The Retirement of Tylund1

 ICEBOX, LT Capital – The Light Troops, who is currently ranked 2nd in the Top 10 of the Year, face the retirement of their LT Leader Tylund1, a long-time soldier and a legend.

On the 28th of December, Tylund states that he is going to be stepping down from the Light Troops as well as CP Armies. Tylund’s past memories of CP Armies back in the creation of the Light Troops in the year of 2011 were very magnificent. The history of Tylund’s leadership in the Light Troops will never be neglected. Shown below is Tylund’s full post of his last words toward his troops.

❗ Tylund’s Last Words & History ❗

Hello fellow Light Troops,

As you know my name is Tylund1. I have been in Light Troops since 2011 and am one of the only troops that are still in LT from 2011(the creation year). Whether it was being Leader or 2nd in command I have always tried to help LT rise to their full potential. I have recruited in many different ways, chat recruiting in 2011-2013 and autotyping in early 2013-2014. There was no other army for me other than Light Troops as Light Troops are the best army ever. That is part of the reason why I am still in the army today and never retired like other Light Troops veterans. I had the motivation to stay in LT and help it prosper to great heights, but now sadly my time has come for retirement. Yes over the past week I have seen many troops on chat being sad over this, yet you’ve got to understand that I will be turning 16 in January and I’ve got to live my life. I could not think of a better army to retire with. So I would like to introduce you to my retirement post.

I will start the post telling you a little bit about my history  with early Light Troops. I started out in Light Troops in late January 2011, when I met a person name Ioioluk, Light Troops creator. He introduced me to the army an straight away I started out as mod as the army was pretty new. It didn’t take me too long to get promoted to owner. The Light Troops worked hard everyday with recruiting but it was severely hard to make the CPAC Top Ten at the time since we straight away got hated by the Top Ten maker at the time named Skloop, who was also an ACP 3ic at the time. We were bigger and strong than most of the armies at that time but we never knew we would grow to even stronger heights. […]

Light Troops - 2011

Light Troops – 2011


Click HERE If you want to continue reading the History of Tylund1. Post will be skipped all the way to the Mentions.

Now I would like to recognize a couple of leaders and troops who have became friends with me throughout THIS generation of Light Troops.

Waterkid: I have to admit we have had our ups and downs throughtout our time together in Light Troops, but one thing I have to give you is that you stayed loyal with Light Troops when no one else would. You were a good friend and an even better leader. Good luck with your retirement.

Jester: I first fully met you when you joined LT as 3ic in summer. I saw you were a really underrated leader and you proved many people including Mustaphawrong with your leading skills. You are a great friend also and I am glad you are leading Light Troops to great heights along with Elm and Andrew.

Elmikey: I used to say I would never be in an army with Elmikey but here I am. Throughout the time you lead LT you have been a great leader, and even though I barely talk to you, I am glad you came in to help Waterkid lead. I may question your skills at times but no one can question how great of a leader you are.

Andrew: I have seen you lead many armies before like Elm and knew you lead them to great heights. You are a great leader and through the time I have talked to you which is not much, a pretty good friend. I wish you good luck leading LT further on.

Drew Crew as a whole: I made one for the Drew Crew as a whole mainly because you guys work together great as a team. You all are great at recruiting and know how to lead. I am glad you contributed to this generation of Light Troops.

Epic Master: You are a guy who has a strong personality, which I like to be honest. It has gotten you fired a couple of time though. I think you are a great recruiter and like how you contribute to Light Troops.

Tobercold: You were 2ic earlier in this generation but soon were fired. I am glad you have came back as you are a great owner and really active.

FIrestar; You are a great mod and great recruiter. You will soon be owner don’t worry. The future of Light Troops. 🙂

Duckz101: You are one of the most active mods I have seen in awhile and a good recruiter. Another future owner of Light Troops.

Gloria: A personal good friend who I have had great discussions in pc over football or whatever.

To everyone I have missed: I am sorry if I have missed you and that does not mean you are not worse than the people above. I may have missed you for other reasons as I am typing this up fast because I got to recruit for battle. You all are great in your own ways. You all contribute to LT success and without you LT would not be alive. I thank you all!!!

I am so grateful to have been apart of the greatest army ever. I will never forget about this army and will always treasure it. I will try to come on chat as much as I can and help Light Troops  but right now I am too busy with basketball and school.

Light Troops as always, Shine With Victory.

– Light Troops Veteran, Legend, Former Leader Tylund1


I’ve managed to grab Epic Master, Light Troop 2ic,  for a quick interview about Tylund’s resignation

Interviewing Epic Master, LT 2ic

What was Tylund’s reason to step down from the Light Troops?

Well, he’s been in the Light Troops for a very long time helping out in events and recruiting and all that, but his time is finished I’m most likely sure, and he wanted to leave. 

Will the Light Troops be able to stand tall & grow without Tylund1?

Yeah, because Tylund was a big figure in the Light Troops, but he was only one guy. After one guy retiring doesn’t end the world, but LT wil grow without Tylund.

What do you think about the current leaderships?

The current leadership is amazing in the Light Troops, Jester, Water, and Elmikey. We’re growing bigger and bigger every day…

Any last comment?


Thank you for your time.


Former LT Leader Tylund1 has been serving and leading the Light Troops for a mighty long time. This honorable veteran will not be forgotten in this age of CP Army Warfare. As Tylund faces the world and live his life, he will be depending on LT to rise up to great heights. As for Tylund, his leadership will be missed.


What Do YOU Think? Will the Light Troops be able to stand tall without Tylund? Or will they slowly fall?  Comment YOUR opinion and let us know! 


CPA Central Pressman


18 Responses

  1. Salute to tylund, although he wasn’t LT leader, he was a great owner & a proud troop of the light.

  2. ^

  3. ^^

  4. Where’s water vikings post about retirement of our leader lmao.

  5. No offense but he’ll be back next week.

    • Who knows

      • His brother knows.

        • so true 😛

    • Soo all that 1000+ words in his post will be a waste of time?

      • 1,000+ words? What? I’m pretty sure the whole post was the copying of the retirement speech.

        • Lol u dumbass I said “His”

  6. Tylund was LT’s most loyal and faithful soldier.
    One of the greatest guys I met in LT.

  7. ”ranked 2nd in the Top 10 of the Year” – i’m pretty sure LT were ranked 4th in the top ten of the year

    • u didnt smoke that joint yet right?

  8. Tylund you were a great owner even if I had only been here 11 days you still have been a great owner.

  9. Aww, im gonna miss you Tylund. Althrough l didn’t talk to you that much because you were in LT and l was in IW-DW which was against the LT. But you know, l had fun hanging out with you in private chat that you told me about LT, lol.
    Memories always, and never forget what you did in the past.
    Stay strong, and Happy New Year!

  10. ah tylund this has to be the second or third retirement post of yours to make cpac despite being loyal to an army that never gave the respect to him that he deserved i’m glad you lasted this long with them and by the way elm he actually was a leader long before you ever heard of the light troops and probably a better one than you might i say least he could keep it stable during his tenure despite pests like roberto who would put the army into messes back in the day oh and not to add the modern mess with Waterkid, Well despite all the suppose trouble ive caused with your lt career brother im glad you found a place in this community that brought you happiness.

    ~ Tymatt

    P.S. since you never include me in your retirement posts i probably wont include you in one of mine if I shall ever make one good day 😛

  11. Heil

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