Light Troops Declare War on Redemption Force

ICEBOX, Light Troops Capital – The Redemption Force, the once major S/M army, after returning back to the community with new leaders such as Taco and Reacon, and Tax1 as advisor, face a huge challenge. The Light Troops, who are rising incredibly, has officially declared war on them. On the 26th of January, 2015, the Light Troops declared war on the Redemption Force, giving the reason that Redemption Force steal their moderators and owners. Roberto, Light Troops Adviser, made a post regarding the declaration of war on Redemption Force which can be seen below.

SOMEONE’S BEEN CAUSING RUCKUS IN MY KITCHEN! So yeah to get to the point, this army has been attempting to steal our owners/mods and have been talking a lot of crap towards the LT thinking we’ll just shoulder it off. We’ll be raiding every single event this army has, ensuring their return does not succeed. That’s all guys!

RF has for long been a major player in the small medium army community and has had many successful generations, along with experienced leaders, but has had its fair share of falls and deaths throughout its almost 2-year-old history, while the first generation experienced great success, it is not certain if the Redemption Force will endure the same success as they trudge into the S/M Army community during their second generation of serving and protecting. Redemption Force  had a training event on the 26th of January, which was their first event with their new leaders’, and managed to get their average sizes. The Redemption Force got sizes of 12 during their last events.


RF first Event after there return

On the other hand, the Light Troops have done great during their previous weeks and have grown incredibly. The Light Troops hired a lot of experienced leaders in their leadership such as Mustapha10 and Andrew. The army got consistent sizes during their war against the Dark Warriors. The Light Troops army maxed sizes of 30 – 33 during their last event.Screenshot_1 There is no official war battle yet to be decided, however, it was discussed that the Light Troops will raid the Redemption Force’s events in the future. The Redemption Force of Club Penguin have not yet published their response post to LT’s declaration of war post.


❗ Interview with Reacon [RF Leader] ❗

Jazzer1 : As you know LT declared war on RF, what do you think the reason is?

Reacon : Well first off it’s because recently many members of LT have choosen to break off their ties there to come to RF and they think we are stealing troops, but there has alway been bad blood between RF and LT.

Jazzer1 : RF didn’t make any post regarding the war, dose that mean you people will be ignoring the war?

Reacon : RF has beaten LT in war before and we can just as easily do it again, if LT want a war we’re going to give them one

Jazzer1 : Any last comment?

Reacon : The force is coming!!!

Jazzer1 : Thanks for your time.

Reacon : No probz.

At the time of posting there was no owner or mod on LT chat to give the interview.


What do YOU think? Who will win this war? The Redemption Force of Club Penguin or the Light Troops? Will it end up as a tie? Comment YOUR opinion below!


CPA Central Pressmen


60 Responses

  1. Wow thats low LT!! You can barley take on DW so you come after an army that didnt even come back yet!
    Cool! 😀 Cant wait!
    Get ready to get fucking destroyed

    • wtf im leading

    • Please do not talk, Weren’t you literally just in LT two days ago? You were saying the opposite.

      • Bruh, dude tax was like out of lt about 2 orr like 3 weeks ago

        • That was kind of towards taco. But still 2 ,3 weeks isn’t a lot.

  2. Yup, RF is fucked.

  3. The picture you posted of us isnt from our current generation.. It’s from when we were first created.
    Do some research, “Jazzer”

    • he got it from my post on smap my post on smap jazzers post on cpac, COPIER!

    • Ikr water kid is in that pic! Lol

      • Waterqueer

        • (Wary)

  4. > LT claim to be biggest army
    >”At the time of posting there was no owner or mod on LT chat to give the interview.”

    Must I say more?

    • lol

    • That doesn’t really prove anything tbh.

      • If they claim to be the biggest army wouldn’t the at least have to have owners and mods on at all times?

        • The Dark Warriors, Ice Warriors.. and even ACP don’t always have owners and moderators on. Your argument is flawed.

    • Well… this is a rather cruel move on the part of LT, how’s this for size – next time you start a new generation we have an army attack you ^_^!

  5. nice grammar not

    • Apparently nobody in this community gives a fuck about grammar unless its when I speak so how’s this for grammar hypocrites fcuk yuo bicthse please Lol @Haters and Cody is bae (Wary)

  6. This is a new low for LT, I never knew they would be that desperate to win a war. 😉

    • Stop talking kid you were in LT about a month ago.

  7. LT just wants morenpower pver themselfs. All they want is more and more power. After attaking DW thry tried to gain power declaring wins. Now theve gone crazy and started attaking SMAP amries… WTF LT

    • But isn’t every other army the same? Power is what keeps a army alive so of course every army wants it. Go learn how to spell lol bye.

      • ^

  8. Egotistical LT leadersip/owners trying to obviously get back at Tax and Taco as well as dictate/bully armies. That’s what the LT does and it’s every last owner and leader on their chat that does it. These are tryhard low lives in real life who won’t get anywhere so they go somewhere here and try to intimidate and harass people. They tried it when they doxed me which truthfully didn’t scare me because the dox was incorrect. Rejects who can’t lead who also can’t dox/intimidate right without using the same insults, poor resources, and logic. So please fuck off to you guys: Jester, Mustapha10, Final Chaser, Andrew24 , Spyguy202, Tobercold (follower who sucks everyone’s cock) , ESPECIALLY Badboy) , Antman, Jessica, Redstar. When those pricks leave LT and the CPA Community then shit can get done.

    • For one LT didn’t dox you it was probably some kid out there that hates you cause you yourself are an egotistical dick head that makes enemies with everyone he sees. I wouldn’t have a problem with you if you weren’t so brainwashed by your idiot leaders, But yet i know why you hate LT lol it’s also the reason why you we’re so inactive after NW but i won’t bring that up cause I’m a good person. You insult my troops and my army so i go on a whole new level of defensive just like anyone should it’s a pride thing and lastly i don’t know if you heard but i do have a life you can’t go assuming just because we are on here means we automaticly have nothing going for them no matter the actions one make. And lastly before i end this long shouldn’t be needed comment. Don’t go around saying you will be in the military or do any kind of Mixed martial arts or whatever you do..just keep it to yourself because say you don’t do it you’re going to feel like a big idiot later on in life.

      • But I am wondering…
        If you know so many people hold a grudge against LT
        Change the damn thing.

        • By “change” I mean….
          A good attitude
          Stop being so critical
          Don’t hate
          GREET the troops
          Some mods abuse so get them some talking
          Just have a good environment around LT make people feel welcome.
          Also…..I don’t want to be rude but
          Your just teaching the poor kid how to hate
          not to accept other people.

        • Not as easy as you think. I just don’t want people to view me as a bad person just because i lead this army. If you even known me you would know I’m probably the nicest person you can meet cause i give everyone a chance.

          • I accept everyone however when one bashes my army then you’re probably going to see the bad side of my attitude and yes i see were you are coming from bad reflects more than the good i do.

            • True story bro I agree I wouldnt want anyone talking bad about Doritos badly

          • I know somethings about you but I mostly hear bad…but do you give good first impressions?

            • Thats not for me to decide but i hope i do haha.

              • Also…not to get too deep but um…Do you try to get Waterkid to like I don’t know have empathy not to be a heartless person to people.

                • Also maybe read that paragraph you sent to Simi…I find it kinda rude.

                • i told him quit it with all the nazi crap.

                  • Waterkid is just weird Lol

                  • Maybe you should give him a talking xD I am always here if you can’t get Waterkid to get his mind straight.

                  • Ofc I am only 12 so people judge me when it comes to this shit.


    • It wasn’t lt retard

      • Tax is cool Taco not so much to me lmao and he’s kinda mean at times

  9. >Says DW exaggerates sizes
    >”Maxes sizes of 50-55+”
    >Only has about 35 penguins in pictures

    By the way, I heard that the Light Troops maxed 100+ yesterday; however, unfortunately for them, they only took pictures when they had 30 or so on CP. Tough luck.

    • >Pre-battle pic
      >Never claimed 100+

      Keep hatin kiddo

      • Take better pictures, and try harder to catch the rather obvious sarcasm next time, thank you.


  10. Just make an alliance and get rid of DW and LT together.

    • Good luck doing that.

      • That would be sweet.

        • I wouldn’t mind that. Wouldn’t mind it at all.

    • DW & LT vs the rest of the community would be amazing tbh.

    • Wouldn’t work, LT and DW would just claim victory at everything

      • For once Maxy, I bloody agree, fucking too much agree.

        Goblin- Ikr
        Whats Up- I don’t intend to make any plans on an alliance war.

    • gordy come on xat 😦


    Is actually the first ever RF event. We didn’t have any events yet.

  12. WOO HOO Now we’re talking!

  13. This war is going to be very lopsided

    • LOL

      • Pwnaged

        • Probably most likes I have ever gotten on CPAC for one meme

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