to replace Carson in the hopes to rebuild the Army of Club Penguin.


I managed to get an interview with Carson4 in which I asked him about his retirement and the reasons behind it. I also decided to ask Carson about the actual army it’s self and the future of the Army of Club Penguin.

Interview with Carson (Retired Army of Club Penguin 3ic)

To sum up, what are your main reasons for retiring from the ACP?

So I can focus more on school.

With your retirement, do you think it will cause ACP to fall down the ranks?

Maybe a little not too much.

How hard of a decision was it to make the retirement post?

It was kind of hard, I’ve been in Club Penguin armies for quite a few years.

If you could choose the next 3ic, who do you choose?

Super Crazy Tow

As you can see from the interview above, Carson4 strongly believes that the decision to retire from the ACP is one that needed to be made, despite it being hard. He was very decisive in terms of choosing the person who would follow in his footsteps and we also learned that Carson isn’t too worried about the ACP’s short term future, but he does predict a slight downfall.

What do YOU think? Will the Army of CP fall as a result of losing such a loyal owner? Or will they be able to find a suitable replacement that propels them higher?

Zing King To

CPA Central Reporter


8 Responses

  1. Carson4cp is just my WP name it’s Carson4 but it was taken as a WP name

    • My apologies. I will edit now.

      • lol it’s fine

  2. This came shocking to me because he was one of ACP’s coolest owners

  3. Carson was a good mate of myne and I respected him, he came to me with this issue and I should have helper him and I didn’t so I’m sorry bro. Ah well, acp can have another nooby 3ic or power hungry one now.

  4. >Quotes 1 sentence
    >”From that single paragraph”

  5. Who the fuck was Carson4?

  6. Baa bye carson, general of the order of the green frog. Run and escape from the community while you can, for my sheep followers will continue to go in death for you and bring you to justice, traitor of the sheep empire D:<

    But other than that, good luck in your future endeavors…but should you return to help The Green Frog, you too shall be arrested for assisting in the genocide of all sheep…

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