Light Troops Issues Declaration of War on Air Force

UPDATE (5:12 EST) – The war is cancelled due to the shutdown of Air Force. Light Troops leader Elmikey Made a a post regarding this on site which can be seen blow:

The war against Air Force has ended. It has been a short war as we only had one battle. The Air Force army collapsed and shutdown. Shine with Victory.


ICEBOX, Light Troops Capital – Just after the end of the LT-RPF war, Light Troops has issued another Declaration of War, this time on the Air Force.

LT’s recent war with RPF ended, resulting in a victory of the Light Troops. After the war ended Light Troops now looked forward to declare war on Air Force army.

An effect of this is the Light Troops declaring war upon the Air Force, as seen over the past days. As tensions grew the two, it came to a point where the Light Troops were forced to take action themselves.

Following is an excerpt from the Light Troops’ website written by leader Elmieky, regarding their Declaration of War on the Air Force.

War has been declared

We the Light Troops will be invading the Air Force on Sunday November 8th



Everyone Must Attend

As you can see, The Light Troops have stated, “We the Light Troops will be invading the Air Force on Sunday November 8th.” This states that Light Troops will not stand down and let The Air Force try to be happy, but Light Troops are planning to destroy Air Force. Recently, our top ten has been out. Here is a picture of the recent top ten


The Light Troops is highly confident in themselves. The whole leadership feels as if they have an advantage over the Air Force Army

Many people have brought it to my attention of the size difference between the two armies. Below are two pictures, one of the Light Troops and of the Air Force at their latest events.

LT vs. Air Fore


What do YOU think about the Light Troops declaring war upon the Air Force? Will the Light Troops withhold their dominance in the warfare community? Can the Air Force finally prove themselves? Yes, we want YOUR opinion!

*Coverage of the first battle of this war will be found on CPA Central on sunday.*

» Tє∂/Kσσℓ

CP Army Central Reporter


15 Responses

  1. The war didn’t end with a victory to them. . .

  2. Are you kidding me? Didn’t I just make a post about unnecessary declaration of war a few months ago? This is stupid, the LT tied with the AF, the leadership is ready with multilog bots and auto typing. Shine with multilog, LT. Shine with much multilog.

    • Take Trash, Take Poop, Take Noobs, Take Ban, Take Cry, Take Scream

  3. holy shit this post hurt to read

    • “The Light Troops is highly confident in themselves”.

  4. this post is shorter than (comment chain)…….

    • The amount of bacon I ate last night?

  5. does anybody else feel like they could do a much better job at composing this post ?

    & what the tits, LT? stop jerking off with the small armies & take on DW o ACP

  6. THE WAR WONT HAPPEN!!! Because AF shut down today, AF is dead, not because of LT but because of corruption within AF unfortuantlly, but knowing LT they’ll say we shut down out of fear

  7. If it’s not the Db Penguin Air Force, I don’t care.

  8. AF shut down because they cheated on the Halloween bash.
    FUll post on smap.

    • AF is back.

  9. *sighs* This post gave me ebola..

  10. LT didn’t win anything

  11. omg air fore!!111

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