Army Hostilility: So Much Talking, Not Enough Doing

KLONDIKE, Zing’s Desk, CP Army Central Headquarters – So many people constantly claim that people are too rude. In a community full of trolling and general aggression people are always quick to point it out, but not to do anything about it.

A question that I would love to know the answer to is simply – Why does all this hatred exist? Is there really any point in hating someone you will most likely never see in your life?

When Club Penguin Warfare began, it was the idea that we’d have a new, fresh and exciting thing in which we can play in different ways. It was about who could make the best army. What’s it about now?

Treaties? Disputing Servers? Ddosing? Bullying? Multilogging? It seems as if everything that armies were created for is now non-existent. The fun is being systematically broken down and while we are all complaining about that, and how armies are dying – who is prepared to do something about it?


Recently in the army community, the Nachos, Ice Warriors, Dark Warriors and the Army of Club Penguin have all been arguing about a treaty. All four armies believe they are now entitled to servers from another army. The Nachos are claiming that they are now the owners of Dark Warriors servers due to them assisting the Army of Club Penguin in their defenses.

The Dark Warriors soon fired shots at the Nachos. Since the Army of Club Penguin gave servers to the Nachos so that they wouldn’t have to defend them, the Nachos were unknowing attacking servers now under the name of the Dark Warriors.

As a result of this, the Dark Warriors were quick to declare the Nacho Army “dead” and announced that Club Penguin Army Central will now ignore the Nachos as an army. This claim received a rather emotional response from Burr, on looker of the war.

Who are you [or ACP] to decide no such army can be recognized by the community or CPAC? Furthermore, who is CPAC to decide who is recognized and who isn’t?

Pathetic attempt by ACP and Flipmoo to try and stop a perfectly positive war for no real reason. I’m too lazy to read the entire sanctions of the treaty, but I can’t see how the Nachos broke it.

Burr hit the nail on the head there. This is Club Penguin Warfare so let’s have perfectly positive wars. We don’t need to erupt into chaos surrounding treaties or nonaggression Pacts. Read Burrs comment again. Don’t skim it. Read it. He makes an excellent point.


In order to best understand why the army leaders of today create so much hostility in declaring wars, I decided to speak to several leaders of armies and I asked them “Looking at all the hostility in armies, what can and needs to change?”

Shiver – Nachonnial Emperor
“Immaturity and Delusion”

Ellie – RPF Leader
“People need to be more welcoming and give that new recruiter/troop the centre of attention. Give that new person all and every info about the army and it’s site, to make them aware of their surroundings and to keep them sure of what they need to do”

Duke Dwain – SWAT President
“Nothing, otherwise it wouldn’t be “CP Warfare”

As you can see, three exceptionally different takes on it. Shiver is blaming the very mindset of leaders within the community. Ellie is laying the blame on the unwelcoming attitudes of people while Duke Dwain doesn’t seem to feel there is a problem within the community, but the important thing that CPAC wants to know…

What do YOU think? Why is their so much hostility in the army community? What do we need to do in order to change? Are you prepared to make a change?

Zing King To

CPAC Reporter & SMAP Vice President



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  1. Zing works for CPAC? Congrats

    • I have since Late October

      • Can I use this for uhh CPACC?

        • What do ya mean?

          • Use this post on CPACC and in copy paste and give you credit

            • reblog it

  2. snap ity

  3. i agree thats weak

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