Navy Seals Close Down In Efforts To Assist ACP

FLURRY, Navy Seals Capital – With the current lack of armies, the Navy Seals were able to make it to CPAC’s Top Ten this week and after that achievement, have decided to close down in order to assist the Army of Club Penguin who “needs their help”

On December 22nd, Gordon Edwards, creator and leader of the Navy Seals announced on their blog that he is closing the army down forever. Gordon gave two reasons in the post for why he decided to close down the army and here is the full post as found on the Navy Seals blog:

I have decided to close this CPAC Army down.

The reason for this is because i have seen that ACP needs our help now and I want to give that to them. We will be merging in to ACP as soon as everything is finalised.

I led an army to CPAC, All i ever wanted is complete.

Nobody may re-create this army without my permission otherwise its invalid.

The first reason for the closure of the Navy Seals is that Gordon feels the ACP are in need of assistance in their war against the Nacho Empire. Gordon stated in the post that in an effort to assist the ACP, the Navy Seals would be merging into the army.

Navy Seals max 7 in their best division.

Navy Seals max 7 in their best division.

This merge between ACP and 10th place army, Navy Seals appears to still be being discussed as Gordon admitted it hadn’t been finalised. What they are discussing is unknown to the army community but one must draw the conclusion that it is about things such as ranking troops.

The second reason for the Navy Seals closure is the fact that they got to CPAC. Gordon exclaimed how all he ever wanted to do was lead an army to CPAC but now it seems like the pressure of being a top-tier army leader has stopped him in his tracks.

Gordon Edwards surrenders at the December 22nd battle of Breeze on ACP's behalf.

Gordon Edwards surrenders at the December 22nd battle of Breeze on ACP’s behalf.


I managed to speak to speak to Ahmed, who is currently ACP’s second in command. I asked him several things about the merge. I also asked about his thoughts and feelings on Gordon Edwards who has caused ACP some trouble in the past.

Interview with Ahmed: ACP Second In Command

How do you think the Navy Seals joining ACP will change the army?

I don’t think it’s going to change anything in ACP really, I think it’s going to be the same, except a slight nudge in the sizes.

Did the ACP ask the Navy Seals to merge into them as a tool for winning the war with the Nachos?

No, I think it was because Gordon Edwards, their leader, wanted to be in ACP. I am not 100% sure, but he did apologize to us.

After all the negative things Gordon has said and done to ACP and it’s owners, do you like him or even trust him?

I am starting to like him more than I used to, but I don’t think I trust him yet, because of some issues before he got banished on ACP chat.

Are you aware what rank Gordon Edwards will hold in your army?

Yes, he was already ranked as Highest Member which is Colonel.

As you can see from this interview, Gordon Edwards will be Highest Member in the ACP as he isn’t well trusted by the ACP owners due to the problems in the past. Ahmed also seems to think that Gordon lied about ACP needing help from the Navy Seals in an effort to join the army that he has been vocally negative about for the last few months.

What do YOU think? Did the ACP request assistance from the Navy Seals in their war against the Nachos? Will the merger make any difference in ACP? Comment!

Zing King To

CPAC Reporter + SMAP Vice President


46 Responses

  1. this is banter

    • gordon edwards master race
      resistance is futile

      • gordon edwards will overthrow god and boomer
        resistance is futile
        prepare your anus

        • too much anus for me

  2. When you post on CPAC, you are only a CPAC reporter. Nothing else.

    • lmfao says the newbie CPAC reporter (WARY)

      • at least this man knows what he’s talking about.

  3. This is old news
    REALLY old news

    • Maybe not REALLY old, but seriously, shouldn’t this be breaking news or something? Not 3-day-old news?

      • CPAC’s priorities these days.

        • CPAC: Logic
          >Let’s post the 2000th retirement of Earthing day one
          >leave shutdown of CPAC army until 3 days later

  4. I would say good post but shouldn’t you have interviewed me first for my side of the story.

    • You weren’t online XAT and you gave your side in your blog post. There is no point in me messaging you “Why did you merge?” when you said it in your post.

      • Lol. You as a reporter could have explored this in more deph by interviewing me.

        • He doesn’t need to interview you if he has the information he needs. The post you made explains everything about NSCP’s merging to ACP, and that is all zing needs- facts. CPAC is reporting FACTS to the audience. An interview, yes, would provide some perspective but it isn’t needed since your post gave pretty much all the details. All he’d here from you is the same information but with a touch of perspective.

          • k

  5. ACP desperate lol

    • Considered ACP didn’t have any involvement in this decision, no, we are not desperate.

      • Clearly you did. Armies cant just automatically merge. They need to be accepted.

        • Well, as far as I’m aware, none of the owners were involved in accepting NSCP. Besides, even if we were involved in the decision, we’re not automatically desperate. We’re just seeing it as an easy chance to bump up our sizes a little further, even if sizes improve by only a fractional amount. We haven’t campaigned for weeks on end for NSCP to merge into us, in desperate attempt to get our US back on track. We didn’t stop NSCP from merging, because we naturally considered it a quick and cheap way to get a few good soldiers in. NSCP’s decision to merge is not a result of our desperateness, and we certainly aren’t ‘in need’ of NSCP’s help, as gordon puts it.

          • No you are desperate. Even the army merging into you says it

            • Gordon Edwards.
              ACP hater.
              Wonder why.

  6. That +2 size boost ftw!

  7. That merge won’t change anything lol.

  8. bias

    • how

  9. “Gordon surrenders breeze on december 22nd on ACP’s behalf”
    The author probably isn’t biased
    I don’t think he’s in Nachos at all

    • It’s hardly bias if there is a picture to prove

      • you didn’t have to put that part in. Clearly YOU are desperate to see ACP taking help from armies. Also, Gordon did this as an apology to ACP. He was permanently banned and I talked to him on the same day he made his apology, I helped him with it and Navy Seals Merging into ACP was clearly his idea. So that answers the question “Did the ACP request assistance from the Navy Seals in their war against the Nachos? ” Also, why is a Nacho Leader posting about a Nacho war?

        • No I added that part in for a great reason.

      • We weren’t co-operating with Navy Seals, and they are in no position to surrender our own servers. ACP did not surrender Breeze, NSCP admitted defeat (who weren’t affiliated with ACP in any way). Next time, check over your posts before you post the wrong information.

  10. If you tell me what you thought was unnecessary, I can guarentee you I have a reason for putting it in.

  11. Zing King.
    If you’re going to attract flame and make yourself overall hated, you shouldn’t be working here.
    Avoid making backhanded comments perhaps? That would be a start.

    • Who the heck are you meant to be? I don’t attract flame. I attract jealously. Jealously from the many people in this community who strive to just be like me.

      • *cries internally*

        • Lol, I laughed so hard at this comment. Swim is a retired ACP leader and a good friend of myne.

          • I never said anything about swim

            • not you. Zing

        • beat me to it.

      • Pfft… Jealous. Not like the Blue brothers offered my a position here at CPAC and I declined.

  12. Lol ACP weako

    • u stupid

  13. zuke is a noob tho, better interview gordon edward cuz hes a funny troll guy lmao

    • haha yah

      • Lol. I can’t tell if that is sarcasm or genuine.

  14. best christmas present ever

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