[PB In Review] Nachos vs. Light Troops

ICE BOX, Battle Territory – On Monday, October 20, 2014, the Nachos battled Light Troops in a bright and very close practice battle.

On October 20, 2014, Nachos met up with Light Troops in a friendly practice battle like any other practice battle. Nachos ranked 10th on our top ten, were making it very tough for the Light Troops, who re-opened 2-3 days ago  under a new leadership of Waterkid and Elmikey. To many people, the odds were somewhat even, however you will have to read on to find out who won in this practice battle between two legendary armies.

Below, you can see Light Troops, who have about 20+, doing the ‘J Bomb’ tactic, and Nachos, who have about 9-10, who are doing the ‘E9’ tactic

E+9 in line

After a good 30 minute battle, the Nachos admitted defeat to the Light Troops, by saying ” it wasn’t enough to win and LT won the battle. Well done to them!” in their results post. Wilson Nachos 3ic/UK Leader made a post on Nachos site, the full text was as follows:

Today we logged onto Ice Box to face the Light Troops in a PB. We did well, with good tactics, and good response time. It was just our size that let us down. We maxed 9, but it wasn’t enough to win and LT won the battle. Well done to them!

Good effort Nachos!

~ Wilson 500 Nacho Army UK Leader

Jon from the Light Troops also made a post on Light Troops site, the text was as follows:

Hello troops,

Today we faced the Nachos in a practice battle in Ice Box. The event was decent, although not as good as our last one. We maxed 20+ and averaged 17-18. The nachos were small fry and we won.

Good job, LT. Comment if you came!


My Opinion

I think both armies showed good tactics. The Nachos had some very good tactics, and the Light Troops, really slick tactics. But in the end, the size really matters, and the winner, which was not bias, was clearly Light Troops.

So, what doYOU  think about the practice battle? Do you think Nachos should’ve won? Do you think it should’ve been a tie? Comment on what YOU  think about the practice battle

» Kingfunks4 The 2nd/Kool.Kid

CP Army Central Reporter


6 Responses

  1. I think the Nachos should have won.

    • With sizes of 7 against 20?

      • Sounds pretty reasonable to me.

    • wait what?

  2. One of the shortest posts I think I’ve ever seen in my life here. Looks like it was written in about 7 minutes.

    So, the Light Troops doubled the sizes of the Nacho Army and they even admitted defeat so how is that ” a very close practice battle.”

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