Pirates Site Redirected

Migrator, Pirates Capital-  After the shocking return of Waterkid in Pirates, the pirates got a big problem to face as the Pirates site got defaced by there own legend, Waterkid.

This simple but effective method has led to the takeover Pirates site was to return back to CPPA as leader and get admin on site.

Site Defaced

At around 3:10 PM PST, a member of the Pirates army noticed that when we visit the site, it take us to LT site. This came after the pirates of CP were recently ranked at Number 4 on the latest CPAC Top 10, so now the army is in much more focus. The Pirates is an army that has been building up gradually since 2012, and after a recent recreation, they have reached a solid top 4 spot.

Now if you search it will directly take you to Light Troops site but if you search it will take you to Pirates site as shown below – –


lt1 –




Interview with Hulk [CPPA Leader]

CPAC- What will be the next step of CPPA after this deface?

Hulk- Well i guess will fix the site soon.

CPAC- How will you guys do it? As all of you lost accses to site?

Hulk- Well duh, Andrew owns the site. I think.

CPAC-what about LT and Waterkid now?

Hulk- Well all LT will be banned forever and Waterkid lost his respect in CPPA.

CPAC- Any thoughts about Waterkid?

Hulk- Pirates lost respect for that guy.

CPAC- Any last comment?

Hulk- I hope we get everything fixed and rise again to top.

CPAC- Thanks for ya time

Hulk– (wink) NP

My Opinion 

However, In the interview Hulk said that “Andrew owns the site”, I asked Andrew about it and he said yes. So, I think the site will be back soon


What do YOU think will happen to Pirates? What do YOU think Pirates leadership will do now? Why did Waterkid did this to his own army? Let us know YOUR opinion in the comments!

» Kingfunks4 The 2nd

CP Army Central Reporter


17 Responses

  1. first

  2. what a pro interview

  3. Nice post. Make it a bit longer next time but still a good post.

  4. Bahahaha

  5. Do u even grammar?

  6. Wk’s reasoning is horrible.

  7. If Waterkid was US president would he send all the money and guns of the US to Canada? (confused)

  8. much standard high very wow 10000/10

  9. LOL

  10. LT can suck my LD. 😮

  11. when you say smap army it reminds me of your nachos where puckley wasn’t around to carry you around

    • barely SMAP at some points

  12. Also WK’S reason (Checked stuff) of killing Pirates are invalid due too the fact he isn’t the creator of the Pirates creator being Bid now.
    Proof can be seen on the Wikia and Cpac.
    Waterkid did create this generation but not the army as a whole.

    • Not even that, I did

      • And by “I did” I mean I recreated the generation.

        • No you didn’t, what are you even on about? You’ve just been an irrelevant advisor who didn’t once help CPPA in anyway this generation and now you’re banished from CPPA.

          • Hmm nah

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