Retirement Of Mustapha10

SUMMIT, Doritos Capital-Mustapha10 lead DCP for many years and had always stayed true, he would return and lead DCP no matter what state DCP were in and always shrived for DCP to be better. He never let DCP down, and always wanted the best for the army as a whole.


DCP was created and first led by Wwebestfan, who created the DCP on February 8, 2010

It didn’t take long for the Doritos army to get noticed, and it also didn’t take long for them to become one of the Strongest armies ever. They first got noticed while going to the war with the ACP, when DCP had to defend their former owned servers Vanilla and Sparkle, DCP beat ACP on Vanilla, but lost Sparkle. It was a tough battle for the DCP due to ACP being the strongest army ever in CP warfare history. After that battle, the DCP and ACP have become Great Allies, and are always assisting on each others sides in ally battles.

The doritos have achieved the rank of 1st in the top 10 strongest armies. By achieving that rank, it was named that doritos we’re now a world power army, dominating other armies in their path to victory. They almost got to 2nd after defeating the Nachos, but for some apparent reason it didn’t happen..

Being an army for 1 year then, the DCP never fell out of the Top 10 making them a legendary army, also in other many ways.

After many months of struggling after WweBestFan retired from DCP, they finally began seeing heights nobody ever thought was possible. The impossible was done and DCP seen sizes of 50+ on Club Penguin very often. They became one of the most feared armies to ever live, and played a major roll in how armies are run today.

November 9th, 2013 – After being 1st on the top 10 for a record breaking entire month, the DCP loses in a battle that they should of won against the ACP in the final round of the Champions Cup tourney.

October 26th, 2013 – DCP defeats LT in a tourney battle that led to the collapse of their entire army.

Retirement Of Mustapha10

As per Mustapha10 he think he’s not getting enough time to come to chat. As a leader, he should be more active. As he’s not able to do it at the moment and he decided to step down



Interview with Rishron [DCP Leader]

Me:Why Mustapha10 decided to step down to adviser?

Rishron:What he told me is that he’s not getting enough time to come to chat. As a leader, he should be more active. As he’s not able to do it at the moment, he decided to step down 

Me:Will DCP grow with out Mustapha10?

Rishron:It should. As you know, we’re 5th now and we’re looking forward to move even further high in upcoming week. Its gonna be difficult but we’ve got confidence on ourselves.

Me:What do you think about current leadership?

Rishron:West is a great  leader. He’s benn very loyal to DCP and i belive taht he’ll be  a good leader as he has been before, I don’t know much about sprite and meta, butif mustapha has appointed them as leader, there  must be something special im them, So, I belive  that we’ll do great.

Me:Any last comment?

Rishron:I hope we work hard enough and rise DCP to great height

Me:Thanks for your time.



What do you think?Will DCP rise without Mustapha10?Tell us what YOU think in a comment below and thanks for reading!


CP Army Central Reporter


41 Responses

  1. 1st and good post

  2. Thnks

  3. DCP will miss Musta. Musta ftw and all that. No but really, he was an amazing leader and I have no doubt he will return.

  4. see ya in 3 days

  5. (pty)

  6. See you around.

  7. Musty was pretty good at upholding DCP , tbh I think they will fall without him


  9. TYPO “moment”

  10. DCP is one of my former armies.

  11. once dcp inexplicably rises, he’ll be back

    • Oh, I do. I really do.

      Potato salad burns your crotch.

      Your mother enjoys bacon wrapped dirt on her tits.


      5 guise burgers & fries


    • Well it’s kinda the opposite, he comes back to help them rise, wait for them to fall, return and rise them and repeated

  12. he will be back soon

  13. when Doritos ends the war with Dark Warriors and starts to rise again, Mustapha will be back.

    Go to hell, buddy. Dark Warriors Victory. 😉

    • downvoting comments too hard, chill out there spi

    • Yeah Spi, chill out. :/

    • “DCP has been rising for a while now”

      >i guess thats why you lost against us today with your small 10+ sizes

      “I could of ended the war whenever I wanted because there’s still a treaty”

      um… you logged into some of our invasions which would’ve meant you guys didn’t care about the treaty anymore. now is the time to spit that out when you could’ve done it long ago?

      “you’ll always be that pathetic army hopper”

      gg, using classic insults against me as if that’s going to do anything really

      why don’t you just stfu, surrender, admit defeat to the war and then go away? you already lost in several of those invasions/defenses

      like damn, even Andrew24 got embarassed [ ]

      • “whether we cared about it or not we could of began to care about it and whipped it out if i really wanted to end the war like you claim”

        excuse me?

        with that logic

        you broke the treaty WITH us

        shut up and look at what you’re saying

        • You can do better Musty!

          • and three of those comments

            already got 4 votes

            fat walrus, try again

          • Wow, your arguments are shit.

            • help

              mustapha’s massive dislike squad is here!

        • >making 3 comments all in a time span of 1-2 minutes



          you don’t own anything of our nation, we beat you so many times I lost count. 🙂

          And “Army hopper” is your best insult. In that case, I’ll keep calling you a fat walrus as long as you keep up with “army hopper”. Oh, and mustafart too, i didn’t forget that.

          >oh look, im mustapha, i talk so much shit but i can’t actually try to win a war against DW!

          • yeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyyeye

          • army hopper isn’t an insult, its the truth

        • i also got 4 dislikes already at my other comment

          god damn Mustapha, i didnt know you were so sensitive with upvoting and downvoting!

    • you’re in no position to talk considering you leave whatever army you’re in if they’re falling lmfao


  15. CPWorld, please give me the definition of ”shrived”.

    • (shrive) grant remission of a sin to; “The priest absolved him and told him to say ten Hail Mary’s”

      • so he confessed his sins to a priest to get dcp good numbers on club penguin?

  16. Nice post. Some spelling mistakes but still.

  17. Funny, the like to dislike ratio was a lot different until Musta commented on this post…

    • bruh, i just noticed that. my comments never get 22 dislikes, im 2 swaggy for that.

    • Haha. Kid, you really need to get outside.

  18. Goodbye Musta, I am gonna miss u 😦

  19. Guys, do you notice that the comments go viral, and the likes-dislikes also undergo the same, when Musta comments on a post. Is this some kind of aura or perhaps because he just spews rage and create hype?

  20. everyone in the comment sections seems to be pro-musta so why are you surprised by him getting upvotes?

    besides he has dcp liking it

  21. I knew musta before now hes a jackass

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