[PB In Review] Ice Warriors vs. Army Of CP

SUB ZERO, Battle Territory – On Monday, October 28, 2014, the Ice Warriors battled Army Of Club Penguin in a exciting and very close AUSIA practice battle.

On October 28, 2014, Ice Warriors met up with Army Of CP in a friendly practice battle like any other practice battle. The Ice Warriors were ranked 2nd on our top ten on Sunday and the Army Of CP were ranked 3rd on our Top Ten. While this would suggest the IW had an advantage between the two armies, the Army of CP AUSIA divison has dominated CP Armies over the past year and the Ice Warriors have only recently launched a new AUSIA division consisting of Vivek, Sidie and Rix – who joined the Ice Warriors as AUSIA Leaders yesterday.

The battle was fairly even, as both armies had sizes maxing 20+ with decent tactics throughout the event. Both armies were winning at different points in the battle and this made for an exciting encounter. Below, you can see Ice Warriors, who have about 15+, doing the E+5 tactic, and Army of CP, who have similar sizes, who are doing the ‘Cake’ tactic towards the end of the battle.

After a good 30 minute battle, finally the battle ended and both armies declared it as a draw. Vivek, IW AUSIA Leader and IW 4ic, made a post on IW site, as seen below.

Today we logged on Sub Zero , Berg for a fantastic practice battle versus the ACP and i should say we did great considering our Ausia is still developing. We maxed about 20 and averaged 18 with good tactics. This event was led by me , Funks and many other people. We also had a lot of fun with the IW and  the ACP combining to form ‘Pink Power‘. The battle ended with a draw. Read more for pictures.

Star from the Army Of CP 3ic  also made a post on ACP site, the text was as follows:

Today we logged into Sub Zero for a PB with the Ice Warriors! We had pretty amazing tactics and a pretty good size too! Not to forget the pink party! (It was fun, wasn’t it? Haha) We averaged 20 and maxed 23! Overall, Good Job Ausia! 3 medals if you came! Here’s the results:

Both armies were happy with their performance during the battle, with two of the biggest AUSIA divisions in the army community drawing in their Practice Battle. The Ice Warriors hope that this event will kick-start their new division under Vivek, Sidie and Rix; while the Army of CP continued to show how stable and successfull their AUSIA division is.


So, what doYOU  think about the practice battle? Do you think IW  should’ve won? Or ACP should’ve won? Comment on what YOU  think about the practice battle

» Kingfunks4 The 2nd

CP Army Central Reporter


12 Responses

  1. iw ausia greatest nation


      • you and elmikey are ausia leaders?

        • Elmikey is US/UK/AUSIA leader

          • no wonder he’s up at 2:00 auto typing…

  2. bias

  3. You spoke the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I think Ice Warriors had a bigger size than us, we had better tactics mind you. We have a better ausia division than you but you will come close soon.

    • uwotm8?

  4. We never even said it was a tie cring :c

    • Yes i did. I only said the above because it is the truth.

  5. “… only recently launched a new AUSIA division consisting of Vivek, Sidie and Rix – who joined the Ice Warriors as AUSIA Leaders yesterday.”
    I was the first one to join on Sunday (the PB was on Tuesday) followed by Rix the same day and later by Vivek the next day. While that isn’t important I’d simply like to point it out. Very good post, m9.

  6. f7 me m9

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