Tensions Rise Between Light Troops and Army Of CP

BREEZE, Army of CP Empire – As the tensions between these two world powers increase, partly due to various actions undertaken by certain individuals, the Light Troops have made the decision to raid Breeze, resulting in a rather interesting battle.

❗ [17th November, 2014] Raid Of Ice Box and Breeze ❗


On November 18th, the ACP raided the server Ice Box[LT Capital]. The ACP see the battle as a win, but the Light Troops vary on that statement. The Light Troops, however, did not post any results of this Raid on their website. Below is a picture showing ACP raiding LT.


After the battle had ended, the Light Troops were the first to call out the ACP referring the Raid of Breeze on the same day. Below is the pics of the raid by the Light Troops against the ACP.


Below is the post by the Light Troops:

The Glorious Light Troops raid of Breeze

ACP also made a post regarding the Raid of Ice Box:

Tonight the AUSIA division logged on to raid the Loser Toilets, who repelled against us with sizes of 3 LOL! Is this really top 2 material? 3???!?! We maxed 21 and averaged 18, with perfect tactics. 3 medals if you came, here’s the results ;):



❗ [19th November, 2014] Raid Of Breeze ❗


On November 20th, the Light Troops raided the server Breeze[ACP Capital]. The Light Troops see the battle as a win, but the ACP vary on that statement.ACP, however, did not post any results of this Raid on their website. Below is a picture showing LT raiding ACP:

The Light Troops made a post on there victory. The text was as follow:

Only got one picture of this event. We can improve on this, guys.



Me- What do you think about the rising tension between LT and ACP?

Rock- Well, LT is kinda good but there are chances that both armies will fight off against each other.

Me– What do you think about LT raiding ACP capital continuously?

Rock- LT is getting bad. Obviously we kinda fine with that and we don’t care who wins, only thing it matters is both armies need to calm down and have there status fine.

Me- Are there any chances of WAR on LT? 

Rock- Yes, there could be chances of war and I am sure if leaders declare war ACP will win 

Me- Any last comment?

Rock- ACP  is ready all the time, We’re always prepare for anything.

What do YOU think about the tensions between the Army Of CP and the Light Troops? Will this somehow turn into a war between the two? Yes, we want YOUR opinion!


CPA Central Reporter 


54 Responses

  1. Very nice interview, Rockstar 😛

    • :p

  2. Improvement progression well done

    • 😀

  3. The thing about ACP is, is that they do raids and battles during war for AUSIA times, which a majority of armies don’t have divisions for. So if you’re at war with them they’re just gonna set up AUSIA invasions and no ones gonna attend. ACP’s really fallen. Lmao.

    • I wouldn’t say an army that’s consistently Top 3 has “really fallen”. I think you’re forgetting what ACP was like before the Triumvirate (pretty consistently in the bottom half of the Top Ten with no particularly strong divisions).

      With that being said, no army matches up very well against ACP for the reasons you mentioned. In a war scenario, ACP will win all Ausia events and the other army will win all US events. Since that levels both sides, it would probably result in one or both armies trying to spam events (3+ per day), and as a result, no progress would be made other than both armies being continually frustrated by a war with no determinable outcome (which is not particularly fun for anybody).

      On a side note, why does it seem like no armies have Ausia divisions anymore? It seemed like that was all the rage 6 months ago and now they’re pretty much all dead. Weird how that works sometimes.

      • It’s not really an interesting war if you’re doing events that the other army isn’t attending though. It seems kinda pointless though it could work out that way. A good war is one with good competition.

    • If you attack ACP in the summer it is almost too easy. Their Ausia division isn’t nearly as successful.

  4. “Acp will win” lol wut

  5. “loser toilets” please never say that again

    • Sounds like a 5 year old created that.

      • a 5 year old probably did as well

        • I was wondering if I was the only one who found that incredibly annoying….

          • I know, right? Why not just call them Light Troops? Calling them Losers Toilets doesn’t mean anything, and it’s not even funny. It’s just irritating and trying TOO hard to be funny.

            • I CAME UP WITH THAT NAME :@

              • WANA F1TE M8?????? D:< D:< D:< ILL BAN U ON XBOX LIVE MY DAD IS A MOD D:<



    • stop

      • What you gonna do?
        Demote me to private?. Charge me with treason? Ban me for 2 hours?

        Face it, you can’t do jack **** and neither can I till i return. Let me tell you something, when i return this week, with the amount of people who hate you, i will succeed in destroying you. However with this new formula, i might not have to lmao.

        RIP ACP.

        • ACP survived way longer than PBK ever will.

          • No shit wiseass

            • Banta

        • Gorden u ist fat

    • You are being a big baby about getting banned. *facepalm*

      • Lol this is you Ahmed.
        Mrtchy: “Jump”
        Ahmed: “How high”

        • This is you:
          Breaking chat rules
          Threatens to coup Mrtchy for doing the right thing
          Starts making fun of whole army even though one person “upset” you

          • No this is who i am dipshit:

            Breaks chat rules
            Threatens to coup Mrtchy for corrupting a historical army.
            Starts making fun of the army coz Mrtchys Pets get paid to be in ACP.

            You are a spaz

            • Hey Gordon…YOU’RE A SHITTER…YOU’VE GOT NO FANS

              • Lol, ive got fans who want Mrtchy couped, look closer to your ownership to find out who it is and had i not had my internet gone off, i would have exposed Mrtchy for the liar he is.

                Oh and why don’t you run along and be a little puppy to mrtchy, hey i got an idea for you, go and corrupt ACP a bit more.

                • Oi, you want some I’ll give it ya

                  • Don’t be pathetic, its not just me who wants rid of Mrtchy, there’s a lot of other various parties interested.

                    Hey, see you on Saturday, get ready for WW3.

                    • Ha ha ha are you going to send your “group of soldiers and hackers” who supposedly “hacked cas” and take us to court? In your dreams, kid.

                    • Lol, lets see what happens shall we, oh and before i leave conversation, do you think ive been working alone? Ive been working with your guys in ACP, Waterkid, Sercan, Swimmer boy (Former ACP Leader) much more who want to remain anonymous and i know you want rid of Mrtchy but your too scared to speak out. I also know that if someone was to hack your computer, we would find interesting pictures of Abuse by Mrtchy and i know that because you said when i was going to leave ACP for GT that you was conducting interviews of all troops who left ACP to help improve ACP.

                    • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

              • it’s what a shithole not you’re a shitter

                ffs get it right man. getting ruined by G dot Edwards

                • Lol thanks tempah.

                • Sorry I was in a rush thanks for correcting me and btw Gordon, you think everyone agrees with you and thinks you’re a messiah. You constantly believe that you’re hard because you think that “Ive been working with your guys in ACP, Waterkid, Sercan, Swimmer boy (Former ACP Leader)”. I’m so afraid that you’re going to hack my computer with your “group” of ex-ACP leaders excluding Waterkid? You’re mistaken my friend. Quit using their names in vain.

                  • It sounds to me your desperate but im not coming for you, im coming for Mrtchy.

                    So go and jog on.

  7. Not shit it’s true.

  8. stfu gordon with ur fricking mouth shot

    • Wow 4 vs 1 very brave. Talk to me when you hit puberty.

      • I’m swaggy enough. I don’t give shits like u do 😛

        • No you have no swag. You have the iq of a rat like your master mrtchy.

          • I ain’t trust u Dude. I like the Gordon when he was a old friend of mine and now his fromer enemy. Bring it bro!

      • ”Talk to me when you hit puberty.”
        Look at who’s talking. Didn’t you comment somewhere that you’re 11? Most kids at that age have barely started it. Don’t try to be a tough on the internet, kiddo.

        • Rockstar- A lot of people, half of this community hate me now following my campaign against Mrtchy, when he is gone but whilst he is here, im going to be hot as a chilli.
          Lala- You sound like a little 7 year old but who knows you again, nobody because your a rogue noob, oh and im 16 not 11, so get your facts right.

          • Step back, we have a badass over here.

  9. What Tax said. You’re improving, good to see it.

    • Thanks 😀

  10. I’m not seeing how raiding each other’s servers is an act of war, or something to cause tensions about. We’re armies, we’re meant to battle each other. Not every PB or raid is a result of ‘tensions’, or something to produce ‘hostility’, they’re just there because raiding and battles, friendly one or not, are what armies are there for.

  11. One must be blind to not see the all the hate between the two.

  12. Fair warning PREPARE YOUR ANUS

  13. Content: 5/10
    Structure and Language: 7/10
    Overall: 6.5/10

  14. s0 close ted

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