Rishron Removed from Doritos in a Coup d’Etat

SUMMIT, Doritos Nation – A shocking new development has come from the Doritos of Club Penguin. Sci, Doritos Main Leader has officialy fired Rishron.

Earlier today, the news broke that Rishron had been fired from the Doritos leadership by Sci although there were several rumours floating around why this was.

Sci has managed to put all rumours to rest however with a straight forward blog post to the official Doritos of CP site. The full post can be found here:

So recently we lost our beloved West due to the disrespect of some troops who never treated him like he deserved. Rishron had left a few days prior to West leaving for the same reasons. Rishron then took advantage of West leaving and took over as main leader of DCP. This didn’t sit well with some troops. Rish is known to be quite forceful when it comes to recruiting, and don’t get me wrong, recruiting is extremely necessary, but not in the extreme levels Rish was going for. There are leaders who can recruit like there’s no tomorrow, but not everyone can do this. Rish wanted us to focus on recruiting more than events, this would not help DCP. A blend of recruiting and events is what is needed. Rish has potential in many ways, he just needs to learn to except the assistance that others offer him. I, Sci, have taken over as main leader, and Rishron is allowed to take the rank of Aus leader. We want him to stay and lead us into a new age for DCP.
– Sci, Main Leader

As you can see, the Doritos are evidently upset after losing Lord West from the army. When troops began feeling that Rishron was trying to wipe him out completely, the Doritos didn’t take kindly to it.

There are several reasons for the coup D’etat outlined by Sci, one of the main reasons listed is Rishron’s view of how the army should work conflicting with the other owners in the army. Recruiting was something that was brought up in the post.

Sci has seemingly offered Rishron a different rank in the army as opposed to completely getting rid of him. This is due to Rishron showing that he “has potential in many ways”


Picture from Rishron’s return event.


I managed to speak to Meta, who is the current DCP third in command about a number of things including his take on Rishron’s firing.

What is your current opinion on Rishron being subject to a Coup D’etat

I support it 100%, Rishron was only ruining our legacy.

Have you been able to speak to Rishron since it happened? What’s been said?

No and I don’t plan on it either.

With Rishron now gone, what can you predict for the DCP in the foreseeable future?

DCP will rise and recover from the damage Rishron has done.

As you can see, Meta clearly blames Rishron for any falls that the DCP have experienced. Meta further stated that there has been no communication barriers with him and Rishron – this could be a sign of what the other DCP owners are feeling.

What do YOU think? Do you agree with Rishron being fired from the Doritos? Or did Sci make a mistake when he decided to remove Rishron? Comment!

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16 Responses

  1. taking interview from meta? #muchHATERS and its Lord west not westbrooke.

    • Remember when westbrooke’s dad was on the tinychat cam drinking beer and wanking?

      Pepperidge Farm Remembers

      • LOL YO

  2. shame

  3. I agree with forceful but he is a good leader.

  4. “wiping him out completely” ? What are you even talking about? Sci thinks I took advantage of West leaving DCP. That doesn’t makes sense at all. I was the main leader with West before I resigned from DCP. After rejoining DCP, why wouldn’t I take the main leader back? I even asked West on kik if he wanted to return to DCP, because I wanted him back in DCP. The reason for coup is just too stupid. Sci is just too power hungry. He wanted excuses to remove me from leadership.

  5. New day, new coup.

  6. I could believe Sci. He did similar things in the GT leadership.

  7. Content: 6/10
    Structure and Language: 7/10
    Overall: 6.5/10

    • Little harsh.

      • Sorry it’s the truth. It needs a bit more content in it, add some more information and also make your paragraphs longer. Your structure and language was okay except the fact that your paragraphs were not long enough. Thanks and have a great day.

        • Alright. I respect you giving me feedback as opposed to “Bad post. Cry now. You go and you cry” so thanks for that. 😉

          • Sarcasm or nah.

            • nah

  8. Well, l hope DCP will be fine with the correct leadership…

  9. Big big fall DCP

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