Army of Club Penguin Surrenders To Light Troops

ICE BOX, Light Troops Empire – In a sudden change of events, the Army of Club Penguin has surrendered to the Light Troops after several weeks of constant conflict between both sides.

On December 21st, the Light Troops and the Army of Club Penguin met on XAT to discuss the terms of a treaty that would signal and end to the nearly month-long war. The treaty signed by Maxy777, Fluffyboy3, Andrew24 and Tax, can be seen below.

In order for the war to conclude, the Light Troops wanted the Army of Club Penguin to admit defeat in which they did. This term means that the history books will always read the Light Troops as the winners, and the Army of Club Penguin the losers. In terms of servers, a winner didn’t matter as all servers won in the conflict would be returned back to each other.

The second term, and arguably one of the most important terms was the peace treaty between both armies that will last a total of a month. This peace treaty states that “neither army may attack each other” and this will last from December 21st until January 21st.

It’s common knowledge in the Club Penguin Army Community that the Light Troops are allies with the Nacho Army. With the Nachos now declaring war on the ACP, possible involvement from the Light Troops has come into question. Although the treaty states that the Light Troops cant assist any Nacho invasions or defenses, whether they will abide by that law is yet to be seen.

Light Warriors conquering Ice Rink from ACP in US

Light Troops conquering Ice Rink from ACP in US

In an effort to better understand this treaty between the Light Troops and ACP, I interviewed Tax, current leader of the Light Troops. I asked Tax a number of things about his reasons for accepting and also about the Nacho Army who also declared war on ACP recently.

Interview with Tax – Light Troops Leader

Why did you accept the peace treaty with the Army of Club Penguin?

We accepted the peace treaty with ACP because this war was going absolutely no where and a waste of time, the troops were getting disinterested, but now we are focusing towards the CPAC Christmas Chaos Finals.

Do you think the Army of Club Penguin had any plans on surrendering to the Light Troops before the Nachos declared war?

Most certainly.

Will the Light Troops be assisting the Nachonnia Empire in any way, shape or form?

That is classified.

You’ve been involved in a conflict with Dark Warriors as of late, will there be a war?

If the Dark Warriors keep up their false accusations, there may be an end result of War.

As you can see, the Light Troops have already started making plans concerning the future and the Dark Warriors. They seem to be being very quiet and secretive around the topic of the Nachos and ACP War. Tax also made it very clear that he believes the treaty was due to no other factor than ACP not being able to handle both Nachos and Light Troops.

What do YOU think? Will Light Troops rise now that the war with ACP has stopped? Will the Nachonnia Empire be able to take over where ACP left off? Comment!

Zing King To

CPAC Reporter & SMAP Vice President


17 Responses


  2. 2nd: It was a shit war tbh. I suppose LT has made its mark on this community now.

  3. Purple Slime didnt sign this treaty and so apparently didn’t agree to it. I incurred a similar problem during my own leadership when 3/4 of my owners went behind my back and signed a peace treaty with DW.

    She needs to assert her authority and quickly or else ACP is going to start not being taken seriously again (like it wasn’t before I smashed the Nachos in September last year) – this is a critical moment for ACP.

    • I did, I totally agreed to it when the owners told me they got the terms. They just signed it at a time when I wasn’t there!

    • I did in fact sign it on behalf of slime, who did agree to the treaty. She just wasn’t present at the time, considered it was a late hour for GMT.

      • What hour, GMT?

        • About 10.30pm.

          • That’s a late hour? How old is the leadership? 7?

  4. LMFAO

  5. Dafuq?! acp’s usa is really fuqin’ dying tho

  6. Actually, fun fact about this war. I was on acp chat the other week or so and the ownership ( excluding mrtchy and some others) we’re chatting with waffles saying how mrtchy just rushed into the war to show off Ausia. They must of been glad to get rid of him, now maybe acp can go back to being awesome and un-corrupted.

  7. Never say “Nacchonia Empire” again.
    It made me gag.

    • Good thing I said Nachonnia which is the new name.

  8. “Tax also made it very clear that he believes the treaty was due to no other factor than ACP not being able to handle both Nachos and Light Troops.”

    From what I can see in the interview, Tax made no notion that ACP made the treaty just to avoid fighting both LT and Nachos. In fact, Tax hit the nail on the head when he stated that the war was going absolutely no where. LT would invade ACP servers during USA hours, and ACP would get them back/cleanse the servers during AUSIA hours. The armies were not fighting each other at their fullest which made it go absolutely no where.

    • “Tax hit the nail on head when he stated that the war was going absolutely no where.” Yes, Tax does because he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

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