The Retirement Of Mikester From ACP

UPDATE (4:30 EST): Mikestar has joined the Dark Warriors for second-in-command.

BREEZE, ACP Capital – Over two months ago Mikester, former Nachos leader, was promoted alongside Mrtchy and Purple Slime to the rank of ACP Leader and over his time as leader he consistently took the Army of CP to a top four spot and helped the ACP find new found stability. 


Mikester joined the Army of CP late in 2010 and worked his way up the ranks until he left in 2012, after the ‘Flen’ Leadership ended and he left the army to lead several armies – most notably the Nachos. During his time as Nachos Leader he lead the Nachos, unsuccessfully, to war against the Army of CP and as part of a treaty he was couped from the Nachos Leadership and saw defeat against Cassius and his army. Ironically, he later joined the Army of CP in December 2013 and quickly worked his way to not only the ownership, but to Leader of one of the most historic armies ever.

A picture of the ACP during the height of his leadership in the second ‘Triumvirate’

Retirement Of Mikester

During his time as ACP Leader he, with AUSIA Leader Mrtchy and UK Lader Slime, repeatedly held good top ten rankings and occasionally took them to the very top, but he found this hard like most other leaders with the dominance of the Dark Warriors. The ACP didn’t fight any wars during his leadership, but he did take part in the Champions Cup III where the Army of CP got all the way to the Semi-Finals and lost to Legends Cup V Champions the Ice Warriors. A few weeks after this battle Mikester retired from the army.

In his retirement post he outlined how sad he was to leave and went on to talk about people who impacted on him.

Greetings ACP, I am sorry to say that this is the end so soon. I had a great 2 months of leading the best army I have ever been in hands down, I have met the greatest people in armies, and developed close bonds that will last me until I click “sign out” for the last time.

I joined ACP on December 2010 and was extremely active during 2011-12 during Kenneth and Flipper’s leadership. I soon dedicated myself to other armies, and gained quite a lot of experience as leader of Nachos, Golden Troops, and Fire Warriors. In December of 2013 I re-dedicated myself to ACP under the leadership of Flipmoo, and soon rose up the ranks to owner, then finally leader after months of hard work.

Click Here to see the full post

Although there has been no announcement of the new leader, Mikester feels highly confident in them and says that they’ll do well in the future. To get more information on his retirement, I interviewed ACP AUSIA Leader, Mrtchy.

Interview with Mrtchy [ACP Leader]

Why Mikester decided to step down?

Mrtchy: Because of his late inactivity, he was unable to lead ACP I believe it’s in his post!

Will ACP grow with out Mikester?

Mrtchy: Well we will rise with or withhout Mikester, it is inevitable for ACP to rise.

What do you think about current leadership?

Mrtchy: It’s going to improve over the next few week. We are in the process of testing certain things!

 Any last comment?

Mrtchy: I love you Ted!


What do you think?Will ACP rise without Mikester? Tell us what YOU think in a comment below and thanks for reading!

»Kingfunks4 The 2nd

CP Army Central Reporter


22 Responses

  1. Defiantly needed more information.

  2. You misspelled believe

  3. His retirement post seems very sudden. Even to Mrgpv himself. He doesn’t really give much of a reason for this. Whole thing seems kinda off to me, idk.

    Due to Mikesters inactivity, the ACP US division has seen quite a fall lately, so whoever they promote (if anyone at all, Mrtchy was reluctant to even promote Mike) will not be inheriting an easy task. I honestly don’t know if anyone currently in ACP US is up to that challenge.

  4. in every retirement post you make you say, :he stayed true to the army” think of something new or gtfo

    • lol u changed it

      • I changed it, actually/

  5. pre-kingfunks edit

    Content: 3/10
    Structure and Language: 5/10
    Overall: 4/10

  6. 1. “Here are a few examples of ACP under Mike’s leadership”
    >1 picture
    2. The truth is, this post doesn’t really have much to it because Mikester didn’t really do anything of particular interest during the two months in which he led ACP. Nothing has really been going on in ACP recently

      Also, there’s a lot of grammar mistakes and errors here.
      1. “Mikester joined ACP on december 2010” should be “Mikester joined ACP during/in December 2010”
      2. “Mikester says they’ll do wonderful” should be “Mikester says that they’ll do wonderfully”. Also, the statement is rather vague.
      3. Why did you put a long list of historical ACP events from 2013-2014 that have no relevance to Mikester’s retirement?
      4. Mikester dedicated himself to you?
      5. “In December 2010 Mikester re-dedicated himself” The better way of saying it would be to say “Mikester rejoined ACP”
      6. “The text was as follow:” Plurals!
      7. “Why mikester decided to step down” That sounds as if you’re going to tell Mrtchy why he stepped down. It isn’t a question. If you wanted to ask Mrtchy why Mikester retired, say “Why did Mikester decide to step down?”
      8. Plurals again!
      9. Most of your statements are very basic and vague, and don’t go into much detail.

      Does anyone actually proofread these posts, or…

      • CPAC has started a grading system where if they get less than 6, 3 times in a month, they are put on an assistance program.

        • An assistance program? Like, you know, a “special” program for “special” reporters?

  7. I’ve talked to you, but I don’t want to edit any more of your posts again. Re-read your posts and make sure they’re better.

  8. Mike joined DW for 2ic…

  9. Mikester will always be a filthy nacho

  10. hopper


  12. Who can blame Mikester for blaming ACP under Mrtchy & Slime Leadership.



  14. Mike will be great as DW 2ic with me! Hes my buddy.

  15. Okay my anus is ready bring the heat

    • wtf

      • Jkjk

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