Club Penguin Cheats: A New Way Of Recruiting?

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Headquarters – With armies at an all time low and many fearing death, perhaps it is time to branch out Club Penguin Army World Media and cater for the regular Club Penguin players while also secretly recruiting them into armies.

The Club Penguin army world has been kept in the know with things ever since the very conception of CPAC. CPAC talked about all the important news. If it is important in the community, it is posted on CPAC. When more and more armies were made, Superoo envisioned a sight for the smaller and more medium armies, SM Army Press.

Armies now face a different kind of threat. Not too long ago, the demand was so much that this site couldn’t keep up with all the posts, now? Now we just sit around, waiting for something to happen. With pen and paper in our hands, ready to pounce on a news story. That my friends, is depressing.


Club Penguin Army World Media currently consists of Club Penguin Army Central and SM Army Press – but today, I ask you. Is it time to open a third site? A site that isn’t so much dedicated to armies, but Club Penguin cheats. No matter how we are doing in armies, one thing that wont die out any time soon is Club Penguin Cheat sites. What if we opened one?

What if, we got several talented writers to open up a Club Penguin Cheats Site, sponsored fully by CPAWM? I know what you are thinking. What’s that got to do with armies? How’s that going to help us? Allow me to explain. If we opened a Club Penguin Cheats Site, we would be able to attract viewers that don’t come to army sites. We’d have a whole site dedicated to Club Penguin Cheats full of readers who don’t know about armies.

This third site would provide us with a platform in which we can inform the people who don’t know about us. Although the site would be about Club Penguin Cheats, who’s to say we cant write an occasional editorial about Club Penguin Armies? Who’s to say, we cant have a CPAC widget in the side bar? Who’s to say we cant have Autotypers in the pictures that we take showing people the pins?

Former Watex Warrior’s leader Watex’s forum site.

Opening a Club Penguin cheats site would of cause take a lot of work. We’d need people to make graphics, find news, post news and also get the site out there. If we all pulled together to make it work however, it could easily be done. Making a social media account for the site and giving away a membership after 500 followers could so easily expose the army community to 500 more potential recruits.

All armies could do their bit for this site as well. Perhaps they could have it included in any Adspace sections on their sites, or GFX Makers in the community could include the Cheats site in their Adspace. Together, we can open the army community to the people who haven’t even heard about us.


A whopping 33% of us said they came across this community by finding it themself. Since we did this census, there is no doubt in my mind that it has gone up slightly too. With Club Penguin seemingly having it in for all recruiters, it’s hard to autotype and recruit on Club Penguin.

The opening of a cheats site could easily double the section of people who were recruited in by finding it on their own. People want to come into this community. People enjoy being in armies. We just aren’t recruiting them the right way. We are so common to the autotyping method that we just do it and do it like mindless and blind sheep.

Enough of being mindless and enough of being blind. If Club Penguin players are going onto cheat sites, then so do we. We need to start getting our names on Club Penguin cheat sites. If a pre-existing site wont give us advertisement space, we’ll just have to create our own.

What do YOU think? Could Club Penguin Cheat Sites open doors for new recruits? Should Zing never do Philosophy again? We want to know! Comment.

Zing King To

CPAC Reporter & SM Army Press Vice President


23 Responses

  1. It’s 2:26am and this is my first attempt at something Philosophy like, go easy.

  2. CPAWM has actually tried this before, and failed; the simple answer is that we neither have the staff, nor have we the army-affiliated people who possess enough time and interest to run a cheats site. While in theory the idea is good, with armies in their present state I think you will have trouble mustering the necessary staff for the cheats site.

    And that doesn’t even take into account that starting a CP Cheats site is like starting a Minecraft YouTube channel — getting noticed is a nigh-insurmountable mountain to begin with.

    So again, good idea, difficult to execute under ideal circumstances, EXTREMELY difficult to execute under current circumstances. That said, if anyone decides they’re going to try over the Christmas holiday, the Bluesockwa Illuminati will be about if you’re looking for help.

    • I won Best Reporter, Most Active, Best War and Best Leader in the SMAP Awards… All that, and more just couldn’t amount to this. Blue said I had a good idea 😮

      Where do I start? I’d like to thank Chrisdog for being the first Club Penguin News Site that I took interest in. I’d like to thank Puckley for recruiting me back into this community in December 2013. I’d like to thank Kingfunks for hiring me on CPAC. I’d like to thank Vex for not raiding me during the writing of this post. I’d like to thank Tobercold and Bolt, my IRL Family for being there for me when I needed a massage.

      I truly am, without a shadow of a doubt honoured to be told that by you Blue. God bless you, God bless America.

      Zing King To
      The Reporter Who Could Have Been

      I honestly don’t think it would be that difficult to get noticed. In Club Penguin Cheat Sites, people look for sites that get a lot of traffic. Would you rather go to a site with 100 followers on, or 1000 followers?

      If we could get all of the army community with Twitters to follow us, it would boost us up, we could tweet about the site, message other sites. Armies could hold chat raids on tracking chats spamming the links. There’s plenty of stuff that could be done.

      Also Blue, please be more politically correct. It’s not the Christmas Holiday, it’s the Walrus Season. I’ve spoken to Club Penguin about this, is it the naughty step for you?

      • You didn’t win best Best War, R Cubed VS RPF did, you merely accepted it.

        • I was a key, essential part of that war, and my part in it meant I won it.

  3. Great post Zing, I think it’s a great idea!

  4. You won’t outshine me.

  5. Good post.

  6. Good idea. This seems like something that I could help with 😋

  7. Isn’t this like, Cheating? (wary)

  8. I like the idea but how are people going to find the website?

    • I see you read the post. Like I said, Armies could advertise it, make a twitter account for it, chat raid tracker chats with the link.

      • How will the Twitter account get followers? There are also no more tracker chats Freepenguin was the last one.

        • We could find one I’m sure. There is the CPCP xat, Club Penguin Forums as well that we could recruit on, also CPPS.

  9. Save the trouble in making a cheats site and just work with the owners of already popular ones

    • …and if they wont let us?

      • I’ve worked with plenty of cheats sites during my leadership in LT, if your site averages more than 1k+ views a day then they’re most likely willing to start a partnership

  10. Legit

  11. This happened before, w/ RFW, FW & Ninjas with Poch’s site club penguin times

    • This is what I’m talking about.

  12. People have been using club penguin cheat sites for years, there’s nothing new about it.

    • Exactly

  13. Good post Zing. I enjoyed reading it.

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