Several Ownership Changes Within Striking Raiders

TUNDRA, Striking Raiders Nation – With the Striking Raiders recently involved in quite the slump, they have begun taking measures in changing their ownership with a demotion of a leader as well as two promotions.

On December 31st, Striking Raiders leader Delirious took to the Striking Raiders site to inform the troops about the demotion of leader Doctor Mine Turtle as well as the promotion of Crazy Tow and Pengwen6. Here is the full post as seen on the Striking Raiders site:

Hi SR,

So lately SR has been in sort of a Slump, and what was supposed to be a planned out reign of the S/M Community, Possibly the CPAC Community. So with Mine Turtle going in-active and running off creating another army and two new active Owners well,

I Herby Demote Turtle To 2ic.

Please Welcome Crazy Tow To the New 2ic Position.

Please Welcome Pengwen6 To the New 2ic Position.

As Always, Stay Red SR.

The main reasons for the ownership changes appear to include the fact that Striking Raiders have found themself in a slump as of late. Doctor Mine Turtle, a now former leader of the Striking Raiders appears to have been blamed for not putting the effort in as Delirious brought up his inactivity and the formation of his new army.

Crazy Tow and Pengwen6 however appear to be rolling in the benefits of army activity as they begin the year with brand new second in commands posts within the army.


A graph to show the rankings held by the Striking Raiders over the course of the last four top tens.

As you can see from the above graph, the December 7th top ten placed the Striking Raiders at 7th place on the Top Ten and that is truly when they began to fall. For the next two weeks, they failed to make the CPAC Top Ten signifying what many thought was the end although they are now bouncing back into action getting a low 10th place on the Top Ten.

Changes definitely needed to be made in the Striking Raiders and made they were. I managed to speak with Striking Raiders leader, Delirious. I asked Delirious about the recent fall of Striking Raiders, Doctor Mine Turtle’s demotion and also the new promotions.

Interview with Delirious (Striking Raiders Leader)

Recently, the Striking Raiders failed to make the Top Ten for 2 weeks, what are your thoughts on this?

Well, I was busy, and well we were preparing and recruiting. Planning and such, not as much events really.

Why was the decision to demote Doctor Mine Turtle made?

He was quite inactive and seeing as he made another army, demoting him would have been for the better.

Why was the decision made to promote Crazy Tow and Pengwen6?

They were perfecting active owners and if anyone could fulfil the open 2ic spots, it was them.

Can you comment on the current state of the Striking Raiders Army?

Decent. Not bad, not good.

As you can see from that interview, Delirious doesn’t seem worried about the future of the Striking Raiders even though they’ve recently had a set back. Delirious feels that with the new changes made in the ownership of the army, they will once again continue to get high ranks on our top ten.

What do YOU think? Will Striking Raiders be able to restore how they once were? How will the changes effect the Striking Raiders going forward?

Zing King To

CPAC Reporter & SMAP Vice President


2 Responses

  1. In all honesty, I don’t think DoctorMineTurtle was that inactive. If you don’t have events, how can you be active, other than be on chat, which I saw him earlier. Now, I do appreciate me being a 2ic, and I think Crazy Tow will be an excellent companion. But to me, DoctorMineTurtle’s demotion, I believe, could be biased for something he’s done in the past, not just because of how active he was. Eh, but what do I know?

    • Also, to add on to this, I heard that there was no vote. I will not mention the name of who said this, but we as an Oligarchy are supposed to take votes on demotions, and other things like this. Our leaders did not take a vote for Doctor’s demotion, so I don’t think it should be valid.

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