XxToysoldier Accused of Doxing

UPDATE: Xxtoysoldier has given his official statement about the accusations he is currently facing.

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Capital – Just a day after a small spat inside the Dark Warriors’ ownership, a new report has popped up that puts XxToysoldier, Dark Warriors leader, in the spotlight.

This report was first given to me last night while I was on the Doritos chat. Their 2ic, Verum, was reportedly doxed by a null by the name of c0re. At the time, the culprit was unknown, but as I came on today for a followup, I was told by multiple people that c0re was actually XxToysoldier. The reasoning behind this was that as c0re was banned on the Doritos chat, so was Toy, meaning that there shared an IP address and are the same person. While this, at the time, had little to no momentum towards it being valid, it soon would have some. The next day, a post was released on the Special Weapons & Tactics website entitled “DW Leader, XxToySoldier, Threatens To Post Moneytrees’ Address Publicly“. The content of this post pushed some momentum towards the concept that Toy did, indeed, engage in doxing.

Nice Toy. This is the kind of Leader DW has. That’s the kind of leader the new recruits of this community should have? I certainly don’t think so. We shall put an end to any evil that lurks around this community, such as the Dark Warriors.

See you on the battlefield,

Bad, SWAT Commander

As shown in the post, XxToysoldier had apparently threatened to release the personal information of Moneytrees, leader of the Special Weapons & Tactics. This, however, isn’t the first time Toy has been linked to this kind of activity before. In May of 2014, during the conflict between the Doritos and the Dark Warriors, a post was released on CPAC that provided evidence of XxToysoldier engaging in DoS attacks, although the evidence wasn’t entirely conclusive. That post can be read here.

What’s even more recent, however, is a post made by the Light Troops that “exposed” XxToysoldier. Though, again, I don’t find the evidence to be entirely conclusive, it does add to the momentum towards XxToysoldier’s link to malicious activity.

Toy tells Whats up 11 goodbye over and over, soon after that whatsup11 goes offline..



Hard to see but hes saying ”why does toy keep telling me ”bye”.

Then vanishes…

His (Elmikey’s) runescape account was also hacked, now the only person that would hack a runescape account would be Toy he plays it alot and seems like the only person kind of intrested in it.


Hours after this post was published, Drake commented on behalf of Xxtoysoldier. His statement reads as following:


I did indeed say that on SWAT chat, but it was an act of mockery of what bad did to Venom. Bad told Venom his full chat, and then proceeded to tell him how he was working on getting his home address. Basically, I said it as a joke of from what bad said. Another mistake he made, I took a picture of the ENTIRE chat right before he banned me, which included that message with an explanation onto why I said it. He thought I wouldn’t be quick or clever enough to do so, so he said a weird goodbye statement and “im posting this on swat” or whatever then banned me so i couldn’t take pics. If you need to see that, pc me on chat. I can personally say I don’t and wouldn’t ever condone or engage in malicious activity like that. I’m a DW leader and we’re the good guys. People will make up lies and take things out of context in order to make people mad or get them in trouble.

Regarding Core, I have no idea who that is, although I do have grudges with Verum due to him posting videos of ISIS killing people on DW chat. I wouldn’t do that to anyone.

While the pictures shown above cannot be definitively proven, they do make the case for Toy a little bit more believable. What this does prove to us, however, is that despite the fact that both sides are trying to proclaim themselves as the “good guys”, there is no true good side. Both sides have ties to some very deplorable behavior, making neither side truly innocent.

So, what do YOU think? Are these claims valid, or is it taken out of context and irrelevant? We want YOUR opinion!


CPA Central CEO


105 Responses

  1. hang him

    • agree

  2. Don’t join DW. They dox & ddos.

    • toy is following saw in the ddos route i see

    • 2 months ago “plz DW let me have leader again because DW is greatest nation always!!”

      “I’ll be DW leader by December!!!! i promise!!!”

      Go do something successful.

      • Like you have?

        • Uh no andrew out of all people telling me that you aren’t the one. I have been in one army for about 3 months and I’m not leaving until I retire. How many armies have you recreated this year? Too hard to count. Have fun with your butt buddy crew. Ask zuke how many “scares” he has on him.

          • one army in 3 months? IW, CPPA, MW are some i can think at the top of my head that you have been in. All of my armies have been successful, unlike yours.

            • Mhm. I was in MW about 4 months ago and then quit to join CPPA because tempah begged. So yes, 3 months in Ice Warriors. Im still in IW if you didn’t know. Have fun with your “restitance”. Also I never said your armies weren’t successful. You’ve just been in to many for me to count. CPPA sucked anyways, I stayed in it because of Tempah and Rose, not any other reason. Have fun now! Waddle around and meet new friends! 😉

              • Enjoy being irrelevant kiddo

                • I don’t need to be irrelevant, unlike you kiddo.

      • LOL. What have you ever done? You’re some armyhopper who begs for ranks and dickrides IW Leaders for owner. Please kid, don’t waste my time. I never begged for anything. I simply earned it and I accomplished more in 2 weeks than you have in your whole career. So sorry if you’re all jealous and lonely in IW, but that’s not my problem. And yea I thought I’d be able to get leader again in DW, but it seems that the “advisors” running the army are too blind to notice what the leaders are actually doing.

        • I dickride IW Leaders for owner, okay. It’s not like I joined IW for moderator or anything and worked my way up to 3ic and let other people become 2ic before me, because I don’t give a shit. :).

          You didn’t impact DW either, maybe you recruited a few people but not as effectively as the leaders now. If anyone is a rank whore then you are. DW Leader, got demoted and you tried to coup the leaders twice and then were saying in main chat for so long “Oh, I’ll be leader by December.”

          Yes, I was an army hopper and at least I’m not afraid to admit that. I couldn’t find the right army because most of the armies I joined I was begged into and they eventually merged or died or I saw a better opportunity.

          SWAT died
          GT died
          DCP banned me for no reason
          MW merged
          CPPA merged
          DW fired me for speaking out

          Yeah, I’m in Ice Warriors now. An army that has been going since 2007 unlike you’re SWAT. How many times have SWAT reopened? That’s almost as hard to count as how many armies Andrew24 created this year or how many times Waterkid ddosed IW/DW owners/leaders for no reason. I don’t need to be irrelevant because the people that thing they are relevant are mostly rank whores and dick riders, and sorry but I’m not relevant in CPA except my CPAC rank which I don’t care about as much as you would care.

          • What are you saying bud? “I let other 2ic’s come before me.” No shit Sherlock. Theres been other IW owners before you lml. I’ve impacted DW more than you have any army in your whole career. So stop acting all though shit when you don’t know half of what’s happening. How am I a rank whore? You’re the one that goes from army to army begging for high ranks expecting to get them meanwhile you’ve done nothing in the past to deserve any high rank in any army. And lets get something straight. For all you assholes who are pinned to this idea that I tried to “coup” DW Leaders please shut the fuck up. I simply asked Unknown to wake up for once and realize that his shitty ownership and advisors that he picked over me and Freezie wont last after the holiday break is over. All the advisors hated me and Freezie. We got NO HELP at all, yet we still came through and broke sizes of 60-80 and won the champions cup. The current leadership depended on everyone possible to attend the Christmas chaos just so they could prove they’re big shit to me and freezie. But really they proved nothing because me and freezie did it without a lot of help. And yeah, Unk did make the impression on me that I could earn my leader rank back by December, but im glad I didn’t because I would’ve hung myself leading with those morons, and im surprised the troops havent yet. And your issue with armyhopping is personal to you and tbh I don’t really give a fuck at all, so go cry to someone else. You say DW fired you for speaking out meanwhile you’re the one helplessly defending their cause to me. Please, don’t embarrass yourself any further. And to SWAT reopening a bunch of times, that’s none of your concern. IW can rant about how they’ve had more success in the past, but now is now. And right now IW is small fry and I will reach out and break them just as all the armies of the resistance will to the Grand Alliance. You all think this is another attempt that will fail. You think its another phase that will blow over lightly. You idiots are all wrong. Every single army leader aswell as the rest of the ownership and troops are devoted to make peace in armies and fight against injustice. Don’t bring up people like Andrew and insult them when they’ve had more success then you have had or ever will have. There has been no legitimate evidence that Waterkid ddoses people or cheats in this game. Why would he when he is the godfather of the world power of armies? He wouldn’t be so stupid as to waste his time fucking around with our enemies. We fight with size and tactics and formations. We fight solely as one and we will break all of you 100 times in a row until you are no more. You are the upmost irrelevant person I’ve encountered in the past few months with the exception of Drake and Spi. Those who are relevant are more powerful and more skillful than you, so I suggest you fall of that little high horse of yours and enjoy the front row sear you’ve been given. And if you didn’t care as much as you say you don’t you wouldn’t have taken the time to write this comment. I don’t see why you should have anyways because you just embarrassed yourself some more. And yes, I do care. And I will care even more now and have even more fun demolishing you with the rest of the Grand Alliance. Have fun! 🙂

            • You got demolished twice today, gg.
              By the way, why did SWAT retreat when TGA attacked you in the Plaza..? Hmm.

              • LOL. We kicked the shit out of GA today and SWAT got sizes of 40 on IW capital, so idk what the fuck you’re spewing out just stop trying so hard its hilarious lmao

                • You’re just trying to stop this fight with me.
                  Admit it, you exaggerated the IW capital battle by at least 15 penguins.

                  • Lol im not trying to stop anything. I’ll go all week with you if I have to. I EXAGGERATED. OK. LOL.

                    “THE DARK WARRIORS MAXED SIZES OF 50”
                    Gg kid. Although that stupidity ^ right there isn’t your fault, you accused me of exaggerating meanwhile your own army claims to have had 25 more people than shown IN THE PICTURE. I know how hard this is for you to try and prove me wrong, but you aren’t getting anywhere. Lmao this actually made me laugh.

                    • Continue to exaggerate m8. 😉 That’s all I gotta say.

                    • Says the one who’s in the army that gets 24 with 5 lockouts and says they maxed 50. Lol you’re so helpless please stop making yourself look worse.

                    • I know this is hard for you, Badboy, but you know how to think right..? or not?

                      that picture was DW and IW combined. ever thought of the lockouts???

                      ooo, bic boi bad’s gonna feel very stupid now. Also, not to mention, we have the battle video that’s in development, you can just watch that if you’re very doubtful.

                      hey, one more thing, don’t exit out of this tab yet and start to dislike comments against SWAT

                      Your amount of owners in SWAT is bigger than your brain cells. Shut up.

                    • Lol what bud. If there were lockouts apparently, then why didn’t you bother to take pictures? Oh that’s right. Because there were very little. I’ve seen the battle video and it is you and IW with your small sizes hiding from the resistance in the Snow Forts. Nothing much to see but your pussy asses. We don’t have a lot of owners this time, and you and the rest of the DW Ownership didn’t have any brain cells to begin with. Now get the fuck out of my face, you are a disgrace to speak with.

                    • Like I said you comprehended our post

                      we didnt take pictures of the Lockouts because Everyone was lagging due to the amount of sizes all armies had in the server itself

                      SWAT is & always will be smaller than the mighty Dark Warriors. You guys even make reply posts & on SWAT site and talk about us even after your grand re-opening. Why are you so addicted to us? It’s because e fired you.

                      Grow up, kid.

                    • Lol everyone was lagging. There wasn’t much size at all. You and IW were very small, and the GA wasn’t even at full strength. DW is small fry as of today. Your forces have grown weak. A rank on a news site means nothing, so stop depending on it to make you look good. I make reply posts because you deserve to be proven wrong when you lie and try to make yourselves look like big shit. I’m addicted to one thing and one thing only. And that’s kicking the living shit out of you and the rest of the weak Grand Alliance. I don’t care about my firing any longer. I’m glad it happened. 🙂

                      Do not call me “kid”, for we are the same age. Good night.

                • If you think DW is so small, do you want to pb us with your puny sized SWAT army? I bet you’d decline, I don’t blame you – DW is 10x bigger than SWAT. Also, a rank on a news site does mean something – It means that stastically, Dark Warriors are bigger & better than SWAT. You are the biggest moron CP armies have to deliver.

                  Also, your age may be 14, but you are act like a child, hence why I called you a kid. Again, grow up and live up to your age.

                  • DW is small. You cant keep the army up to sizes of 35-40 with the winter break ending. You’re so incapable in fact, that you will beg Unk and other advisors for their help so you don’t look bad. I don’t blame you for that. But lets get one thing clear. Me and Freezie had NO HELP. AT ALL. We won the champions cup with puf and the troops, no one else. No advisors. And don’t say that’s bullshit, because all the advisors hated us and were jealous of us. Is DW is 10x bigger, why cant they beat their enemies, even with help? And if you want to get into statistics, then 10x bigger would mean you max 400, smart ass. A rank on a news site is nothing lol. CPAC is the only thing DW depends on to look good. An army can max 50 all week and still be placed second, without the other army breaking 40. Take ACP for example. How many times did they use their AUSIA to get ranked higher on the top ten. It means nothing. Its a joke and a waste of time. DW is barely bigger than us and certainly not better in any way. You sit here trying to prove me wrong, when all you’re doing is making yourself look like more of an idiot than you already are. Whos the real moron? And I act like a child? Says the one who rants about fucking skyrim and anime porn. Please, do yourself a favor a quit CP Armies. It’d be a gift from the lord for all of us.

                    • Look I’m sorry but your wall of text is Ineffective.

                      And DW is 10x bigger than SWAT, always. Even if we magically fall to 20+, I’ll still be there to lead them. I’m loyal unlike you. Puf is 10x the Leader you ever dreamed to be.

                      DW > your turf, faggot.

                    • Its not very ineffective, you just choose to ignore anything I say because you’re an egotistic fuck. DW again, is not much bigger than anyone. They are no longer superior to anyone. The age of darkness is coming to an end, and you’ll have to deal with it. Good, lead them to their death. Its what you do best with any army. You cant say I wasn’t loyal. I was treated like shit. Got fired a total of 5 times. Theres a limit. You need to know when someone is crossing the line. I don’t have to take that abuse. Puf may be 10x the leader I dreamed to be, but you drake and toy certainly aren’t, and never will be.

                      Resistance > all, fuck boy.

                    • guess what faggot

                      DW got 40+ today and beat the crap out of LT who got 15 with the help of your crappy SWAT and DCP


                    • DW had like 30 and we barely helped at all. Same with DCP. That event was late at 8 pm lmao. If LT scheduled it to the times they are at full strength you would’ve gotten shrek’d like you always do bud.

                      This must be a real obsession for an asshole like you. You must enjoy going back and forth with me don’t you?

                    • >had like 30

                      we got 40 & you guys did try to help along with DCP because you guys are small fry

                      stop tryna make excuses

                      LT maxed 15 lmaoo

                    • I’m not making any excuses. I saw your pictures. Again you excuse other armies for exaggeration, meanwhile you do it the worst. I sent two troops to help. And only Mustapha helped from DCP lmfao. And like I said, 8 pm est is not a time where LT is at their strongest considering 3/4 of LT is UK. Fight them at their best and beat them. Then we’ll talk.

                    • that’ll be tomorrow, sir badboy the faggot

                      & SWAT exaggerates the worst, boomer even proved that long ago

                      please do not type made up shit to back up your crap

                    • DW is garbage, deal with it. SWAT exaggerates on the level everyone else does. DW exaggerates more than any other army. Stop being an asshole and piss off for once. Everything I say is facts and facts only. I don’t make shit up like the things told Unk to poison him against me and Freezie. I don’t do that. Now fuck off you are irritating me. You’re like a 5 year old gasping for air with these silly comments.

                    • another stupid comment with immature insults, on top of that “everything I say is facts”

                      sorry buddy but you’re the biggest faggot in the planet, you maggot


                    • Everything I say is true. How about that Spisis? You’re the biggest asshole in the universe. Your mother should’ve aborted you when she had the chance. Fuck off skid

                    • >spisis

                      you come up with the most basic shit

                      >abortion mom joke

                      yes bad, let the faggotry flow through you

                    • Its not basic, its just true. And its not my fault your mother made the wrong decision. So take it up with her bud.

                    • it is pretty basic

                      like your 900th gen of swat

                    • I take pride

                    • in faggotry

                      we know

                    • Nah. I take pride in being a part of the 9000th SWAT generation yayyyyyyyyyy clap4me 🙂

                    • you take pride in faggotry

                      we know

                    • Nahhhhhh good guess thooooo

                    • y r u such a faggot

                      i heard u got kicked out of swat like a faggot too


                    • Why do you comment back bruh? You must love me so much, but im not gay like you fortunately so stop commenting back lol. And im still leading SWAT lmfao idiot

                    • I comment back only to piss off frail fags like u

                      funny how you keep talking about me “loving you” yet u say u aren’t gay

                      bro u got problems, fix them

                    • Lol “frail fags”. Says the one who got fucked up irl and was in the hospital for 2 weeks. Doesn’t surprise me because you have a mouth bigger than your future and if I ever met you irl I’d fuck you up worse than the other guy did. And you must be the one whos gay lovin here if you keep commenting back man. You’re weak, grow some muscles before using your mouth.

            • tl;dr

  3. LOL. I think Toy deserves a medal of honor not an investigation.

    Toy- Thanks for the 7 day membership on Christmas eve.

  4. SMFH LOL. First off, that pic with 11 is false. 11 can confirm it was faked for propaganda since he left LT. It looks faked as shit anyways and including that in your post is cringe worthy. Second of all, Elm was an idiot for giving a particular someone his password a long time ago. Now Elm thinks we’re actually RATing people when NOT ONE of the current DW leaders can hack. Elm was just an idiot for giving his password away.

    And third, there isn’t an ID in the pic of Toy threatening MoneyTrees and I HIGHLY DOUBT he can freely be on SWAT chat to say that as he would’ve been long banned before he got the chance. Same with the DCP thing. Toy would’ve been banned anyways for being a Dark Warrior since we’re currently in a state of war.

    I’m disappointed, Zakster. You’re giving in to LT’s pressure to post easy propaganda for them.

    • Defending your fuck buddy?

      • someone edit that, that is a bit too innap 😛

      • Nah, I just know that isn’t Toy. Anyone can change their name, pic, and whatnot to resemble Toy. If it were then take the ID too… I noticed that’s never used to confirm it.

        • True.

    • So, here’s exactly the shit I was talking about in my editorial. What pisses me off about this is that you cheered me on about exposing Waterkid, Andrew24, and others. But once I expose one of your own, you act like I’m at fault. THIS IS A NEWS SITE. We’re not gonna avoid news because we’re afraid of “disappointing” you. I didn’t give into any pressure. It’s news. It has momentum backing it. You can be as mad as you want about this, but I’m not wrong in what I did.

      If you can’t take me being impartial, sucks to be you.

      • In your post about exposing Waterkid and the others, it actually had CONFIRMED evidence which made it a great post.. In this post, none of the evidence is confirmed at all which in turn, makes it a not-so-credible post.

        • translation: your post about LT was great because it was about LT.. this post sucks because it’s about DW

          • the short spat between me and zakster was solved anyways in a civilized 5 minute conversation. you can stop adding fire to the nonexistent flames.

            • my mixtape is fire tho

              • mixtape hot tempah would buy 10/10 – ign

              • Spoken like a true wannabe.

            • Zak hasn’t responded to your most recent comment, therefore the flames are still very alive and still very upon you. 🙂

              • no, he’s right
                we talked it out it’s good

                • How does one “talk it out” with Drake. I was convinced that shit was impossible. Oh well

                  • when you’re chill about it it’s pretty ez

        • Drake it does say accused…

      • #roasted zakster intensifies. someone clap for this man

      • you didn’t even claim anything, you simply put the information out there

      • These were pics of people with the powers and whatnot to maybe resemble Toy. If it were truly Toy then have a screenshot of his ID number… it’d solidify any objections from LT, DW, or any army in instances such as this.

    • Well I thought along the same lines as you with the propaganda bit.

      CPAC has to prove they are not bias and I do believe them but suspicion is growing on CPAC for being bias towards LT when it is clear they aren’t.

      • “being bias”
        you’re literally being what you criticized
        are you kidding me

        • Yes I am. How did you know?

          • By the way, I was replying to your question of “are you kidding me” but for future reference, it’s Are you kidding me? Not “are you kidding me”. You can thank me later for the English lesson.

    • hes obviously gonna say its fake NOW that hes in DW tryna make DW look good

    • Now here is where you are wrong about the DCP pic. DCP is neutral at the moment, so no DW, IW, WV or ACP were banned and the same goes for LT, Nachos, NW or SWAT.

      • All DW were banned, and DCP banned Albc when he asked what side DCP was on. Just to keep you updated.

        • Albc was banned due to jester. We were not banning DW, but due to some people being associated with LT being mods, there was some banning, which we fixed the problem swiftly.

          • Prepare to fall, DW Swine

    • You’re an idiot if you think people actually believe you. So I’m an idiot for giving my password away huh? I never gave out my password to ANYONE. And all my accounts were hacked, my email, my xbox, my xat & wordpress, may I include that all my passwords were & are very different for each thing?

      • Elmikey, you were high when this happened. You told me cool13 was your password on Skype.
        Nothing was hacked from you.

  5. the post about waterkid wasn’t confirmed evidence you shit for brains
    KIK convos and pictures without the xat ID are “CONFIRMED” evidence?

    • Finally! Anyone with powers and whatnot can emulate Toy but without an ID it can’t be legit or confirmed.

    • Butthurt impostor inbound

  6. And it’s funny cause i banne C0re on my chat during an event i was being ddosed also.

  7. werid!

  8. No ID. No Proof.

    In that picture, Toysoldier should’ve been banned on DW chat, yet somehow he’s still there “threatening” Moneytrees. Aren’t DW Enemies of SWAT? Doesn’t Badboy hate DW?

    It’s fake. All SWAT is trying to do is frame DW for things we aren’t doing. Nice try. This “Resistance” is so desperate, they know how strong DW is so they have to frame them.

    • yea cause someone has the same namecolor, same name and pic

      also isnt it odd that dox was released targeting verum?

      and after that toy told him he likes windows 8.1 ? i’d find that creepy.

      • i won’t link the dox of verum thats personal information if anyone is going to ask me

      • You can get anyone’s name color, pic & name just by using fexbots’ user info. Stop playing games.

        There is no proof of Toy doxing Verum, the pic you linked doesn’t prove it either. All he said was that he likes Windows 8.1, do you even know what that is? LOL. In the pic it just seems like he’s messing around with Verum.

        Jester, you are very desperate.

    • How do you explain DCP’s proof? Cause it seems you have avoided that.

  9. Just be nice, guys.

    • ░░█▀░░░░░░░░░░░▀▀███████░░░░

  10. Haha.
    Bad is just mad because he knows he was shit in DW, so he joined SWAT with their 15+ sizes to try to kill DW… smfh.

  11. Posting for Toy as he isn’t home yet.

    “I did indeed say that on SWAT chat, but it was an act of mockery of what bad did to Venom. Bad told Venom his full chat, and then proceeded to tell him how he was working on getting his home address. Basically, I said it as a joke of from what bad said. Another mistake he made, I took a picture of the ENTIRE chat right before he banned me, which included that message with an explanation onto why I said it. He thought I wouldn’t be quick or clever enough to do so, so he said a weird goodbye statement and “im posting this on swat” or whatever then banned me so i couldn’t take pics. If you need to see that, pc me on chat. I can personally say I don’t and wouldn’t ever condone or engage in malicious activity like that. I’m a DW leader and we’re the good guys. People will make up lies and take things out of context in order to make people mad or get them in trouble.

    Regarding Core, I have no idea who that is, although I do have grudges with Verum due to him posting videos of ISIS killing people on DW chat. I wouldn’t do that to anyone.”

    All in all, it was taken in context and all the DW haters who commented on this now look damn right silly.

  12. Ooo doxing or ddosing ain’t a big deal honey, I broke up with Aussie/Scream and he doxed me and exposed it so can you guys stfu this isn’t a big deal and my computer is hacked at the same time so ._.

  13. lmfao, so shocking. Zak help me

  14. “u dox”

    “i dont dox, but u ddos”

    “no, u ddos.”

    “no i dont, u dox.”

    “but u dox”

    “u multilog”

    “so do u”

    “im telling cpac”

    “not if i tell them first”

    “ur evil”

    “ur basically hitler”

    [2014/2015 armies; the short story]

    • Lmao, and we thought the “flame posts” that AR, UMA, Nachos and ACP that constantly went back and forth were ridiculous, but this is on a whole other level.

  15. ALSO:
    Regarding “c0re” being banned while I was banned, that’s NOT true.
    I went on chat and was still unbanned – but Verum banned me due to his belief of me performing those actions that I’m being accused of. This is important information I forgot to add, please put this in the post.

  16. Why go on like this?

    • Plot Twist That Waterkid is Fake

  17. […] XxToysoldier Accused of Doxing […]

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