Battle in Review – Water Vikings vs. Nachos

FJORD, Water Vikings Capital – Following an impressive week for the Water Vikings, who achieved the 3rd overall spot on last week’s CPA Central Top 10, face the Nachos army in an interesting Practice Battle.

On January 24th of 2015, the Nachos army met up with the Water Vikings in a friendly Practice Battle, both armies spawned and battled for a full 30 minutes.

The battle began in the Ice Berg. Both armies tried to do their best, however, the Water Vikings came out onto top. Due to their success at the battle, it resulted in a victory for them.

Water Vikings Max: 18+ Troops

Nachos Army Max: 12+ Troops

Battle Analysis:

Best Formations: Both Armies

Best Tactics: Water Vikings

Best Sizes: Water Vikings

Teigan, Water Vikings 2nd in Command, made a post in there “sweet” victory. Below is an excerpt from his post.

  Hello again! Later on today, the Water Vikings held a practice battle against the Nachos at around 9pm, however, we logged on 10 minutes early to be prepared for the huge cluster the Nachos got themselves stuck in. Nearly 5 minutes or so into the battle, 5 of our troops unfortunately lost connection and therefore disconnected from club penguin, including our leader Dash. Dash was the only leader on the chat, and so the 2ics/3ics had to take over and lead the event until he was able to get back on. We maxed 18 and averaged 16. – To say we barely had assistance from our leader, I’d say this was a Water Vikings win.

Even though the Nachos lost, their owner Max, was still proud of their performance. Below is an excerpt from his post.

Hey Nachos,

Today we logged onto the 1 bar server fjord for our Practice Battle against the Water Vikings – we did really well, maxing 16 and averaging 14 throughout the event. Read on for the pictures:


Both armies reached their absolute potential. While the Nachos had some good tactics, the Water Vikings performed high-standard tactics. In the end, the size really matters, and the winner was clearly the Water Vikings.

What do YOU think? Do you think the Nachos put up a good fight? Will these armies rise or fall on the next edition of the Top Ten? Yes, we want YOUR opinion!


CPAC Pressmen


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  1. Copy and paste pictures. Didn’t even format the posts right.

  2. A lot of errors in this post.

  3. LOL

  4. LOL

  5. “the Water Vikings came out onto top. Due to their success at the battle, it resulted in a victory for them.”

    umm thanks for the insight?

  6. One picture nice, now i know how the whole battle went.

  7. terrible post representing a god awful battle

  8. *snorts crack* this is what happens kids you get fucked up like me.

  9. Small post, yet, information is provided to the readers.

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