Major Changes In The Teutons Army || Flappy1233 Hired As Leader || Earthing Also Retires

NORTH POLE, Teutons Empire- The Teutons of Club Penguin has been on steady over the past week and recieved 7th in our latest edition of the top ten armies of the week. And recently a lot of things have happened in the Teutons. 

For months now, the Teutons of Club Penguin has struggled to maintain a high position in our weekly top ten armies of the week. While the Teutons only managed to get barely into double figures for many USA events – their big AUSIA division made up for it, under the leadership of Earthing, and their UK division also helped in giving the Teutons a consistent solid position on the top ten.

Two weeks ago, after a long run in lower positions on the top ten, the Teutons of Club Penguin leaped to 6th on Club Penguin Army Central Top Ten Armies of the Week. This was huge for the Teutons of Club Penguin and they have consistently been ranked in positions just below this rank since this occurred.

To make things worse, the Light Troops, currently first on our weekly top ten armies of the week, Raided on the Teutons of Club Penguin, while they are 5 places below the LT.

Flappy1233 Hired As Leader

Flappy1233 who led many S/M Armies was appointed as leader yesterday. Flappy1233 made a post on the site with can be seen below:

Hello Teutonic Knights,

I am your new leader, Flappy1233. I’ve served as a Teutonic Knight for 2 months now. And, now that Earthing has officially retired, sadly, 😦, He has selected me and “Queen June”  as leader. Who thinks she’s a queen? Nobody.  But, please continue reading, Penguins!

Although this is a CPAC Army, I know you’ll ******* laugh but this is the first time I’m leading a CPAC Army. Well, I ALWAYS used to lead Small Armies. Once, I led Pirates though. But, the best army I led was MY own army, Master Defenders. I led it to Top 5 in SMAC last year. It became Legendary Army. That time, my sister was a reporter in SMAC and CPAC.

And, This time, we’ll make Teutons a whole new level. Light Troops, other armies thinks that we’re noobs. We’ll prove to ‘em we’re not. So, Brigade has planned UK invasions against the Freaks. And, for us LT = Ladies Toilet.

So, in the invasions, we’ll flush ‘em

Until Then,

Keep the Good Work!


Not too long after Flappy1233 was made Leader of the Teutons of Club Penguin, the Teutons of Club Penguin website got another post from Earthing, his retirement.

Retirement Of Earthing 

Earthing the creator of Teutons of Club Penguin and S/M Army legend decided to retire when he found a good leader like Flappy1233. Earthing made a post on Teutons site about his retirement. The text was as follow:

Greetings Teutons,

After serving Teutons for more than 11 weeks,and leading to numerous victories-my journey with Club penguin armies and Club Penguin has come to an end.I have served Teutons for more than 2 months and lead it SMAP/SMAC and CPAC Top 10 for consecutive 10 weeks.Under my leadership Teutons started their journey by getting 11th on SMAP,followed by 2nd and 1st on SMAP(9th,3rd and 1st on SMAC).In our 4th week we successfully secured a spot in CPAC top 10,getting 6th for the first time.It was followed by 7th,6th,7th,6th,6th,8th and 7th on CPAC Top 10.I really enjoyed leading Teutons AUSIA to glory and sizes of 15-20+ mostly.We constanlty kept on improving and by our 5th week we became a constant army on CPAC’s Top 10 and also a constant major army.Over my army carrer I have seen Great friends,Cheaters,Haters and even loyal generals/knights.But now my leadership and relationship with armies as well as club penguin has come to an end.The main reason being I am too grown up for armies,and my increasing studies.So before I retire I would be having a look back at my glorious and funny army career:

Another part of the Teutons recently were the claims of use of bots by Earthing. Some people believe that this was the reason Earthing retired, so he wouldn’t get found out about his bots which everyone in Teutons claims he does not have. The Teutons have very high definition pictures of the Teutons’ bot claims which can be found below.

As you can see these claimed bots are all standing in the same position defiantly not dancing according to these pictures but all standing in one direction doing the same exact tactic (E+9). Are these bots? Or is it false?

What do YOU think?  Will the Teutons of Club Penguin rise back to the 6th position under Flappy1233, or will they rise then fall? How long will his career in the army last? Comment YOUR opinion below!

» Kool/Koolfunks

CP Army Central Reporter


12 Responses

  1. 1st. Good post, Kool.

  2. We’ve never fell to be 10th

  3. How old is Earthing?

    • 15

    • 6

    • 2

    • 0.99

    • Such reply much copy

  4. “Who thinks she’s a queen? Nobody.”

    haha lmao

  5. *Major Changes In The Teutons Army || Flappy1233 Hired As Leader || Earthing Also Retires for the 200th Time

  6. Can he type?

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