Statement Regarding Clearance of Upper CPAC Staff

Hello all. 

A decision was reached earlier today, in light of accusations regarding abuse of power at CPAC and concerns over the involvement of certain staff members in the ongoing TGA vs. Resistance war. CP Army World Media, in light of this and hoping to reaffirm its commitment to neutrality, has chosen to heavily amend the level of clearance many staff have.

Be it made clear, we do not submit to accusations without proof, and we do not apologize for any posts made since this LT/DW conflict began. As I stated in 2013, we are not whores to fairness, and we will not pretend both sides are correct when evidence suggests otherwise. We admit that our investigative journalism is not always perfect, but we make a judgement call regarding the validity of all stories we publish. It is important to note that when special reports are published, they involve the CEOs and members of CPAWM. Very rarely do they involve anyone else.

In keeping with our commitment to reporting the news and doing it well, we have chosen to reduce high-level clearance of all staff viewed as heavily involved in the ongoing conflict, no matter what side of the war they are on. These staff are not fired; they simply have been reduced in clearance level and are expected to continue doing their jobs to the best of their ability. This may affect the speed in which CPAC is updated in the coming weeks, but we have judged this sacrifice to be the best decision at this time. The Presidents of CPAWM will make the decision to grant their clearance once again when it is seen fit.


CP Army World Media President


10 Responses

  1. You tell em’ Blue.

    • Dpd!

  2. Amen. It was about time CPAC took some action.

  3. Um
    So you just removed power from someone, right?

    • no .-.

    • sort of I mean you know how people are promoted or get a raise this is like being demoted.

  4. CPAC was neutral?



    • Dicks

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