Tensions Rise Between Light Troops and Dark Warriors

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Capital- After Elmikey joined the Light Troops, the two armies go back and fourth at each other with various posts, rising the tension between the two.

On November 12th, the Light Troops faced the Dark Warriors in the raid of Ice Box but Light Troops didn’t show up. The Dark Warriors see the battle as a win, but the Light Troops vary on that statement. The Light Troops, however, did not post any results of this Raid on their website. Below is a picture showing Dark Warriors in the battle room:

After the battle had ended, the Light Troops were the first to call out the Dark Warriors referring the Raid of Frosty yesterday. Below is the pics of the raid by the Light Troops, talking against the Dark Warriors.

Below is the post by the Light Troops:

I did not say we surrendered to DW, I only told the troops to logoff. My plan was to restart and regroup since it wasn’t even battle time yet, but I was booted offline right after I said logoff. My internet came back up once battle ended. Waterkid and the great troops who showed up saved the day for me & LT. Shine with Victory

Dark Warriors leader Badboy made a post about the result of the raid which can be seen blow:

In the last week in a half, LT has been getting sizes of 30-35 at events and claims to be maxing 50 consisently. Today they tried to raid us, and they got only 15 AT UK TIMES when they are mostly a UK army. Today the Light Troops completely humiliated themselves and this should be a lesson for them not to mess with us. We maxed sizes of 30-35 which is a great improvement for the UK Divison.


What do YOU think about the tensions between the Dark Warriors and the Light Troops? Will this somehow turn into a war between the two? Yes, we want YOUR opinion!


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13 Responses

  1. I think lolz

  2. Dark Troops is evil, Light Warriors is evil, blablabla.

  3. Dark Warriors* Light Troops*

    • Same stuff, different names. Wars in a nutshell.

  4. Good Job LT, wrecking armies like a boss since 2011.

    • And apparently using the same slogans since 2011 too…

  5. Dw got completely destroyed, no one can argue with that.

  6. As if we didn’t know already, here’s the 5th post on LT/DW conflict this week.

  7. You forgot many places where you should have placed the comma

  8. LT isn’t evil lol. Calling someone “evil” over actions such as defacing a site, acting immature on chat, and being mean isn’t cool in my humble opinion, due to the fact that there are some things being done out there that are truly evil.

  9. lolz

  10. Content: 6
    Structure and Language 5
    Overall: 5.5

    • 5.5!?!?!?!?!?!?1

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