Water Vikings Accused Of Using Bots

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Nation – Recently, a moderator on the Water Vikings chat has made the elementary error of discussing the download of bots on Main Chat sparking outrage among several Light Troops owners including Epic Master.

On January 5th, Epic Master, Light Troops second in command showed me a couple of pictures of a Water Vikings moderator and third in command admitting to partaking in the use of bots.


As you can see from the picture above a Water Vikings moderator has been pictured talking about his plan to get bots on Club Penguin in order to “destroy” the Light Troops. The moderator also stated that he is using a software called Perl and announced to the chat that it was being downloaded.


In yet another picture, shown above the moderator goes very much into specifics about the bot programme including the time that it will take to finish the aforementioned download of the bots on the software ‘Perl’

As can be expected the pictures and accusations sparked outrage among several in the community including the Light Troops. During the Nachos vs. Water Vikings war, both Nachos and Light Troops accused Water Vikings of being behind Camelogical but it was the Light Troops who were eventually blamed by Club Penguin Army Central. The Light Troops now hope to prove that they aren’t the sole army “botting” and this proof suggests they aren’t.

I was luckily able to get an interview with Water Vikings Leader, Buddy. I asked Buddy about the armies thoughts on using bots. I also addressed the actual accusations as well as got his opinion on the credibility of them.

Interview with Buddy (Water Vikings Leader)

As an owner in the Water Vikings, what are your thoughts and feeling on troops using bots on Club Penguin?

Well, I think it’s a method of showing cowardness and not having enough faith in their own army, causing them to use bots as a diversion

Recently, a picture showing a moderator in the Water Vikings admitting to downloading bots have surfaced, what are your thoughts?

The certain moderator that has said this has no affiliation with any of the leaders on the Water Vikings, and does not represent anything we do. The Water Vikings are not a bot using army.

Will there be a punishment in place for the particular moderator?

Other leaders and I will take action towards the certain moderator.

As you can see from that interview, Buddy is making no excuses for the moderator in question. Buddy is however saying that the moderators actions aren’t an accurate representation of the beliefs held by the Water Vikings claiming that the moderator does not represent anything they do.

What do YOU think? Have the Water Vikings been using bots on Club Penguin? Is this 3ic simply just a plant, or a fake? Comment your opinion.

Zing King To
CPAC Reporter & SMAP Vice President


22 Responses

  1. #REKT

    • Yeah because a stupid mod represents the whole army right?

      • Skyfish 1-0 Brigade

    • This is fake. Not fake, but the user who claimed that they were generating bots via Perl, that part is none other than bogus.
      Why? Club Penguin patched access from Perl scripts; you can no longer create bots by using it. I used to make bots in around 2009-2012, I later stopped due to the loss of interest. Back on topic, the moderator who made those claims was most likely investing his time in a video that was a few years old, which used to be a successful tutorial, but now is nothing but dirt.

      The only way to successfully create bots now is to use Python or Eclipse scripts, but good luck getting your hand on them unless you plan on purchasing or creating your own.

      All in all, the moderator who was accused was simply lying. There’s no other explanation to that. Even if he tried, he would fail.

      • To add on to that, even if he did manage to do it with Perl, why the hell would he make the script before he actually downloads the program?

  2. No where in those pictures is there any slight proof of us actually using bots, yes there are pictures of one of our moderators claiming to be downloading a bot programme but you would have to be stupid to actually think the Water Vikings would use bots.
    These pictures were over exaggerated in an attempt by LT and other ‘resistance’ members to move the bad light of using bots from them over to another TGA army.
    A strong accusation post backed up with weak evidence and, of course, written by one of the Resistance’s finest idiots and losers; Zing ‘King’. Maybe you should get some PROPER proof.

    • I’m not even in the resistance?

      • Then maybe you should pull your head out of LTs ass.

        • But Ethan, Water’s anus smells so good.

  3. Hilarious attempt to antagonise WV.

    • Aye. This post was a waste of space. Hopefully, CPAC will monitor the quality of posts coming out of their website.

  4. This shit AGAIN?
    CPAC really can’t keep complaining about armies and how they are dying because armies constantly whine at each other and accuse each other of cheating, when CPAC keeps shining the spotlight on these petty disputes.

    • EXACTLY!

  5. Zing, this is an amazing post and I can confirm Flash is part of the army as a temporary 3ic. Me and Dunno and blueink told Bepboy to not make him 3ic as he abuses.

    WV is not a bot army, is there a possibility that Flash did this without the leaders consent? The answer is yes.

  6. If it means anything to anyone, Flash is an idiot and his actions don’t reflect the army

  7. Personally, I’ve always had a dislike to that “temporary” 3ic, just because he’s incredibly nooby and most of the time, he doesn’t even know what he’s talking about. You just showed that in this post, this post should’ve just been called “Shaming a nooby temp 3ic” or something like that, because that’s really all he is. I’ve always said he should’ve been kept as a mod because he’s not ready yet.

  8. This shit has me in tears. There’s no way you hire reporters that believe this crap, right?

    • It’s not my job to “believe this crap” It’s my job, to find the “crap” and post the “crap”

  9. How can you even trust LT anymore? They blame people every 2-5 days now! What is there to, and not to trust anymore?! Because so far, many of the photos from leaders have proven they’re all false. LT come on… step up your game.

  10. Why the fuck is Zing a reporter? All he does is spread complete bullshit that he knows is false. Anyone remember when UMA merged into Nachos?! Zing probably does.

  11. Did anyone else notice “Flash” is SPAMMING? >=()


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