Air Force Chat Defaced

HOCKEY, Air Force Empire – The Air Force, known as a SM Army that managed to get lucky and enter CP Army Central has been in a verbal war with Ema, former leader of the Air Force. The Air Force chat is now under the control of Ema.

When Ema left the Air Force’s active leadership, he made the decision to become advisor for the army. Under his leadership and advise, the Air Force managed to rise to CPAC’s top ten.

As an advisor in the army, he hoped to maintain that role but he also wanted to join Light Troops. Light Troops is a chat that is widely regarded as an army associated with chat defacing.

Ema is no exception to this. After being removed from the Air Force’s advisor rank by Seer, Ema managed to go through his computer files in which he had the chat password saved. He then entered the password and got main owner on the chat.

Ema started the defacing procedure by changing the chat biography.

Ema has changed the chat biography to read “AirForceofCP… worst army is us” He has also gone on to change a number of things including the chat outer and also the background. Ema will most likely attempt to change other things which is evident from the scroller in which he orders people to “leave this army :).”

While I was speaking to Ema about some of the changes he has made and more specifically, his reasons why – he seemed to blame the leadership of Seer and Mkll.


Ema has given his opinion that they “will never get no where” and “only make everyone else recruit while they !#%£!@? relax”

Furthermore, Ema was very forceful in telling me that he wants everyone to understand this is a personal attack. Ema has stated that Light Troops and Golden Troops played no part in this although it’s interesting to note that the Light Troops are scheduled to meet the Air Force in a SM Army Press Halloween Tournament battle tomorrow.


I managed to get an interview with Ema, former leader of the Air Force. I asked him about a number of things such as the SM Army Press Halloween Bash tournament, foreseeable future plans and his current state of mind.

Interview with Ema, Former leader of the Air Force

What is your current state of mind about the deface?

I’m happy about it since I decided to make Seer pay for doing (sh*t) stuff, which I am not happy about.

Did your decision to deface Air Force have anything to do with the Light Troops vs. Air Force battle tomorrow for the Halloween Bash?

A little, they are making a game plan and it strictly says no Allies, I suppose they are going to, but I don’t know yet, the rest of it is not of the battle tomorrow.

You currently have all the power on this chat. What happens now?

Step 1: Find out Seer’s email and change password, then of course, ban Seer, Mkll and their followers and then leave the chat in ruins for good or until I strike to deface the site.

Any final comments?

When Air Falls, The Arctic Nation Rises.

As you can see, the Air Force was defaced as a sign of disrespect from Ema to the Air Force leadership. With full power over the chat, he is already plotting on how he can finally put an end to the army.

What do YOU think? Can the Air Force recover from this crash? Or will Ema be the one who destroys the Air Force for good?

Zing King To

CP Army Central Reporter


21 Responses

  1. anarchy!!!

  2. Why would LT deface Air Force’s chat in order to beat them in a SMAP tourney? We can beat them unscheduled..

    • This is only about my personal past with the Air Force, like I said water. It doesn’t include LT.

      • I think your really stupid and very immature. Who would want to deface another army’s chat. Air Force is a hard working army that does recruit and myself and mkll actually recruit our asses off while you chillaxed on chat. You’ve made a very poor and immature decision that will lead to your downfall later on.

    • I completely agree with you, but it’s a fact that the tournament is tomorrow so I had to talk about it.

  3. Content: 8/10
    Structure & Language: 8/10
    Overall: 8/10

    • Thanks. Can you grade my other post too about Teutons.

      • We’re only officially grading posts from today onwards but that post would be about an 8 as well.

        • Okay that’s fine. Nice to see these gradings coming out more often now. Gonna make a real difference on CPAC posts.

  4. well kids looks like i have to find a new army to lead

    • Chat fixed.

  5. *we are the worst army

    Bad grammar hax0r has bad grammar

  6. Brilliant post

  7. Go work at SMAP

    • I do.

  8. As one of AF’s leaders, I should’ve been here to take care of this… this is one of the reasons I hate school. A lot can happen in just 6-7 hours -_-

  9. I wonder why we don’t use a safer kind of chat. People really love powers and shit that much?

  10. Shitty Army.


    • An army that multilogs to get 3

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