Teutons Accused of Using Bots

COSY, Battle Arena – After an AUSIA practice battle with the ACP, the Light Troops have accused Teutons and their leader Earthing of using bots in order to boost their sizes and take advantage of the top ten system here at CP Army Central.

On October 30th, Teutons logged into the one bar server Cosy for a scheduled practice battle against a kingpin army – the Army of Club Penguin. The Teutons claim that they maxed 25 on Club Penguin although there is no pictures on Teutons site of them actually maxing 25.

Teutons AUSIA leader, Earthing posted this on Teutons’ site:

Greetings Teutons,

Today we logged on Cozy[1 bar]for a scheduled PB vs ACP,however we were raided by Purple Republic and Light Troops Bots.Still we managed to clinch out victory and maxed a good size of25+ and averaged 15-17 with cool tactics.We even had a good chat size of 30 throughout the event.Comment if u came,here are the pics:

The Teutons further claimed that they had 30 people on chat although there are no pictures of the chat size on the site. Several people including Light Troops 2ic, Tobercold has stated that the Teutons actually had less than ten on chat.

The Teutons posted three pictures to their site and each picture sees a group of penguins dancing in unison doing the tactics at the same time. Waterkid believes that because of the synch between the penguins, they are bots.

Teutons Leader, Llywelyn spoke to me and told me that Club Penguin made them dance automatically like that. Lylwelyn also stated that the Teutons “tactics were perfect today” before promising that they haven’t nor would they ever cheat. Llywelyn later went on to suggest that “Waterkid is a bad sport.”

This wouldn’t be the first time Earthing has been involved in a scandal although that doesn’t make him automatically guilty this time. It’s no secret that Earthing is a controversial figure and that might come into play very soon.


I managed to get an interview with the Teutons King, Harsh. I asked Harsh about Teutons sizes and a number of things he said during the interview that just don’t seem to add up.

To the best of your knowledge, has the Teutons used or even considered using bots or any other third-party software?

No. We don’t use bot or a software, when we login we get 11 size with a lot of people in chat, I figured that Light Troops uses bots.

You just said you get sizes around “11”. How do you explain how Teutons managed to get 25 people online today?

I don’t know. Some random people come to our chat and help sometimes. LT troops spy on us too.

What is the Teutons chat size usually like as today Earthing stated their were 30 online despite no proof?

I wasn’t online in the event. That isn’t important though. The 8th ranked army get 30 on Club Penguin sometimes. Impossible things are possible.

Are you aware that you just said the Teutons getting 30 online is “impossible”

Maybe because we get 13-14 on CP. Things can change any-time.

As you can see, Harsh isn’t too confident in the Teutons fair play suggesting that he “don’t know” how they got the “Impossible” size of 30. Harsh attempted to turn it around on the Light Troops on two separate occasions.

What do YOU think? Have the Teutons been using bots on Club Penguin? Is Earthing responsible for this scandal?

Zing King To

CP Army Central Reporter


126 Responses

  1. lol

  2. rich of LT to moan about bots lmao

    • Ikr

    • LT is an army that seaks justice! They want everyone to play fair…

      …10 minutes later.


      • Earthing logic:

        Deer lite troups

        plz lets stop teh enimety and play fairily

        we can stop war and have peeace between u two (xd)

        10 minutes later (on teutons chat)……

        Earthing: I have banned waterkid forever. Reason: lt noob gtfo

        I have banned Lexus forever. Reason: lt noob die

        I have banned Peacho forever. Reason: ladies toilet xd

  3. lol

    • lolcakes

  4. Earthing = Noob of the Year

    • I’d vote for that

      • My vote is for Brigade.

        • if only we could give 2 votes

          • I’d vote you for noob of the year, honestly. Earthing doesn’t get manipulated by morons, and he doesn’t deface like a dumb bitch either.

            • so dont i you noob

            • “doesn’t deface like a dumb bitch”

              Rich coming from you. You defaced RPF on Tobers account and tried to blame LT.

    • That’s you m8

      • I’m not Earthing, lol.

        • No but you’re definitely noob of the year.

          • Actually, maybe you are as you accuse the people who call your ‘master’ a noob, a noob.

            • No you’re definitely the biggest idiot in armies. Faked cancer, led UMA very poorly and pretended to be Lorenzo Bean. Need I go on?

              • Actually, UMA was unstable, even Wgfv and Daniel killed UMA earlier this year. And while I did pretend to be Lorenzo way back 10 months ago, since then I have led SWAt to cpac top 5, as well as holding ranks like GT LIT under Jerry and Serc, and DW 2 ic.

                • Agreed. It would be stupid to blame the UMA death on you.

                • Vince, you are the perfect example of everything that was ever wrong with UMA.

                  • Wow. Drama. Much Conflict.

                • I was speaking of April, 2014, when UMA was getting 4 on CP under you and Wgfv

                  • “I was speaking of April, 2014, when UMA was getting 4 on CP under you and Wgfv”

                    Lmao. I remember that. The Nacho Empire had so much fun taking UMA’s servers.

                  • “fleshnugget” I’ma use that.

                  • That is funny Daniel because I led in July

              • Brigade – You cant call anyone an idiot.

            • Earthing is Love. Earthing is Life. It’s all Teuton now.

          • Says you.

          • GIRLS! The biggest noob is Crosse

            • XD

              • Von, you spelt it wrong noob. Just kidding, you know I love ya.

        • legit lulz

    • lmfao

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    • Happy apples?

  6. chat size 1 minute after the battle began

    • As you can see he is not scrolled down, there are many members who attended…

      • Well,I didnt scroll down because Flappy was the only guest(actually,an owner in stealth mode) and I dont think there will be 20 guests as automember was on.

        • LOL. Even with the picture there still aint 25

      • Oh and you guys don’t multilog? sorry I’m a noob so that’s all i got 😦

        • Brigade is getting so rekt

      • Like I said, I’ve yet to see a picture of the Teutons getting 25 on CP.

      • ‘he is not scrolled down’ ‘there are many members who attended’
        cough cough
        i see only 5 members, no more. below members are the guests and there is a guest at the bottom. i dont think there can be a member beneath a guest… -.-
        5 members is called ‘many’?
        uhh ok i’ll bear that in mind..
        *maxes 5* “wow so many i’ll get in cpac ;o”
        also most of the members in that pic are acp ppl sooo i dont see how you can still lie lie lie.

    • Either way, that’s not 25.

  7. But earthing=noob of the year is classic

    • Brigade is over taking Earthing.

  8. Yet again a bias post made by a Teuton hater.

    • I don’t hate the Teutons. I’m chill with Earthing and several troops in the Teutons. Please quote a line in which I’ve been bias.

      • In all replies to me you insult me showing you are not as “chill” as you portray.

        • “portray”

          You use some smashing words! Do you know any more words like that?

          • Respond to my comment not the vocabulary used.

            • Ignoring my question cause you are getting rekt. Okay…

              • That comment made no sense.

                • I don’t need to make sense. Practically everyone in the comments agrees with me.

                  Who needs sense when I have all my cuzzybro’s with me?

    • Don’t accuse someone of bias unless you can provide feasible proof of it.

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    • Thanks for the reblog. CPAC loves you. 🙂

      • Don’t lie to him.

        • ohhh you funny 9gag armie troll xD

        • Fine.

          Thanks for the reblog. I love you. 🙂

        • Hi machy bae, btw this is so… The biggest defaced ever

  10. lmao

  11. Well, Water would definitely have some experience on knowing when bots are around… maybe that’s just me.

  12. How ironic. Dancing penguins are always in unison whenever you enter the room they’re in, so that “proof” means nothing at all.

    • look at the tactics

      • What about them?

        • totally not bots right

          • I believe those are bots as well, but I suggest, next time, you record it so we could see if the tactics were all done in the same time or no.

      • hypocrite

        • yea there’s a difference from using bots from RECRUITING and using them in EVENTS

          • for the first time you got a point

    • No there not. I’ve been to many rooms when the penguins in there are dancing at their own pace.

      • They’re bots. Most of the penguins are facing the same direction (right), while in a straight line. It’s common sense, really. Bots just came back and the use of them were bound to happen.

        • Dear toy, if u enter a room late u can see all dancing in same time but I beleive that there were pr bots plus water get a life -watermikey intensfies-

          • Wasn’t PR.

            I know many people from PR after the R^3 alliance. Wasn’t them.

    • I agree Lorenzo

  13. Let’s all take that moment to notice that all penguins dance together when you enter the room late.

    • Lets all take that moment to notice they have a picture on their site with the penguins STANDING the same way.

      • Thank you Greeny! Someone with logic.

    • The pics were taking by Earthing so he would’ve been one of the first in there, but it’s mainly how perfect the tactics are, and the spaces between the penguins (and the amount of penguins). Look at the Teutons’ other events, none of them are like this one.

  14. This is the reason I didn’t want to be a part of this Earthing’s Army!

    • This is the reason I didn’t want to be a part of Teutons too.

  15. Funny and bias post.Light Troop’s use bots not Teutons 😀
    Keep dreaming 😉
    #Teutons Forever
    Dislike my comment and it proves u are a noob/butthurt

    • If you can get me some proof of the Light Troops using bots then please do.

      • Agrees with Gtu 😉

        • I’m always logged on wordpress

    • earthing:
      says teutons forever
      teutons fall
      lets army die,doesn’t help
      creates new army

      so tell me, how is that forever?
      also, don’t reply to my comment saying ‘i dont use bots or multilog’ because i did NOT mention that at all.

    • What about this?

      A pic from that event

      A pic from the event which you claim was raided by PR/Thinkcode (cropped it because it was too big)

      Compare the both

      They are literally the same penguins with similar clothing and same dance positions.

    • “Dislike my comment and it proves u are a noob/butthurt” Do you realize when you say this that has no effect whatsoever and nonetheless people will downvote your comment @Earthing.
      Besides, we all know you can use bots and you have cheated before with celts and others.

    • Sure you can acuse LT of using bots. That’s a different story isn’t it? Plus, if you dislike that comment, it means the person dislikes what you said. Only people who get downvoted a lot says “Dislike my comment”. And apparently, you’re one of them

  16. Please, guys. Before posting anything make sure you check the whole situation. Those users aren’t of teutons. I saw with my own eyes thinkcode making bots for light troops. We went on the event we weren’t enough because lt was using bots so we left. After we left thinkcode made bots and changed the penguin color to dark blue just so dress up as teutons. I’ve proof that thinkcode made bots here – <That is a forum community. The link is of the topic that thinkcode posted on telling that he has a script/program to make bots for cp. Teutons never use bots. We play fair. It was lt using bots.When we were about to tell everyone just before that they dressed up as us and took the blame on us. Honestly if teutons had made bots we wouldn't lie but we would have accepted it like a man. Those penguins in the pic they aren't of teutons. The names aren't even showing its not us thats why they hided the name. The penguins are of thincode.

  17. While I do believe that those are bots, I don’t think Water has enough proof to confirm that they are. However, knowing that the Teutons’ leadership has a cumulative IQ of around fifty, it’s only a matter of time before we get concrete evidence.

    • To be honest Jed, I’ve looked at all the proof (Pictures from both Light Troops and Teutons point of view, Chat size before the event) and I believe that there is enough proof to confirm bot use.

  18. Did you actually claim victory… lmfao.

    though, the bots were most likely not from Earthing tbh. My bet is that the bots were from that LT guy, Thinkcode, and was told to make it look as though Teutons had bots (and have some for LT lel).

    Thinkcode literally makes bots.

    • Thinkcode wasn’t online at the time of the event.

      • Yes he was, he logged more bots on to ‘raid the event’

    • If this was the case, Teuton’s wouldn’t have counted the bots in their max as an effort to manipulate the Top Ten.

      • Yeah!

      • It increases their score, right? Seems logical.

        Waterkid on the other hand has a recent hate towards Teutons, including posts aimed at them. He seems extremely eager to make them look as though they used bots too…

        Waterkid literally admitted he used bots up there ^^^, it’s not hard to just change the bot’s colours to blue lmfao… (I don’t think so anyway *wary*) At today’s ACP event we were raided a bit and some bots were green *shrug*

    • Thinkcode’s bots did come and raid the event, but that was afterwards. His bots were dressed as PR. His bots NEVER wears items and always dress up as PR. Look at Earthing’s result post. Why would Think help Teutons in their event?

  19. B1 was right all along

  20. Thinkcode trying to frame them. Earthing doesn’t even know how to get a bot onto CP

  21. ik fuck you water

    • You are live on Channel four, please do not swear.


    • Quite sexist.

  23. light troops have so much $wag only the 9gag army can stop them now

    • 9gag army for #1 CPAC

      • 9gag is 5spooky3me

  24. Wow…

    • Do you get your comments from Internet troll sites or do you come up with them yourself?

      • the irony

  25. xX_waterkid_Xx is best nation

  26. Waterkid100 should stop accusing people of using bots when Light Troops were caught using bots

    • No they weren’t.

  27. Totally irrelevant , but Waterkid hacked the teutons and is currently main owner and is banning all teutons.

    • If only we had the CP Army council.

  28. Lol ok so LT acused Teutons of using bots but then waterkid hacks Teutons chat today.

  29. “BIAS!!11!!!111!!!! PR AND LT R USIN BOTS!121!!!!1 TEUTON IS BEST KOREA!!!!!!!!111!” -Every teuton comment so far

  30. To be honest if you go into a room and penguins are dancing they will all dance together for programming reasons. That means that Water went on in the middle of the battle to raid. If he was there from the start what was he doing in the first place?

    • On the Teutons blog – all the penguins are in the same position too though so unless Earthing entered his own event late..

  31. Teutons are cute

    • If God hates gays, then why are we so cute?

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