Retirement of Weazelkid

BLIZZARD, Nachos Empire -Weazelkid led Nachos for 4 months and had always stayed true, he would return and lead Nachos no matter what state Nachos were in and always shrived for Nachos to be better. He never let Nachos down, and always wanted the best for the army as a whole.


The Nachos were one of the first armies ever created in Club Penguin.  Soon after the Color Wars and during WWII the Nachos were created.  During this period, the Nachos were a rogue army meaning they ran around having battles without a centralized leader leading them.  That was until Jamesbond1 came around.  Jamesbond1  is the first organized leader of the Nachos.

Retirement Of Weazelkid

According to Weazelkid – Nacho ownership had already taken steps to remove Weazelkid from my position, so Weazelkid decided it was easiest for everyone if Weazelkid willingly stepped down. Make no mistake, their actions are completely justified and Weazelkid don’t blame them at all for wanting change. Nachos need active leaders and owners right now and at this time Weazelkid is just not able to supply the time this army deserves from a leader.

Weazelkid made a retirement post on Nachos site. The text was as follow:

Hola Nachos,

I, Weazelkid, am officially stepping down from my position as leader in the Nacho Army.

I’ll do my best to keep this post short. I’ve been extremely inactive the past few weeks and even when I was here, I didn’t do a whole a lot to help the army. That’s unacceptable, especially from a leader. My peers in the Nacho ownership had already taken steps to remove me from my position, so I decided it was easiest for everyone if I willingly stepped down. Make no mistake, their actions are completely justified and I don’t blame them at all for wanting change. You guys need active leaders and owners right now and at this time I’m just not able to supply the time this army deserves from a leader. We had a hell of a summer, we established ourselves as the best tactical army there ever was and we rose up and defeated enemies when nobody else thought we could. I’m so proud to have played a part in what we accomplished.

Special thanks to Beeky for promoting me back in June and giving me the chance to lead the greatest army there is.

Sadly, my time as Nacho leader has come to an end, but I will not be disappearing completely. I won’t be leaving forever. This as a temporary retirement. I’m not being banished or kicked out of the army or anything like that. I’ll still be on chat occasionally and be helping out in any way I can, when I can.

I wish the remaining leaders the best of luck on getting the Nachos back on top where they belong. Love you guys.

To read the full post Click Here

Although there has been no announcement of the new leader, Weazelkid feels highly confident in them and says that they’ll do wonderful.

Here are a few examples of the Nachos under Weazelkid’s leadership:

Interview with KingZingJ13 [Nachos 3ic]

MeWhy Weazelkid decided to step down?

KingZingJ13:  It’s been evident to everyone recently in Nachos that Weazelkid just hasn’t been active. I’ve yet to have chance to speak to him, but it seems that he is just too buys for the Nachos

Me: Will Nachos grow with out Weazelkid?

KingZing13: Yes. Weazelkid barely did anything anyway Infact the only thing I credit him with is the “Fiddle me” tactic

Me:What do you think about current leadership?

KingZing13: There are several problems that are being addressed. It’s quite strong now with the new editor Camper. I believe the leadership will be able to rais Nachos Empire to impressive heights. 

Me: Any last comment?

KingZing13: Many people are telling me the Nachos wont rise. To that i say check the history books. Just when you think we’re down, nope. We’re only playing dead readt to strike

Me: Thanks for your time.

KingZing13: Happy to help any site involved in CPAWM


What do you think?Will Nachos rise without Weazelkid? Tell us what YOU think in a comment below and thanks for reading!

»Kingfunks4 The 2nd

CP Army Central Reporter


9 Responses

  1. you have a typo, “mnay”

    • Oh and FIRST

  2. Many years? I think he only led for like 6 months..

  3. You could have picked better pictures…

  4. bye weazelkid. didnt know you very much. dont have the energy to pretend i did.

  5. y was the pics included so small he maxed 9

  6. i feel i should end this friendship the sameway that it started.

    I aint even mad

  7. Um, I only led for about 4 months, not a year…

    Also, there are plenty of better pictures you could have used. Cring. 😥

    Thanks for the post though.

  8. Did someone seriously just call me KingZingJ? Right… okay.

    Also, I don’t credit myself as 3ic. I am the Nachos UK Leader.

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